Wednesday, July 2, 2008


For those who do not understand Bahasa malaysia "Kaki Main Buntut" in direct translation mean people who play backside.In Malaysia,they are many of them.One of them is Saiful Bukhari,the other as alleged by Saiful in Anwar Ibrahim.I am not gay but after reading books and magazines,I found out that gay men have sex with each other by screwing each other backside.I do not know whether Anwar screw Saiful backside or not but what I do know is that the number of gay men having HIV AIDS is increasing.This is confirm by AIDS specialist DR CHRISTOPHER LEE from GH to THE SUN today.In my last posting,I did not expose Saiful fiancee as I respected her privacy. But after she came out in the open through her own website to state that she is standing by her man,I respect the decision of Cik Janna Mohd Zaki of Bernama. I hope her decision is correct but I would caution her to be careful in the future as Saiful have betrayed her now and I am sure will betrayed again just like the leopard who do not change his attitude.I would not be surprise if this leopard by the name of Saiful will transmit the HIV virus to Janna whenever they make love as gay men who have HIV AIDS is on the uptrend as confirm by DR LEE. For the innocent Cik Janna ,good luck and be careful as a KAKI MAIN BUNTUT is always beside you.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Saiful Bukhari betray Newscaster J of Bernama

Everybody in Malaysia know Saiful Bukhari who lodged a police report that Anwar play his backside in a condominium. This confirmed that he is a gay.Since he is a gay,why did he get engaged to Newscaster J who read the english news for Bernama. In this way,he betray the trust of the innocent Miss J whose life become public knowledge through no fault of her and unnecessarily he expose her to the public.Therefore,here we have an irresponsible man who cause so much pain and agony to an innocent newscaster by having sex with another gentlemen without her knowledged. Therefore,I challenge Saiful to tell us why he get engage to the beautiful Miss J when he is screwing a gentlemen backside behind her back.