Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

New Year bring new things and I hope all of you like the new outlook and layout of this blog.Thanks to Wai Kian for doing a good job on this webpage.I would like to thank readers of this blog for their support in 2008. I would like to wish A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 to -
1)My friends,relatives and readers of this blog.
2) My niece Mun Ling who is in UK studying architecture with the message that I am very confident you will pass your exams.Furthermore,take good care of your health and yourself and may 2009 be a good and successful year for you.
3) To all malaysian, may 2009 be a year of healthy economy for Malaysia.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


AA CEO Tony told malaysian to be brave and transparent in order to make changes that will bring a better MALAYSIA.If you read the blogs,a lot commenter like to hide under anonymous when making a comment.I totally agreed with him that a lot of commenter are coward unlike me as I always revealed myself when I comment on other people blogs. A lot of readers without reasons would like AA to fail.In all fairness,it is because of AA that MAS has turnaround.Is is also because of AA that MOST of the corruption has stopped in MAS.This is because AA ha s prove that an airline when it is properly run can grow rapidly and at the same time profitable.AA has started with 2 aircrafts but currently it has 75.Because of this scenario,the RAKYAT has come to know of the corruption in MAS and the govt has no choice but to remove the crony of UMNO and BN and luckily replace them with IDRIS JALA.If not MAS would be BANKRUPT like ALITALIA. Currently,I know that AA is in financial difficulties but to knock TONY and AA down is grossly unfair.A lot of people have asked me about the real owners of AA? Salute to TONY,the directors,Mgmt and staffs of AA for doing a wonderful job,the real owners of AA is ANADA KRISHNA and DR M.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Suppose to wish all my friends and relatives together with all my fellow malaysians a MERRY CHRISTMAS last night. Because of many glasses of TODDY MIXED WITH STOUT in Bandar Permaisuri last night,only in this morning of Christmas Day I wish all of you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009. May the year 2009 will be a year of CASH GENERATION and CASH CONSERVATION for you as 2009 will be a very tough year for everybody.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Govt postponed IJN takeover.

Terima Kasih to SIME DARBY WATCH AZZUDDIN for being the 1st to break the news and ROCKY for continuing the stories.SYABAS to the MUHIBBAH team of doctors at IJN for opposing the takeover.In the end somebody in the govt listen and the deal have postponed indefinitely. But GEORGE CHOO promised that if this deal come up again,I will seek an injunction from the court to stop this deal and scrapped it forever. I am a suggestion for SIME DARBY,If you want a HEART HOSPITAL,bulid one yourself and do not rob the RAKYAT of the best hospital in the country.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Govt consent to IJN takeover by SIME DARBY

Recently,the govt told EPF to loan RM 5 Billion to Valuecap to bailout their relatives and crony.The latest news today that the govt consented to IJN being taken over by SIME DARBY confirmed my suspicion that this irresponsible govt is on the verge of being BANKRUPT.If Sime Darby takes control of IJN,the days of cheap medical care for the poor and needy is coming to an end.The reason given by the DPM for the takeover is that the pay of DOCTORS and Nurses in IJN will increase with SD in control.The real reason the govt let go IJN is that it does not have enough money to sudsidise IJN as most of the money is corrupted.Imagine, if the huge amount that is corrupted by UMNO and BN is giver to IJN,the facility for health care will improve tremendously in the IJN.A group of DOCTORS left recently but the standard of health care provided by IJN is still the same and there is no reason for the govt to sell IJN to SD.To all the poor MAK CIK,PAK CIK ,Uncles and Aunties who suffer from heart disease,I will pray hard for you as the days of cheap medical care at IJN is coming to an end.I am willing to pay a lawyer to go to court to stop this nonsense and any lawyer willing to help,please make a comment on the comment column and I will come to see you.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


According to Sime Darby Watch WeBSITE,Sime Darby is taking over IJN the National Heart Institute.This is bad news for all the poor Mak Cik,Pak Cik,Uncles and Aunties who is suffering HEART AILMENT and the days of cheap and subsidise medical treatment in the IJN is coming to an end.If Sime Darby Watch wed masters Azzudin is correct that the Govt under the MOF have sold IJN to Sime Darby and Rocky is right in saying that none of the good consultants have left,I think this govt is irresponsible and have not learn anything from the last election.The principal objective of the IJN is to provide cheap heart specialist medical care to the poor and needy and it will come to an end when Sime takes over. Just look at Subang Jaya Medical Center.I hope some legal expert out there can help me by advising whether a taxpayer like me can go to court to stop all this nonsense.Someone out there,please help because if we do not do something,a lot of poor people will be in trouble.To all the Mak Cik,Pak Cik,Uncles and Aunties who seek treatment in IJN,GEORGE CHOO will PRAY HARD for all of you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cabinet to discuss on reduction of oil price.

My reliable source just told me that the cabinet will discuss further price reduction of petrol in its weekly meeeting tomorrow (wednesday).In my last posting it was determine that the price of petrol should be RM 1.00 with subsidy.If the govt cares for the rakyat,it should reduce pump price of petrol to RM 1.00 IMMEDIATELY. I challenge the govt to reduce the petrol price to ONE RINGGIT as the RAKYAT deserve to enjoy cheap petrol price as Malaysia is a NET EXPORTER of oil with a surplus of 55000 barrels of oil per day.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Price of petrol should be RM1 with subsidy and RM1.30 without subsidy

1 Barrel of oil = 152 liters of oil.
Therefore, price per liter of oil is 41 divided by 152 = US$0.269 = US$0.27
Conversion to RM at US$1 = RM3.60,per liter of petrol is 0.27 x 3.6 = RM 0.972.
Cost of refinery and transportation per liter is RM0.32sen.Subsidy is 30sen.

Therefore,price of petrol per liter WITH SUBSIDY is
RM 0.972 + 0.32 - 0.30 = RM 0.992 = RM 1.00.

But price of petrol WITHOUT SUBSIDY is RM 0.972 + 0.32 = RM 1.292 = RM 1.30.
The above calculation prove that the govt is making money from the petrol price and it is advisable for the govt to reduce the price of petrol in order to reduce the burden of the RAKYAT.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Malaysiakini is 2 weeks late.

Today,Malaysiakini confirmed that Malaysia is in recession. With respect, web portal Malaysiakini confirmation is 2 weeks later than the confirmation of recession in Malaysia by George Choo on this website on my last posting on 19th November.As all our export market is in recession which make us lose our export revenue,the only way to avoid a recession is through "PUMP PRIMING" where the Govt spend big money on infrastructure projects to grow the economy through the "MULTIPLIER EFFECT".To do this the govt must have money like what the chinese govt have done by spending US$586 Million to move the economy.Unfortunately in Malaysia,because of corruption the govt is on the verge of BANKRUPTCY and it does not have money to carry out projects as it has cancelled projects like the Penang Outer Ring Road and monorail projects together with the fact that it has asked EPF to loan RM5 Billion to Valuecap.As I have advice the readers of this blog,we are in recession for the long run as the govt does not have money to grow the economy and the best defence is to control our expenditure as "NO ONE WILL CRY WITH YOU WHEN YOU ARE IN DEEP FINANCIAL TROUBLE".

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CONFIRM : Malaysia is in RECESSION

If recession in Malaysia is measure by the number of pair of shoes purchased by the girls and ladies,then is is CONFIRMED that Malaysia is in RECESSION.It is reported that female shoe customer will on average buy 10 pairs of shoes every year but for 2008,they on average purchase only 7 pairs of shoes.The shoe industry is feeling the pinch of the global economic meltdown as sales have dropped 25% since Hariraya.According to the Malaysia Shoe industry Association sales for 2009 will be worse. The number of pairs purchase by female is a good economy indicator as it show the purchasing power of the ladies.Many years ago,I have a girlfriend Jenny who have the same ideology in shoes as Imelda Marcos.When she go to a shoe boutique,she will buy not one or two pairs but three pairs at any one time. The maximum number of times she wear each pair of shoes is 5 times and subsequently these shoes will be display at her shoes museum until chinese new year where she will take all to her hometown Ipoh and the shoes is given to all the ladies and girls FOC.In good times the female will buy more than one pair of shoes at any given time but currently they will buy only 1 pair. Hence,the shoe industry is expecting a dropped in business of more than 30% for 2009.Therefore,a good indicator have proved that Malaysia is indeed in RECESSION.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Congratulations to the people of USA for being BRAVE TO MAKE CHANGES in voting OBAMA as the 1st BLACK PRESIDENT of the USA. In Malaysia, we must also BE BRAVE in changing the govt from UMNO and BN to the opposition.In this current Economic Turmoil,we need a clean and transparent govt who work for the people and the country .Because of this personal interest,the govt of Malaysia is in great financial difficulties. Remember that the Japanese have thrown out the Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) which is the longest ruling party in Japan. In Taiwan,the Taiwanese have thrown out the KUOMINTANG Party (KMT) when the KMT does not carry out its responsibilities to the Taiwanese.Hence,Malaysia should follow suit by throwing out UMNO and BN in the next election.Usually,political party that are thrown out tend to do better the next time around when they govern and hence Malaysian must change the govt instead of the other way round.Hopefully when UMNO and BN are sidelined,they will change to become better political party.Judging from the political structure of UMNO,I will bet to mt last dollar that UMNO will not change and we the voter have to do UMNO a big favour by changing the govt.By the way ,CONGRATULATION TO BARACK OBAMA.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Govt has no right to touch EPF MONEY.

I totally agree with MTUC President Syed Shahir who oppose the govt for ordering EPF to lend RM 5 Billion to Valuecap for investment in the local stock market.The hard earned money of the workers does not belongs to the govt,hence the govt has no right to order EPF to lend RM 5 Billion to a secretive company named Valuecap which is owned by Khazanah and PNB.In the nineties when Daim Zainuddin was the Finance Minister,EPF was asked to give a personal loan of RM 400 Million to Tajuddin Ramli.Luckily,the MTUC representative in EPF know about it and MTUC expose this deal and it was subsequently aborted. I will not be surprised if the RM 5 billion will be use to help UMNO cronies who are in trouble as a result of the collapsed in the Bursa Malaysia stock market. It was reported that as at 15 October 08,Malaysia has a reserve of RM 371 Biliion.I can safely say that we do not have this big foreign reserves because if we have the money ,the govt need not ask EPF to loan the RM 5 Billion to Valuecap.It will not surprised me if our foreign reserves is ZERO. Another matter that worries me is whether Valuecap has thw ability to repay EPF or not.Somebody please advise as to whether how an EPF account holder like me can stop EPF from lending to Valuecap.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Govt of Malaysia in deep financial problems.

According to Bank Negara,the foreign reserves of Malaysia as at 31st august 2008 is US$122,580.8 Billion.If Malaysia really have this amount of reserves ,we will not be hit by a recession as this money can be use wisely to prop up and insulate the economy from the world recession.If you ask any business people,they will tell you that the economy is in deep slowdown with decrease in export especially palm oil and foreign investors withdrawing from Malaysia resulting a very weak stock and property market.With the reserves mentioned,the Govt can carry out beneficial infrastruture projects like widening the LRT.With the help of the MULTIPLIER effect,the money spend on infrastructure projects will help the economy to grow and prevent a recession in Malaysia.Unfortunately,We do not have the above amount as proven by the followings events and announcements.
  1. Increase in petrol price by 78 sen.The Govt saved RM13.8 Billion in subsidy because of this increased.If we have the US $122 Billion,it is not a problem for us to cover the RM 13.8 Billion especially when we are a net exporter of oil.
  2. Cancellation of many major projects like the Penang Outer Ring Road.
  3. Today announcement where the govt order EPF to loan RM5 Billion to Valuecap,an investment vehicle to buy shares in Bursa Malaysia.
The above prove that the Govt of Malaysia is in deep financial crisis due to massive corruption by the govt of Umno and BN.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Temasek,the investment arm of Singapore failed in 2 big investment totalling US10B that is US$ 5 Billion each in Citigroup and UBS Switzerland.Since both of this investment is bad,Temasek need a SUCKER to rescue itself from financial turmoil. That SUCKER is MAYBANK.Even though the world is in financial crisis,Maybank still insist of concluding the deal with Temasek and Kookmin Bank Korea to buy BII Indonesia at a price of Rupiah 510 when the stock market price is around 170 Rupiah. The reason Maybank buy BII is because Maybank and the Govt of Malalaysia were under the influence of a FORMER MINISTER OF FINANCE OF MALAYSIA to do this deal.This deal is done to return a favour to the Govt of Singapore for helping in the stopping of Dr Mahathir to stay as PM.This is where a big sump was loan by Singapore to the people in power to bribe all the ministers to support the current leadership and to prevent Old man M (who was contemplating to reverse his decision to retire)from staying as PM.The person who do all this arrangement is the former finance minister who was also a former major shareholder of Sorak which sold BII to Maybank.This deal is done at the expense of Malaysian taxpayers as the majority shareholders of Maybank is Khazanah Nasional,ASN and EPF.Thus, the attitude of the current leadership is same and we need to change the govt who have always mislead the RAKYAT.(Before this deal Temasek and Kookmin own Sorak).

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New chief justice (CJ) is UMNO lawyer Zaki Azmi

Would you want a lawyer who was caught "CURI CURI KAHWIN" in Thailand to be the new CJ.Your Take? As for me it is a no no.For the record,Zaki represented UMNO in the case where Tun Salleh was dismissed as the Lord President of Malaysia. Zaki was also a member of the Umno disciplinary board who found Isa Samad guilty of vote buying during the last Umno election.He is a married man with family but he "CURI CURI" married a malay girl in South Thailand without the knowledge of his family.A dispute between him and the second wife erupted over the division of property and she told the world that Zaki married her quietly without the approval of his first wife.Thus,he has no choice but to resign as a member of the Umno disciplinary committee.I strongly protest the appointment of Zaki as CJ because he is not a person of high discipline and good character which is a must in a person who hold office of CJ of Malaysia.I strongly urge Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak who is a former Lord President to object this appointment and hope he can convince his fellow rulers to object the proposal of the govt of BN to appoint Zaki as CJ.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Global financial meltdown - How to protect yourself

A contagius virus called CONFIDENCE CRISIS have spread out of US to the rest of the world and caused the global financial meltdown.Because of the Non Performing Loan in the US housing sub prime market,a big hole was created in the accounts of the Banks,Brokers and Hedge funds. In order to cover this big hole,The US banks,brokers and hedge funds sold off their investments in the rest world in order to bring the money back to the US to solve their financial problems.Thus, the banking system and the stock market around the world collapsed. Currently,if you have big amount to pay for your house,car,capital commitments together with business loan with overdraft and credit cards, YOU MUST WORRY because with all these liabilities,you will go bust when real effect of this crisis reach Malaysia in 6 months time. If you none of the above,you can sleep easy but you will also be affected but on a much smaller scale. Therefore,to avoid being trap in this financial turmoil,my advice to the readers of this blog is as follows ;-
  • 1) Avoid big ticket items like buying a new house or car.
  • 2) Avoid big capital commitments.
  • 3) Avoid taking any banking facilities like loans and overdraft with credit cards.
  • 4) If possible, pay off all your debts.
  • 5) Defensive and prudent in spending and buy what is needed at a cheap price. If you follow what is listed,you will be okay during this global financial crisis when it hit Malaysia very soon.
  • Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    Pak Lah to contest for Umno presidency.

    Tomorrow is the D-day where Pak Lah will make his announcement of whether to defend his president post.In my earlier posting,I said that he will fight " MATI MATI" TO THE END and until now I still belief that he will fight on even though the mainstream papers and blog like the Malaysian Insider which predict that he will retire from active politics. The position of the PM bring with it enormous power and financial rewards and therefore it is not easy for him just to let go the power to Najib and leave.Transition of power is not a simple process and I belief that Pak Lah will "MATI MATI " HOLD ON TO POWER and fight Najib. So,do not be surprised when Pak Lah announce that he will defend his Umno President post tomorrow.

    Monday, September 29, 2008

    Sacked Nor Yaakob & the board of Khazanah and Maybank

    The deal between Maybank to purchase Bank International Indonesia (BII) IS OFF as the price that Maybank pay is excessive given the current economic turmoil.As a result Maybank will lose its deposit of RM 480M. Even though Maybank know that the price is high,it went ahead with the deal because of the intervention of a former finance minister who is a good friend of the the PM.This former finance minister is from Kedah and he owned many banks overseas. Many questions arises when this deal was carried out and the approval of MOF and Kazanah Nasional was needed for the deal to go through.The only objection to this deal is from Governor Zeti who resigned as a director of Kahzanah because of her objection to this deal.The board of Maybank is negligent in signing an agreement which is not watertight and hence the deposit of RM480M is lost.Therefore,if I am the finance minister,I will sack Nor Yaakob and the board of Khazanah and Maybank.

    Monday, September 22, 2008

    Pak Lah will " mati mati" fight to the end.

    4 Umno supreme council members urge PM to resign as president of Umno in thursday supreme council meeting in order for Najib to take over. The power of the position of the Umno president who is also the PM is enormous.Therefore,it is not easy for Pak Lah to give it up as the PM control the whole country including the money in Petronas. In my opinion,the comments of 4 supreme council members will not be enough to prevent Pak Lah to contest for the president post even though Rafidah stated that Pak Lah will not get the necessary nominations required to contest. I believed that Pak Lah will "MATI-MATI" fight those who want to remove him as he is not going to relinquish power without a fight.I would prefer Pak LAH to quit but I agreed with the Malaysian Insider which reported that Pak LAH will contest for the Umno president post irrespective of who is his opponent.In one of my earlier posting,I said that if Pak LAH is sincere to hand over power to Najib,he would have done so long ago and not June 2010. Let sit down and watch the exciting coming Umno election.

    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    ISA NEXT TARGET - Anwar Ibrahim

    If you read the papers today,the PM branded Anwar as dangerous to the economy and safety of Malaysia.This is a prelude to the ISA being use to arrest Anwar.The police got to detain Anwar on the instruction of the top people in order for the very top to protect their positions in the govt.Yesterday,the PM appointed Najib to be the finance Minister in order for him to buy Najib loyalty so that Najib will not challenge him in the UMNO election. Whoever from UMNO is the finace minister is immaterial as the financial position of Malaysia is in deep trouble due to all the "KAKI RASUAH YANG BUAT KERJA TIPU" IN THE GOVT.As long as UMNO rule Malaysia,all the govt money will be corrupted.Therefore,I hope there will be another snap election so that the voice of the RAKYAT will be heard. Changing the finance minister is akin to repaint an old car as the engine of the car is still old and useless.This is our ruling govt.

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Latest trend in Malaysia - Action against bloggers

    A new trend have just emerged in Malaysia where the police is taking tough action against bloggers who have been telling what the authorities do not want to hear that is THE TRUTH. After RPK was detained under the ISA, today the police have detained PAS blogger SHIEK KICKDAFELLA in Kota Baru under the Sedition Act. For all my fellow bloggers, be careful as the police is going after us for the simple reason of us telling THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH . The reason BN lost the last election is because UMNO and BN did not tell the truth. Therefore,in order to protect themselves,those in power is ordering the police to take action against the bloggers in order to silence them.Remember , it is not PAKATAN RAKYAT that won the March election,it is the bloggers who won the election for PAKATAN RAKYAT.Therefore,the first step to protect their positions in the govt is to silence the bloggers. Hence, the detention of RPK and SHIEK.Therefore,I am expecting the police to arrest more bloggers in the coming weeks and to all my fellow bloggers especially Rocky and HARRIS of THE PEOPLE PARLIAMENT,BE CAREFUL as the police is eyeing all of us.

    Monday, September 15, 2008

    SYABAS to Zaid Ibrahim for walking the talk.

    Congratulations to Zaid Ibrahim for walking the talk in resigning as the de facto Law Minister. His resignation is due to the fact that he is against the govt in using the ISA to detain civilians when there are many other laws which can be us to charge offenders available. He is unlike Home Minister Syed Hamid who thinks that there are 2 sets of law in Malaysia that is one for UMNO members and another for the rest of us.The first person to be detained under ISA should be Ahmad Ismail and not RPK,THERESA KOK and reporter TAN HOON CHENG. According to Syed Hamid ,Ahmad was not detain under ISA because UMNO have taken action against him.Syed Hamid also said that he is not involved in making the decision to arrest the three of them,when the basic thing for the police to do before making the arrest is to inform the PM and the HOme Minister.Subsequently,he retracted the statement that he is not involved in the arrest. Because of all this incident together with the political instability,the malaysian is very sick where foreign investors is pulling out and stop investing in Malaysia. To gain foreign investment we need a stable govt and we need to change the govt in order to SAVE MALAYSIA FROM GOING DOWN.We need to bring down UMNO and BN through the ballot boxes in order to have a NEW MALAYSIA.

    Saturday, August 30, 2008

    Sept 16 - my birthday and Anwar is still opposition leader

    Sept 16 is a very good date for me as it is my birthday but it will not be a good day for Anwar as I belief he will still be the opposition leader.He has been telling malaysian that he will take over the govt on Sept 16 2008.In order to form the govt,30 MP from BN got to cross over to PAKATAN RAKYAT in order for Anwar to be PM. Everyday,he has been saying that come Sept 16,30 MP will cross over.To me,this is Anwar way of seeking publisity as he does not have the support to form the govt. If he has the support of the 30 BN MP,he would have kept quiet and wait for the right moment to announce the crossing over of the 30 MP and take over Putrajaya. Just like when poker,you will not tell your opponents that you are having an ace pair which will win the game for you.In this case Anwar do not have an ace pair but he only have a pair of 2 only.He is making so much noise on the hope of confusing Pak Lah and BN.For the time being,I hope Anwar will fulfill his resposibilities as an effective opposition leader.

    Friday, August 29, 2008


    The Malaysia communication and Multimedia Commission had made its biggest mistake by banning RPK MALAYSIA TODAY website which can be view thorugh HARAPAN MALAYSIA website. The MCMC NEXT TARGET is THE PEOPLE PARLIAMENT with it webmaster the long hair lawyer HARRIS IBRAHIM. The reasons the govt is targeting the bloggers is because the bloggers won the March 8 general election for PAKATAN RAKYAT. Website like Malaysia Today and The People Parliament have a large following and it report news that main stream newspaper are afraid to print.The ban by MCMC show that the govt is frightened of the bloggers as more and more people are visiting the bloggers website for news. As for my fellow bloggers RPK and Harris,I will be always with you and keep up the good work.

    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    RM 3500 for Senior citizens from Selangor Govt.

    SYABAS to the pakatan rakyat govt of Selangor for implementing the "CARUMAN TAKAFUL WARGA EMAS" where senior citizens of 60 years or above and who have stay in Selangor for one year or above are entitled for a gift of RM 3500 from the state govt. The objective of this scheme is to help the elderly to reduce their burden in facing the increase in the cost of living where prices of everything increase tremendously.The govt of Umno and BN should follow this move by Khalid Ibrahim which is welcome by all. If U have any relatives who satisfy the criteria mentioned,take them to the "Pusat Khidmat Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor" at Bangunan SSAAS at Shah Alam as their presence are mandatory.The Phone Number is 03-55447450. U can also get the appilcation form from the website MES Selangor. So folks ,do not be shy and take your parents,uncles and aunties who qualify to Bangunan SSAAS to claim the amount of RM 3500 per person.After all the money given out belong to the Rakyat. For all the "KAKI RASUAH YANG BUAT KERJA TIPU" TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR U as the majority of malaysian is very angry with u.

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    Maybank Board be Sacked if no refund of deposit.

    Minority Shareholders Watching Organisation CEO Wahab is spot on when he suggested that the board of directors of Maybank be sacked if the bank did not get a refund for the RM 480 million they paid Fullerton for the acquisition of Bank Internasional Indonesia where the approval given by Bank Negara was revoked.The main reason Bank Negara Governor Zeti resign from the board of Khazanah Nasional is her objection of this deal in which it is commonly known that Maybank overpaid the acquisition of BII which was value 4.6 times of its assets at 510 rupiah when the market is only around 300 rupiah.This deal was supported by Khazanah with the approval of Nor Mohd Yaakob even though Maybank is disadvantage by the deal.As expected Zeti objection to the deal was overrule by Khazanah board with the agreement of Nor Yaakob who does not see eye to eye with Zeti.We must respect Zeti as what she is doing is for the good of Malaysia whereas Nor Yaakob job is to please his master Pak Lah instead of helping Malaysia.Remember how he loss billions of ringgit of our money when he speculate our money in the London currency exchange in 1990. Therefore,if Maybank is unable to receive a refund of the RM 480 million, I hope that Nor Mohd Yaakob and the board of directors of Maybank be SACKED.

    Wednesday, August 6, 2008

    Do not mix politics with sports especially the olympic games.

    As a sportsman myself, I am sad and angry when people mix sports with politics. I always give great emphasis of keeping politics out of sports. I congratulate the Chinese embassy in Washington D.C. for revoking the visa of Darfur political activist Joey Cheek who suppose to attend the olympic games not to cheer his fellow americans but to speak on political issue on Darfur.Sports should be managed by sports loving people and not politicians who uses sports for their own political mileage.Therefore,China should have a permanent ban on people like Steven Spielberg who withdrew from the committee organising the open ceremony siding political and human rights issue which has nothing to do with sports. I hope Steven will not be invited for future olympic games.China should also ban CHICKEN NOODLE NETWORK - CNN from broadcasting the games as CNN only highlight the political problem face by the tibetans and UIghurs. Therefore,I hope all politicals activist should be bar from the games in BEIJING and let hope that we will be able to KEEP POLITICS OUT OF SPORTS.

    Tuesday, August 5, 2008

    No need for floating price for petrol

    A country who is a net importer of oil will use the floating price mechanism to determine the price of petrol.In the US,the price of petrol changes constantly because most of the oil is imported and they have no choice but to use the floating price mechanism. As for Malaysia,we are a net exporter of oil and there is no need for us to use the floating price mechanism because of the following reasons :-

    1) Malaysia is a net exporter of oil.

    (Bpd - Barrel Per Day)BPDBPDBPD
    Excess for Export55,00030,00063,000

    2) Our oil TAPIS is the most expensive oil in the world and it is the international benchmark for all types of oil.

    As proven above,the price of petrol should decrease instead of being increase by an irresponsible and corrupt govt who will soon bankrupt Malaysia. Malaysia is the only net exporter of oil to use the floating price mechanism .The price of our oil should be RM 1.62.

    Monday, August 4, 2008

    MRR 2 -Time Bomb & a symbol of corruption

    If u stay in Kepong or Sungei Buloh,u should avoid using the MRR 2 which to me is a time bomb ready to explode.Unless u have no choice but to use it,my advice to u is to buy a heavy life insurance for u and your family. Despite spending a huge amount of RM 238 MILLION in buliding the MRR 2 and after spending another RM 70 million to repair the damaged the last time, there is a crack in the pillar due to fraudulent and unsatisfactory work carried out in constructing the middle ring road. Yesterday was the third time the MRR 2 was closed to traffic for safety reasons. According to engineering consultant Halcrow Consultant Ltd ,the problem with the MRR 2 is due to flaw in the structural design which was drawn up by the son of a former works minister.As a result the MRR 2 was close for 3 times until now and the shoddy workmanship could make the MRR 2 to collapse.This project was carried out during the administration of old man DR M and the minister in charge is Samy Vellu. This project which have so much problems is a symbol of corruption where a lot "KAKI RASUAH YANG BUAT TIPU" is involved.I would like to congratulate the voters of Sungei Siput for your right decision to kick out Samy Vellu in the last election.

    Friday, August 1, 2008

    I love Malaysia but dislike the govt

    My friend Rakesh asked me whether I love Malaysia or not? As a good taxpayer,I LOVE my country MALAYSIA very much but I dislike the govt of BN. The reasons for my dislike of the govt of Umno and BN is as follows:- 1) The govt does not give me anything but always remember to sent the income forms to me. 2) The economy is deteriorating but the govt does not have a direction to overcome the problem. 3) Foreign share market investors is leaving Malaysia by cutting their losses in Bursa Malaysia as they have no confidence in Malaysia because of political instability. 4) Foreign property investors is adopting a wait and see attitude due to the weakness in the economy because bickering among the politicians. 5) Inflation is very high in the double digit territory. 6) The tax that I pay is corrupted by govt. If I have the power,the first thing that I will do is to sack the govt of Umno and BN, dissolved parliament and call for fresh election in order to install a govt that take care of the Rakyat.Thus I urge PAK LAH and NAJIB to resign as the Rakyat do not have confidence in both of you and a change of govt through the ballot boxes is good for Malaysia.

    Sunday, July 27, 2008


    Tok Guru Nik Aziz is spot on when he declared that UMNO and PAS should be dissolved in order for a NEW PARTY to be formed for UMNO and PAS members in the name of muslim and malay unity. I will bet on my last Ringgit that UMNO will reject his idea because the purpose of UMNO calling pass to rejoin BN is to help UMNO to win back the support of the malays.The result of the last election shows that UMNO have lost the support of most the the malays due to the attitude of the top UMNO leaders. The formation of a new party is not in the agenda of Pak Lah as his main concern is to win back the support of the malays in order to consolidate UMNO power It would not surprise me if Pak Lah would have offer Hadi Awang a ministerial post in order to woo PAS to join BN.The ideology of the 2 parties are different where PAS would like to set up an Islamic state while UMNO always encourage moderate views. The main intention of UMNO is to make use of PAS and it would be exciting to see what is happening in the next few days.

    Friday, July 25, 2008

    Careful of predators who eye on rich college girls

    Would u be worried if an unemployed widower father of two is after your college going daughter or niece? Your Take.As for me,without a shadow of a doubt,I WILL BASH HIM UP.Therefore,I read with great disgust a report in the Malay Mail that this guy by the name of JACK HO (Remember this name)would only said sorry to the family of Indonesian college student Beatrice Foo. We must accept the fact that Miss Foo is not a good girl but that is not a good reason for him to go after her.Because of his encouragement to her to leave her family for him,Miss Foo fall to her death from her apartment in Mont Kiara while attempting to climb down to see him. In the first place,he should have the decency to leave the college girl alone and he should not cheat her to say that he want to marry her. For all the parents out there,be careful of these predators like JACK HO as these are the people who can cause harm to your daughter.It would also be avisable to check on the friends and movement of your own daughter from time to time.Make sure that your daughter friends are good and decent people in order for all of us to live happily.

    Friday, July 18, 2008

    A dark horse called KU Li for new PM

    Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah or Ku Li as he is commonly known,is criss crossing the country to meet Umno members in order to secure 58 nominations which is needed by him to contest for the post of Umno president.If he secure the nomination which means that Umno members is wanting a change its leadership.Thus,it is game on and the top two will have trouble retaining their positions. From my analysis,Ku Li will win provided Muhiyuddin become his running mate and contest against Najib for the deputy president post.So far Muhiyuddin is keeping his card close to his chest. Ku Li will also need a big war chest (I hope he still have plenty of money because he has loss many war before) to buy over the Umno members so that he will be able to unseat Pak Lah and Najib. If Ku Li become Umno president,another winner is Shabery Chik because he was Ku Li political secretary and general secretary of Semangat 46 and he will get a promotion.

    Sunday, July 13, 2008

    NAJIB would not last until 2009

    Bapa Malaysia TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN used to say that his name RAHMAN is the alphabert indicator for the name of PM of Malaysia. It is interpreted as follows:-
    1. 1) R - RAHMAN
    2. 2) A - ABDUL RAZAK
    3. 3) H - HUSSEIN ONN
    4. 4) M - MAHATHIR
    6. 6) N - NAJIB
    Even though TUNKU have passed away,I am sorry to disappoint him as I belief that given the latest political situation,Najib would not last as DPM until 2009.Maaflah Tunku,nama Rahman tak boleh dipakai sebagai isyarat untuk nama PM Malaysia.

    Saturday, July 12, 2008

    Petronas 6 option holders

    Remember Jeffrey Kitingan, a name I distrust as he has play out his own brother Pairin and left PBS to join BN A few years back.Nervetheless,he wrote a very interesting article about Petronas selling only 20% of its oil in the open market and the remainder 80% to 6 option holders at a lower price. This is a very serious allegation and this blog would like Petronas to clarify whether this is true or not?

    If it is true, this blog have the following questions:-

  • 1) Who is the 6 option holders?
  • 2) Who Approve these 6 option holders?
  • 3) What is the price per barrel of oil sold to them? In all fairness,George Choo as a taxpayer would like Petronas to answer the following questions above.
  • Friday, July 11, 2008

    1st JULY 2010 - PM of MALAYSIA is PAK LAH

    For the first time,I agreed with old man DR M that Najib will not be PM of Malaysia come June 2010. A period of 23 months from now is a very long time in politics. I belief that from now,accusation after accusation at Najib being involve in the Altantuya case will surface and in the end Najib will lose his position as deputy president of Umno and Deputy PM of Malaysia come June 2010.Thus, Umno have no choice but to retain Pak Lah as PM as they have lost a deputy president and DPM. Pak Lah position is very weak but I am sure he will manuvore to keep his position in the party and govt.It would not surprise me if new evidence on the mongolian case start surfacing and in the end it implicate Najib. Since Najib is fighting with Anwar , Pak Lah is very happy as the spotlight is not on him and he will use this period to consolidate his support base in the party while his deputy is busy fighting the opposition.Thus.Najid and Anwar will be exhausted and the winner is Pak Lah. If Pak Lah is sincere in resigning,he should resign now instead of June 2010 and I am sure he has a very good political game plan to ensure he stay in power. If I am a betting man,I will bet heavily on Pak LAH STILL BEING THE PM OF MALAYSIA IN JULY 2010

    Monday, July 7, 2008

    Retired Pak Lah,Najib and Anwar.

    This blog will not strike or mogok despite being fed up with all bickering involving the country top politicians because to strike means stopping the fight against a corrupt and irresponsible govt.The govt will be happy if all bloggers strike and closed their website all together.I agree with Rocky Bru that the politicians is only interested to fight for positions for themselves instead of helping and working for the Rakyat who is facing so much problems like how to feed their family on a daily basis. In addition,we have to face inflation because of petrol hike and the economy of Malaysia is very uncertain in the future.Thus,the rakyat and foreign investors have loss confidence in the govt which is reflected in the tumbling of share price at Bursa Malaysia.What we need is for the govt to revive the economy and not the bickering among politicians which cause hardship to the Rakyat.This is the case of "Gajah lawan Gajah,Pelanduk mati di tengah".What we neeed now is for someone to fix our economy. If I have the power,I would retired Pak Lah,Najib and Anwar immediately so that the new leaders of the country can kick start and revive the economy.This blog have been very consistent in its position of calling Pak Lah and Najib to stand aside.

    Wednesday, July 2, 2008


    For those who do not understand Bahasa malaysia "Kaki Main Buntut" in direct translation mean people who play backside.In Malaysia,they are many of them.One of them is Saiful Bukhari,the other as alleged by Saiful in Anwar Ibrahim.I am not gay but after reading books and magazines,I found out that gay men have sex with each other by screwing each other backside.I do not know whether Anwar screw Saiful backside or not but what I do know is that the number of gay men having HIV AIDS is increasing.This is confirm by AIDS specialist DR CHRISTOPHER LEE from GH to THE SUN today.In my last posting,I did not expose Saiful fiancee as I respected her privacy. But after she came out in the open through her own website to state that she is standing by her man,I respect the decision of Cik Janna Mohd Zaki of Bernama. I hope her decision is correct but I would caution her to be careful in the future as Saiful have betrayed her now and I am sure will betrayed again just like the leopard who do not change his attitude.I would not be surprise if this leopard by the name of Saiful will transmit the HIV virus to Janna whenever they make love as gay men who have HIV AIDS is on the uptrend as confirm by DR LEE. For the innocent Cik Janna ,good luck and be careful as a KAKI MAIN BUNTUT is always beside you.

    Monday, June 30, 2008

    Saiful Bukhari betray Newscaster J of Bernama

    Everybody in Malaysia know Saiful Bukhari who lodged a police report that Anwar play his backside in a condominium. This confirmed that he is a gay.Since he is a gay,why did he get engaged to Newscaster J who read the english news for Bernama. In this way,he betray the trust of the innocent Miss J whose life become public knowledge through no fault of her and unnecessarily he expose her to the public.Therefore,here we have an irresponsible man who cause so much pain and agony to an innocent newscaster by having sex with another gentlemen without her knowledged. Therefore,I challenge Saiful to tell us why he get engage to the beautiful Miss J when he is screwing a gentlemen backside behind her back.

    Thursday, June 26, 2008

    Who is lying - RPK or PM, DPM and KJ

    Everyday,the politics in Malaysia is getting more interesting due to new exciting news coming out from the bloggers.Fellow blogger RPK have been accused as a liar by the PM, DPM and KJ in relation to a military intelligence report over the murder of Altantuya from Mongolia. Obviously,somebody is lying. RPK has signed a statutory declaration over this matter and I am sure he is not stupid to file a statutory declaration without having solid and concrete evidence in this murder case.I hope that RPK will proof in court that what he has been saying is true.I hope that whoever is caught lying will be severely punished. Pak Lah motto for Malaysia is "Cemerlang,Gemilang and Terbilang" where he promised that he will make this country outstanding,glorious and Exceptional but what we the Rakyat have received so far are all "Temberang" which in direct translation mean BULLSHIT.

    Wednesday, June 25, 2008

    Crisis of confidence in Malaysia.

    The malay have a proverb "Gajah lawan Gajah,Pelanduk mati di tengah".This is where when 2 elephants fight,the reindeer standing in the middle is killed as a result of being sandwich by them.This is precisely what is currently happening in Malaysia where the top leaders in the govt fight among themselves for position and the victim in this is the Rakyat who has suffered a lot as a result in hike in petrol price.The stock market tumble as a result of this fight because foreign investors is selling their shares in malaysian stock market because they deem that the Pak Lah govt is not stable and does not give confident to them.The future outlook of the economy is uncertain given that the cost of living in Malaysia have increase tremendously while their salary have not increase.Thus,the Rakyat have to be prudent in their spending and this resulted in the reduction in the demand for goods and services as they are not confident in the economy which is managed by a corrupt govt. To overcome all this problems,we need a strong,clean,responsible and transparent govt and for this to happen Pak Lah and Najib must step down so that we can have another general election to elect a new govt.

    Tuesday, June 24, 2008

    Raja Petra - be careful as your life is in danger

    Everyday I pray to my goddess of mercy at home. After reading the statutory declaration by RPK at Malaysia Today,I pray even harder so that the goddess will keep my fellow blogger RPK safe.RPK is what I call a towering malaysian who risk his life and that of his family in order to persue justice in this corrupted country.The problem in Malaysia is that those who are "kaki rasuah yang buat kerja tipu" are at the sametime great womaniser who get easily excited when they see a beautiful girl.We must salute RPK for his bravery and he must be careful of his nemesis Commissioner Bakri Zinin who is the investigator on the statutory declaration. As for RPK, I will walk with you all the way to Bukit Aman and if you read this blog and you need my help,write in a comment on this blog and I will help you. For the time being,please beef up the security for you and your family as the people you have accused are VVIP and bomb expert who may want to silence you once and for all.Take care and you will never walk alone.

    Monday, June 16, 2008

    Danger of Number 2 to be the next PM

    I was lying on the beach at PD and reading the papers on the succession plan for our PM.At the sametime 2 beautiful girls who look like Ziana and Altantuya walk pass me.Immediately,this question hit me? Would you be worried if your next PM is someone who get easily excited when he see a beautiful girl? As for me without a shadow of a doubt, I would not like this person to rule Malaysia as his habit will make our country vulnerable to foreign agents from the CIA,KGB and the Secret Service.These agencies have known to use beautiful woman to lure and blackmail diplomats into providing secret information of other countries for their benefits. So,if our number 2 is to become next PM,I will be very worried for the country that I love Malaysia.

    Sunday, June 15, 2008

    congratulations to the Austrian football officials

    Austrian football officials are a bunch of quick learner.After reading this blog,they immediately took good care of English referee David Webb with first class service.This group of officials must be congratulated because their hard work paid off when the referee gave Austria a penalty deep into injury time.If not Austria will suffer the same fate as co-host Switzerland who was knocked out of Euro 2008 after only 2 matches. So folks, do not be surprised if Austria beat Germany in their crucial last group match with the referee awarding another penalty to Austria . This will sent Austria to the last 16. I hope the officials from 2010 World CUP HOST SOUTH AFRICA should start learning about good hospitality from the korean and austrian so that South Africa will achieve good result in the world cup.

    Thursday, June 12, 2008

    Taking referee and linesman to the massage parlour

    My friend Low Pan is very sad and very very angry after the Euro 2008 game between Switzerland and Czech Republic.He is sad because the team that he invested heavily on which is Switzerland has loss.At the same time he is very angry because the Italian referee Rosetti did not award 2 penalties to the host despite Czech captain Ujfalusi twice clearly handle the ball inside the penalty box.He told me that if the game is play in Korea, the referee will definitely give the home team a penalty which I am in total agreement with him.I told him that the reason the referee did not award the penalty is because the Swiss did not take good care of the referee and the two linesman. We, Asians by nature is very good in extending our hospitality and friendship to our guest beside taking good care of them, unlike the Mat Salleh who is not good at it and do not take good care of the match officials. During the 2002 World Cup in Korea, the referee sided with the home team tremendously because the korean gave first class treatment to all the match officials.

    Firstly, all match officials are house in 5 star hotel and are provided with a car and a driver to take them to any places that the officials wanted to go.

    Secondly,the korean will accompany the match officials to shopping center to shop for anything especially the latest eletronic gadgets like handphone which the official receive as souvenirs.

    Thirdly, the match officials are taken to posh restaurant to enjoy the best food and drinks that are served.

    Lastly, after dinner, the match officials are taken to the best MASSAGE PARLOUR in Seoul which provide the the most beautiful girls in Korea.The girls is as beautiful as korean actress Lee Young Ae and the match officials are very happy as they are provided with korean beauties who KISS and BREAST MASSAGE them.This is what we call first class service which enable South Korea to reach the semifinal of the World Cup.

    In their Quarter final match against Italy, the referee gave Korea a penalty even though korean striker Hong Soon Ho deliberately dive inside the penalty box. When Italian striker Totti was intentionally foul inside the box,instead of giving a penalty,the referee give a " Red Card Angpow " to Totti for diving.In the end Korea won. This is what we call first class korean hospitality in which the recipient will be angry at themselves if they do not return a favour to their kind host.That is why Korea went all the way to the semifinal and Switzerland is out of Euro 2008 after only 2 matches as the Swiss did not know how to take care of the match officials.

    Therefore,it has been proven in the highest stage of world football that taking referee and the 2 linesman to the massage parlour actually help your team tremendously.

    Wednesday, June 11, 2008

    Abramovich gain is Inter downfall

    Today,for a change we focus on football.Beside the money that he gave Chelsea,the only good thing Roman Abramovich does for Chelsea is when he sacked Mourinho.This is proven when Avram Grant took Chelsea to the Champion League final in Moscow.Roman's good decision to sack the short, big ego and big mouth Mourinho will be Inter Milan petrol station owner Massimo Moratti greatest mistake as the italian have hire him to coach Inter next season. I belief that Mourinho will not be able to deliver the Champions League trophy to Inter because he will not be able to handle the big name players at Inter like what has happen during his time at Chelsea.Time will tell and I believe that Moratti will look for another manager during the January transfer period as Inter will play badly under Mourinho.So folks ,like I have said,time will tell.

    Sunday, June 8, 2008

    Stop Attacking Hassan and Petronas

    With the fuel hike,malaysian are criticizing Hassan Merican and Petronas for not helping to reduce the petrol price.Petronas is professionally well managed and credit must be given to Hassan and the management team.This is proven by the annual profit that Petronas made and its huge contribution of RM 52.3Billion given to the PM Dept in 2007. CEO Hassan is a good professional manager.I can Vouch for him as I work under him in the accounting firm of Hanafiah,Raslan and Mohamad (HRM) in the eighties.The problem with Malaysia is not Hassan or Petronas but with the "KAKI RASUAH YANG BUAT TIPU " that is still in the govt. So folks,STOP ATTACKING HASSAN AND PETRONAS. If there any opportunity arises,we the RAKYAT must CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT THROUGH THE DEMOCRATIC ELECTION before Pak Lah,Najib,UMNO and BN destroy the Malaysia further.

    Thursday, June 5, 2008

    ROBBING THE RAKYAT by removing Subsidy

    Today is a sad sad day for malaysian especially the innocent rakyat. An irresponsible government is robbing the rakyat again by drastically increasing the price of oil by 78 sen a liter to RM 2.70. This prove that the govt is in deep financial trouble on the way to being BANKRUPT if it do not increase the petrol price. There is not an inch of reason for Pak Lah to increase the price of petrol because of the following reasons:-

    1) Malaysia produce more oil than that it consumed.

    (In Barrels Per Day)2005200620072008
    Consumption( 575000 )( 598000 )( 620000)value
    Excess for export1230006300030000value

    2) Our oil TAPIS is the most expensive oil in the market and as at 30thMay 08, the price of TAPIS is US $138 per barrel compare to US$126 for West Texas and US$130 Brent crude oil.

    3) Petronas profit and contribution to the government is:-

    Net Profit (In RM)46 Billion43 Billionvalue
    Contribution (In RM)44.7 Billion41.7 Billionvalue
    Average sales price per barrelUS$ 68.50US$ 61.60value

    Nor Mohd Yaakob had admitted that an increase of US$1 per barrel will bring in an additional US$ 250 MILLION to Malaysia. AS proven by the figures above, there is NO reason to increase petrol price. The govt is in financial difficulties because we have people who are "Kaki Rasuah Yang Buat Kerja Tipu " (corrupt who do fraudulent work) running our country despite all the natural resources that are available.Half of the Kaki Rasuah was removed by the general election and in order to help the suffering Rakyat, we have to kick out the balance of them. Our two leaders are weak and ineffective as one is useless who is unable to control his members while the other is bogged down by the mongolian case.That is why our govt have so much problems. Kepada Pak Lah dan Najib serta UMNO dan BN, Sila BERUNDUR kerana RAKYAT TAK CAYA KAMU SEMUA LAGI.

    Monday, June 2, 2008

    Airport tax, ERL & DR M

    I fetch Farid to KLIA for his flight to London and on the way to the airport, I told him that Nades from The Sun reported that RM 6 of his airport tax which is supposed to go to the govt is given to ERL, the operator of the train from KL Sentral to KLIA. His response was "Buat apa bagi ERL" (why give to ERL). For your infor,RM6 and RM2 of our airport tax for international and domestic flight respectively are given to ERL. Just like the agreement between TNB and IPP, all these was done during DR M time as PM. The agreement is so lopsided that then TNB chairman Ani Arope refused to sign the agreement in defiance against M and he resigned from TNB. On labour day at BUM 2008, I asked Nades on the airport tax deal and he informed us that ERL have written to inform him that the figures of RM 6 andRM 2 is wrong. Subsequently,he wrote to ERL for more details but receive no reply. Thus, it is the duty of the current government to correct this problem. I hope that Nades can update us on this. To Dr M, Saya George Choo berterima kasih kepada Dr M kerana berjasa kepada negara selama 22 tahun sebagai PM. Tolonglah DR , DUDUK DIAM DIAM di rumah dan jangan jadi macam Lee Kuan Yew.

    Saturday, May 31, 2008

    more young malaysian getting lung cancer

    According to Dr Aziah Mahayidden of the Institute of Resporitory Medicine,more young malaysian are contracting lung cancer through smoking.From my observation,the latest trend is more young girls between 20 to 30 years old are taking up smoking.Hence,in 10 to 15 years from now,expect more lung cancer cases from this group of people.I would recommend any young men or lady who intend to take up medicine to specialise in oncology as currently there is only 36 oncologist in the whole of malaysia.


    Subsidy or Corruption ? Your Take? For me,without a shadow of a doubt,i am for subsidy. Recently,a director of ISIS was quoted as saying that "subsidy is good politics but bad economics". If the government in office is clean,accountable and transparent,then subsidy is without doubt good politics but bad economics. Unfortunately,that is not the case with our government today. If the subsidy is remove,money save from it will be corrupted. Therefore, subsidy is good as it help the rakyat directly through savings in the cost of buying essential items. To the director of ISIS, for the time being, SUBSIDY IS GOOD POLITICS AND GOOD ECONOMICS.


    Welcome to the world of blogging of George Choo. 1st of all, I would like to thank WK for helping to set up this blog. At the same time, I would like to thank all bloggers expecially from the national alliance of bloggers for the good work all of you have done. As for Nades and Terrence from the Sun, keep up the good work that both of you have done. This blog will be independent and the aim of this blog is to right a wrong and to voice the opinion of the rakyat.