Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Do not mix politics with sports especially the olympic games.

As a sportsman myself, I am sad and angry when people mix sports with politics. I always give great emphasis of keeping politics out of sports. I congratulate the Chinese embassy in Washington D.C. for revoking the visa of Darfur political activist Joey Cheek who suppose to attend the olympic games not to cheer his fellow americans but to speak on political issue on Darfur.Sports should be managed by sports loving people and not politicians who uses sports for their own political mileage.Therefore,China should have a permanent ban on people like Steven Spielberg who withdrew from the committee organising the open ceremony siding political and human rights issue which has nothing to do with sports. I hope Steven will not be invited for future olympic games.China should also ban CHICKEN NOODLE NETWORK - CNN from broadcasting the games as CNN only highlight the political problem face by the tibetans and UIghurs. Therefore,I hope all politicals activist should be bar from the games in BEIJING and let hope that we will be able to KEEP POLITICS OUT OF SPORTS.

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