Monday, August 4, 2008

MRR 2 -Time Bomb & a symbol of corruption

If u stay in Kepong or Sungei Buloh,u should avoid using the MRR 2 which to me is a time bomb ready to explode.Unless u have no choice but to use it,my advice to u is to buy a heavy life insurance for u and your family. Despite spending a huge amount of RM 238 MILLION in buliding the MRR 2 and after spending another RM 70 million to repair the damaged the last time, there is a crack in the pillar due to fraudulent and unsatisfactory work carried out in constructing the middle ring road. Yesterday was the third time the MRR 2 was closed to traffic for safety reasons. According to engineering consultant Halcrow Consultant Ltd ,the problem with the MRR 2 is due to flaw in the structural design which was drawn up by the son of a former works minister.As a result the MRR 2 was close for 3 times until now and the shoddy workmanship could make the MRR 2 to collapse.This project was carried out during the administration of old man DR M and the minister in charge is Samy Vellu. This project which have so much problems is a symbol of corruption where a lot "KAKI RASUAH YANG BUAT TIPU" is involved.I would like to congratulate the voters of Sungei Siput for your right decision to kick out Samy Vellu in the last election.

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