Monday, May 25, 2009

Directorship at PETRONAS.

I read BIG DOG article on Omar Ong being a director of Petronas.In fact,a lot of people especially politicians from UMNO has been eyeing for a seat in the board of directors of Petronas. During the time Pak Lah was PM, Rembau has been eyeing to kick out CEO Hassan Merican so that he can put his own people up there in order to control Petronas.Remember the CEO of Malaysia Che Khaleb who lost RM 900M for TNB also want to be the CEO of Petronas. The problem is that a lot of malaysians think that a degree from Oxford or Cambridge will automatically qualify them to be a director of Petronas.You need more than a degree from Oxford and Cambridge in order to be a director of the richest company in Malaysia.I have been involved in the local corporate scene since 1981 when I started work with the accounting firm of Hanafiah ,Raslan & Mohamad (HRM) and i have never come across Omar or Rembau achieving great things by themselves such as bringing up a small company to become a giant or turnaround a bad listed company. Until both of you fulfill the above two achievement,you will not get my respect and certainly you are not Petronas director material.