Thursday, October 16, 2008

New chief justice (CJ) is UMNO lawyer Zaki Azmi

Would you want a lawyer who was caught "CURI CURI KAHWIN" in Thailand to be the new CJ.Your Take? As for me it is a no no.For the record,Zaki represented UMNO in the case where Tun Salleh was dismissed as the Lord President of Malaysia. Zaki was also a member of the Umno disciplinary board who found Isa Samad guilty of vote buying during the last Umno election.He is a married man with family but he "CURI CURI" married a malay girl in South Thailand without the knowledge of his family.A dispute between him and the second wife erupted over the division of property and she told the world that Zaki married her quietly without the approval of his first wife.Thus,he has no choice but to resign as a member of the Umno disciplinary committee.I strongly protest the appointment of Zaki as CJ because he is not a person of high discipline and good character which is a must in a person who hold office of CJ of Malaysia.I strongly urge Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak who is a former Lord President to object this appointment and hope he can convince his fellow rulers to object the proposal of the govt of BN to appoint Zaki as CJ.