Friday, December 30, 2011



May I take this opportunity to wish all my readers a GREAT YEAR OF THE DRAGON 2012 to all of you.


Saturday, December 17, 2011


Recently,a friend ask me WHY UMNO DID NOT GO INTO SARAWAK?

My answer to his question is The RICHEST MAN in Malaysia Taib MAHMUD. When old man Dr M was the PM, the then MB of Selangor Mat "MIKE TYSON" Taib wanted to challenge Orang Tua for the UMNO presidency. To overcome Mike Tyson,Old Man appointed a private investigator(PI) from London to investigate Tyson.

After 2 months,the Mat Salleh PI CAME BACK WITH A VERY THICK FILE which shocked old man.The reason the file is thick as it contain the information of 2 TAIBS because as far as the Mat Salleh is concerned Mat Taib and Taib Mahmud is the SAME person.Immediately,old man summoned Mike TYson to Putrajaya and from that moment Mike Tyson became a GOOD BOY to old man.

As far as Taib Mahmud is concerned,he is only interested to stay forever as chief minister of Sarawak. Hence,he is not a threat to old man but orang tua know that he has a lot of cash.So,old man summoned him to putrajaya and ask him for a donation.Immediately,he made a personal donation of RM 400 million to UMNO with the condition that Umno do not go into Sarawak.In this coming election,I think he will come up with another RM 400 million to fight for the 31 parliament seats in Sarawak.It will not be a problem since his total assets is RM 4.6 BILLION and Najib need not finance BN Sarawak as along as he leave Taib alone.

My last posting is an analysis of the amount contributed by the 40 companies to the UMNO election warchest and the total amount came to a staggering RM 790 MILLION.

The above amount does not include the warchest of other BN component parties such as Parti Pesaka Bumiputra (PBB),MCA,MIC and other parties. We assume that the total amount of all the other parties is RM 100 million.

Therefore,the total of all BN funding is as folows:- RM (Million)

1) UMNO----------------------------------------------790

2) PBB Sarawak---------------------------------------400

3) Other BN parties----------------------------------100


With a total election fund of close to RM 1.3 Billion, it will be hard to beat BN in the election.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Today,we discuss an interesting topic that is the Umno warchest in the coming 13th General Election.

In 1984,I was a young man working for Hanafiah,Raslan & Mohamad (HRM) who was the auditors for Bank Bumiputra (BBMB). During the course of the audit,I found out that before any general election, BBMB will donate RM 5 Million to the Umno election fund.

Before he died in the helicopter crash in Trengganu,the late Yahya Ahmad of DRB donated RM50 million to the warchest of Umno.

A lot of people is expecting an opposition win in the coming election but in my opinion it is not easy to beat Umno in the coming election due to the huge warchest that it has because of the contribution from the private sector and the GLCs.

I have chosen only 40 companies who I think will contribute towards the Umno election fund and most of this companies are listed in Bursa Malaysia.The followings are the companies and the amount that I think they will contribute:- RM (Millions)

1) Genting--------------------------------------------50

2) Berjaya Toto--------------------------------------25

3) Magnum-------------------------------------------25

4) YTL-------------------------------------------------20

5) Maxis Group--------------------------------------20

6) Sime Darby----------------------------------------20

7) IOI--------------------------------------------------20

8) SP Setia---------------------------------------------20

9) Syed Mokhtar Group-----------------------------20

10) Tiong Rimbunan Hijau--------------------------20

11) Batu Kawan Group-------------------------------20

12) Samling group------------------------------------20

13) Air Asia--------------------------------------------20

14) Shin Yang Group---------------------------------20

15) Maybank-------------------------------------------20

16) CIMB------------------------------------------------20

17) Hong Leong Bank---------------------------------20

18) AM Bank--------------------------------------------20

19) Public Bank-----------------------------------------20

20) Affin Bank------------------------------------------20

21) Sunway Group-------------------------------------20

22) Gamuda --------------------------------------------10

23) MRCB -----------------------------------------------10

24) TA ---------------------------------------------------10

25) Johan Holdings -----------------------------------10

26) Ipoh Garden Group-------------------------------10

27) Mah Sing--------------------------------------------10

28) Kencana/Sapura-----------------------------------10

29) United Plantation----------------------------------10

30) Naza Group-----------------------------------------10

31) Khazanah--------------------------------------------10

32) Telekom---------------------------------------------10

33) TNB --------------------------------------------------10

34) DIGI--------------------------------------------------10

35) UMW Group-----------------------------------------10

36) Proton -----------------------------------------------10

37) HapSeng Group-------------------------------------10

38) Tanchong Group------------------------------------10

39) KFC Group--------------------------------------------10

40) Petronas ---------------------------------------------50




The total of RM790 Millions is a conservative number and it does not include other donations especially from small businesses.

Playing politics is like playing POKER in that the person with the most cash will always win.With RM 790 MILLION,it will be difficult for Umno to lose in the election.

Personally,in order to secure the future of our younger generation,I hope Parti CURI Umno will lose in the next election but with the warchest that it has,it will be difficult for Pakatan Rakyat to win.

Even if Umno loses,it will not let go of the power it has easily, as I belief,SOME PEOPLE WILL CREATE RIOT IN ORDER TO RETAIN ITS POWER THROUGH THE EMERGENCY ACT.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Rocketman Elton John

When I was a young man in the eighties,beside Bee Gees Don't forget to remember,my other favourite songs was Daniel,Crocodile Rock and Goodbye yellow brick road by the Rocketman Elton John.

So,last tuesday 22nd November,after years of waiting,Elton John finally performed in Malaysia by playing to a full house at Genting Highlands.

As usual,I bought the cheapest ticket which is RM 380 and this money of mine is well spent when you see the Rocketman sing Sad Song,Candle in the Wind,Daniel,Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,Sacrifices,That why they call it the blues and lastly,Crocodile Rock.

After Crocodile Rock ,he went backstage but was coaxed by the applause of the fans and he came onstage again to sing Circle of life and Lion KING.

I have a very good and enjoyable evening and I hope the rocketman will come back to perform again in Malaysia.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Today,for a change,we get away from politics and we discuss about food,that is the food we MAKAN and MINUM.

The favourite sports and pastime for malaysians today is not football,hockey,sepak takraw or badminton BUT MAKAN dan MINUM.

That is why we have a lot of malaysian especially the young who are having at least one of this so called EMPAT SEKAWAN DISEASES :-

1) High blood pressure

2) Diabetes

3) High Cholesterol

4) Heart Problems

Nowadays,it is not unusual to hear of teenagers who have diabetes and high blood pressure because young people like them like to patronise fast food outlets where the food that is served is unhealthy and fattening which leads to all this sickness.

In order to avoid all this problems,we must discourage our younger generation fron being fascinated by this fast food circus and we must encourage them to exercise frequently in order to ensure that they stay healthy.

If this trend continues, Malaysia will have a lot of problems in the future in that beside having a sick workforce,we have to incur substantial amount of money to treat them. In the end,we will have a lot of economic problems.

We must also discourage our young people FROM SITTING TOO LONG IN FRONT OF THE COMPUTER as this will make them lazy to exercise.Together with the food they take while playing the computer,no wonder most of our young people are getting fatter and fatter.

To all the readers of this blog,please encourage your children to exercise.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


The Auditor General(AG) Report 2010 concluded that the current national debts of Malaysia is RM 407 BILLIONS which is 53% of the Gross National Product (GDP).

Under the loan and investment Act,the maximum amount of govt debt is 55% of the GDP.In fact every malaysian share of the govt debts is RM 15,074.

The AG report state that the govt have a big deficit in its accounts because the following reasons ;-

1) Wastage

2) Mismanagement

3) Overspending for not doing market research.

All the above reasons are BULLSHIT.The real reasons for all this is CORRUPTION.

The National Space Centre spend RM67.7 Million on Hi-Tech equipment and this equipment is lying in the store with its packing intact.

The National Sports Institute spend RM 5.66 Million on 23 horses without the approval of the ministry and this horses did not qualify for the World Endurance Championship.

The Marine Park Dept spend RM 56250 on a pair of night vision binocular when the market price for it is only RM 1940.

The govt bought 150kg of sugar for RM 25,500 for a price of RM 170 PER KG. I imagine this sugar must have some magic in it.

The way this govt is running the country,we are the GREECE OF ASIA as the amount of debts incurred by this govt have already made us bankrupt.

I just mentioned a few corrupt practices as they are too many to mention as this govt is willing to bankrupt Malaysia in order to MAINTAIN POWER.

Therefore,to overcome this problem and to prevent Malaysia as the GREECE OF ASIA,WE THE RAKYAT MUST CHANGE THE GOVT IN NEXT ELECTION.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Budget 2012 - An Election budget

Today,the PM Najib unveiled the budget for 2012.If you study the budget closely,it shows that a general election is coming soon in Malaysia where the PM is seeking a new mandate for his leadership in Malaysia.

In this budget,they will be a half month bonus for all civil servants together RM500 for all pensioners. In addition,all household with a monthly income below Rm3000 will also received a one off payment oF RM500.

All this goodies point to one thing.That thing is call GENERAL ELECTION. In all fairness,Najib is working hard to gain support for Umno but unfortunately he is the only one working very hard unlike the rest of Umno and BN who are BUSY making BIG money by "RASUAH" the Rakyat money.

Najib is alone working very hard to win back the Rakyat support by giving financial assistance to all races such as giving funding for the construction of Chinese and Tamil schools. He knows that Umno days are numbered and in order to survive,he is giving all this goodies to the rakyat.

Thus,he hope that all his hard work will be translated to votes for Umno and Bn in the coming electio which should be held during the year end school holidays. Unfortunately,his hard work is not supported by his cabinet ministers.

For the 1st time ,I agree with Najib that it is better to give the money to the Rakyat rather than it being "RASUAH" by A CANCER PARTY called UMNO.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


In 2009,I wrote an article on this blog Entitled Newcastle - ANANDA KRISHNAN GREATEST MISTAKE in which Ananda Krishnan was supposed to takeover Newcastle and this deal was subsequently aborted.

I respect Tony for the way he run Air Asia(AA) and I congratulate him for the success of AA.In fact,I fully supported the way he run AA with its LOW FARES which enable everybody can fly.If I am in a position of power,I would merge AA with MAS and let Tony and his team run the airline company.

I hope Tony together with his AA director Kamaruddin Meranun and Westport Ruben Gnanalingam will succeed in this football venture of buying London football club Queen Park Rangers(QRP).

They further command my respect because immediately after taking over from F1 Bernie for Pound Sterling 35 million,they inject funds to QPR and bought Anton Ferdinand,Shaun Phllips,Armand Troare and Joey Barton to strengthen the team.

I have nothing against Tony and his team but I THINK THEY WILL FAIL in this venture because of the following reasons:-

1). Running a football club is different from running AA or Tune Hotel as the success of a football club depend on the performance of the 11 players in the field.If the 11 players play badly,QPR will be like Blackpool who was demoted after just one season in the premiership.

2). Even with the acquisition of the 4 players mentioned above,they is still insufficient quality and strength in depth in the team to sustain a full season in the premiership.It is likely that QRP will have to fight against RELEGATION towards the end of the season.

3).The wages of the players MAKE UP 70% of the total operation cost of the club. Thus,only Manchester United make profit from operation while the rest of the clubs MAKE LOSSES especially Chelsea and MAN CITY whose PLAYERS WAGES IS MORE THAN ITS ANNUAL REVENUE.Therefore,if this 2 clubs do not have RICH OWNERS,They would have BANKRUPT long ago.

4).No investors have make money from football except for Thailand Thaksin when he sold CITY to Abu Dhabi.Look at the amount of money Roman Abarmovich spend on Chelsea and the amount Al fayed invested and loss in Fulham.

The above is the reasons on why Tony and his team will make its GREATEST MISTAKE and FAIL in London.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Selamat Hariraya and Selamat Merdeka

I would like to wish all my muslim friends Selamat Hariraya and to all malaysian Selamat MERDEKA.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Veteran RTM football commentator Aziz Ibrahim

I would like to ask the readers of this blog this question. Can you remember the last and final time an English FA Cup Final being carried live by RTM Channel 1 and the commentary of this cup final match is in Bahasa Malaysia?

Yes,that was in 1977 and it was a very long 34 years ago and the commentator for this match is an old timer by the name of Aziz Ibrahim. That cup final match in 1977 at the old Wembley is between Manchester United and Liverpool in which United won 2-1

The first time I met Aziz was at the AGM of Nestle Bhd in which he was the head of Public Relation of Nestle and I am a small shareholder and it was in the early nineties.

On Tuesday 19th July,I went to the office of water service provider Syabas at Jalan Pantai Baru to seek clarification and explanation as to why Syabas charge me Commercial Rate on my water bill when I am staying on the 4th floor of a shophouse. The answer given by Syabas customer service is that they follow the zoning of DBKL which state that any property which is on top of any shophouse is considered as commercial property even though that property is a family house.

When I was looking for a parking space I saw Aziz and called him. The first thing I ask him is what he has been doing since retirement from Nestle and he said that he is in permanent retirement. Immediately,I ask when was the last time he was doing a Bahasa Malaysia commentary in an English FA Cup Final at Wembley?

His answer is 1977, a very very long time ago.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Burma or Myanmar

Today, I will blog about Burma or Myanmar.As all of you know,Burma is under the control of a military govt where the general and his fellow army officers who run the country have only FORM 5 level of education.

I wanted to write this article a long time ago but the inspiration to write on this came when Hongkong actress Michelle Yeoh was BAR from entering Myanmar.The burmese govt bar her because the govt was suspicious that Michelle is giving Money to Aung San Su Chi in order for Su Chi to fund her political activities.

As far as I am concern,the people of Burma are all coward as they do not have the guts to form an army to overthrow the govt.All the burmese have done is to leave Burma and go to Malaysia to work illegally.

The burmese people especially the young future generation is going to suffer for a long time because the present generation is not willing to sacrifice themselves for thr good of the future.

In order to overthrow the govt and secure a better future for the next generation,the present burmese must form an army and must be willing to sacrifice themselves as alot of people will die in a civil war to kick out the present oppressive regime.

Unfortunately,this is not happening as all the burmese are having a good life in Malaysia. In downtown Kuala Lumpur,the Burmese are no longer working for their boss in the Char Kway Teow,Wantan Mee or Laksa stalls but are instead the Boss of all this food stalls as they rent the stalls from the chinese owner.

Thus ,with such good life and having a business,this burmese will not go home to fight the militery govt and Myanmar will be continue to suffer as the military regime is going to rule for a long time.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today,I would like to talk about Franchise. Franchising is the Practice of using another person firm SUCCESSFUL business model.

Today in Malaysia,they is a lot of successful franchise business and to acquire the franchise from the original owner is not cheap.The franchise business is such that if the business is good ,the payback period for the capital investment could be in 6 months but if the business is bad,the person who took the franchise could lose millions in a few months.

Example of franchise business together with the initial capital investment(ICI) and the monthly royalties which is a percentage of the gross revenue (GR) is as follows:-

Name--------Business-----------------ICI----------Royalties % of GR


2.Papa Rich---Cafe------------------1,000,000------8%


4.Station ONE-Cafe--------------------550,000------6%

5.7 ELEVEN----Convenient Store---250,000------5%

6.Macdonalds--Fast Food-----------3,500,000-----RM 12,000 per month.

In addition,the Franchise owner will supply all the goods and services that are needed by the outlet as stated in the franchise agreement.The franchise owner will provide training to the outlet owner and staff before operation begins.

Recently,I attended the opening ceremony of the new Overtime pub at Tesco Scott Garden at Old Klang Road. Business was so good that the pub ran out of the Starker beer by 11pm and they have to request for the beer from Overtime in Puchong.In fact,the owner who is my friend told me to stop ordering beer in order to allow his other friends and associates who came late to order the beer.

It is estimated that if the business is good and consistent,this pub will BREAK EVEN WITHIN 6 months and after that it is home run all the way.

By the way,most of this franchise outlet is always located in the corner of any place as this business require a big and visible place.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

No reason to increase RON 95 PRICE

As we all know ,the govt of Malaysia is BANKRUPT because of MASSIVE CORRUPTION by UMNO and BN.

Currently,we are in a situation where the govt have no more money to pay sudsidy in order keep the prices of petrol low. Come June 1st,after a 6 months rest,the govt will review the price of petrol RON 95 which is currently price at RM1.90 per liter. As such, the govt have been telling the RAKYAT to prepare for an increase in RON 95 price. Recently,the RAKYAT have to bear the price increase of essentials items like sugar and cooking oil.

The govt do not have a good reason to increase the price of RON 95 because of the following reasons :-




Daily Production-----600,000

Daily Consumption---555,000

Daily Surplus-----------45,000

2) Our oil TAPIS is the best quality oil because it have very little sulphur content and it is the MOST EXPENSIVE OIL in the world. We sell our TAPIS to the world but we import Cheap oil from the ARAB world and thus Malaysia profit from this arrangement.

If the price of RON 95 is increase, it will cause an increase in the cost of living for the RAKYAT as transportation cost increase, the transporter will pass the price increase to the consumer to protect their profit margin.

As explained,the govt have NO REASON to increase RON 95 price but it will do so because the govt is BANKRUPT and cannot pay the subsidy to the oil companies like Shell and ESSO.Hence,the RAKYAT is the VICTIM of CORRUPTION by UMNO and BN.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Congratulation to Bank Negara Governor Zeti.

I was watching the news just now and I was very happy when the news reader over at Astro Awani said that Bank Negara Governor DR Zeti was nominated for the post of Chief Executive officer of the Internationa Monetary Fund (IMF).

The CEO position in the IMF is vacant following the resignation of Strauss Kahn who is being charged for sexual assault on a young maid of the SOFITEL Hotel in New York.

Dr Zeti have done a fantastic job in the running of our central bank BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA.As such she deserve to be nominated to the top position of the IMF.

I sincerely hope that if they is a contest for the top IMF post,I hope that Dr Zeti will win and become the 1st asian to helm the IMF.

Congratulations to Dr Zeti and it is the 1st time that the IMF id not control by the West.

Friday, May 6, 2011


I am watching the Singapore election closely and I hope that the opposition in Singapore will win 15 seats through 3 GRC(group representative constituency) and 2 SMC (single member constituency).

I hope that Workers Party with Low Thia Kiang,Chen Shao Mao and Sylvia Lim will win the Aljuneid GRC and Chiam See Thong SPP (Singapore People Party) will win the Bishan-Tao Payoh GRC seats with Kenneth Jeyaretnam and his gang from the Reform Party to win the West Coast GRC.

As for the SMC,I hope that the opposition will retain the Hougang and Potong Pasir seat which was formerly held by Low and Chiam respectively.I hope that Chiam wife will win his seat of Potong Pasir.

To all the opposition parties in this Singapore election,GOOD LUCK AND SUCCESS.

Monday, April 18, 2011


I do not know RPK well but I have only met him twice that is at the KL High Court and at a function at BLOG HOUSE.I went to the high court to show my support for him and I also made a small donation of RM100 to him to help to pay for his legal fees.

I must express my greatest appreciation to RPK for his great contribution in changing the political landscape in Malaysia by exposing the corruption of Umno and BN and raising the political awareness of the ordinary people as to their right in demanding a good and transparent government.

I must admit that BN lost its 2/3 majority in Parliament in March 2008 mainly because of bloggers like RPK who through his blog Malaysia Today have exposed the corruption of Umno and BN and made the RAKYAT to vote for PAKATAN RAKYAT.

I am a regular visitor to his blog Malaysia Today since the beginning of 2007 and My observation is that RPK is a SOLDIER OF FORTUNE or a " CARI MAKAN " blogger who will work and blog only to benefit his paymaster. I do not blame him for being a Soldier of fortune as every person have to make money to survive and it is his democratic right to do so.

After reading about what RPK had said in an interview with TV3, unlike many of my friends who were very sad and angry, I was not disappointed or surprise by the action of RPK as I expected something like this to come from him after observing his blog for so many years.

I also believed that RPK current new paymaster is the number 1 man in Malaysia.

I said that PRK is a soldier of fortune because of the following observations I have over the years I have been following his blog :-

Firstly, in 2007 and before March 2008, the agenda of Malaysia Today is to attack Pak Lah because at that time RPK was under the payroll of old man DR M. As we all know ,Pak Lah cancelled many Dr M projects like the crooked Bridge between Johor and Singapore. This incident make old man M very angry and old man decided to get rid of Pak Lah as PM. In order to do that,old man must attack Pak Lah and the best person to do this is RPK. So,old man hired RPK to do the job. It was confirmed by a few bloggers through their blog that PRK indeed work for old man M.

It is believed that PRK parted company with old man M in the second quarter of 2008 and subsequently he was hired by KJ to protect Pak Lah.Immediately, the agenda of Malaysia Today changes from attacking Pak Lah to attacking Najib by massive blogging of the ALTANTUYA case. In 2008 Pak Lah position was very shaky and the only person who can dislodge Pak Lah is Najib. When Pak Lah was the PM, the unofficial PM in the 4th floor is KJ. In order to protect their positions in Putrajaya, KJ and KALI of NST hired RPK to attack Najib. As we all know, their plan failed and RPK went into exile in London and his stay there is financed by KALI.

The latest news is that RPK is denying what he had said previously on the Altantuya case and my believed is that he is NOW being hired by the Top Man and his job is to attack Anwar as Anwar is the only person who can take over Najib place as PM of Malaysia. As the next GE is coming soon,the TOP MAN is politically right to hire RPK to attack Anwar.

I would not be surprised if PRK return to Malaysia before the next GE as a free man and driving his Roll Royce around Sugei Buloh.

I hope I have enlighten many of the readers of this blog on the character of RPK with the information above and hope that all of you do not be disappointed by him.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Roman Abramovich

Another season and another dream shattered. This is what happen to Roman Abramovich when his team Chelsea lost to Man Utd in the quarter final of the champions league.

Since 2003 when Roman took over Chelsea from Ken Bates, Chelsea have won many trophies EXCEPT the UEFA champions league.

I have a lot of sympathy for Roman as his main objective of taking over Chelsea is to win the Champion league.Despite spending billions of his personal fortune to buy

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


In 1983. I was a young boy working as an audit clerk in Hanafiah,Raslan & Mohamad (HRM) who is the auditors for Bank Bumiputra (BBMB).

During the audit on the trade financing of the bank,I met a BILLS dept officer by the name of Cik Mat who is a very religious man who is in charge of distributing the religious magazine Fardhu Ain in the bank.

One day Cik Mat asked me this question?

George,do you know who is your biggest enemy?

I said I don't know.

He then told me that in life YOUR BEST FRIEND IS YOUR BIGGEST ENEMY.

This is what exactly happened to a former deputy PM when his best friend (Dato E) alleged that he (Dato E) have a video showing the former DPM having sex with a China doll prostitute.

I can safely said that this 2 person are very good friends and they will go together to look for prostitutes.

In fact Dato E is the arranger of prostitutes for the DPM for a very long time..That is why he was able to videotape the DPM having sexual intercourse with prostitutes.It can be confirmed that Dato E is the former DPM PIMP.

Just like the case of Chua Soi Lek.the person who videotape CSL having sexual intercourse with his mistress is his BEST FRIEND.

The above 2 cases proved that in life YOUR BEST FRIEND IS YOUR BIGGEST ENEMY.

As for the former DPM,he is better than Thambi Chik because he PAY the China doll prostitute unlike Thambi Chik who RAPE an underaged Girl.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


The RICHEST MAN IN MALAYSIA TAIB MAHMUD said that he will step down after the coming stste election in Sarawak. He also said that he will step down when he have found a successor in order to have a smooth transition.

If Taib have the intention of stepping down,he should DO IT NOW and Not wait after the state election.If he is sincere to accede to the wishes of the Sarawak people,he should step down IMMEDIATELY and not after the election.

This shows that he is intending to hold on to his power as the chief minister of Sarawak.

Therefore,I would like to call on the people of Sarawak to come out in FULL FORCE TO VOTE AGAINST TAIB AND BN in order to RETIRE HIM PERMANENTLY AS HIS FAMILY,CRONIES AND FRIENDS HAVE BENEFITTED ERNOMOUSLY from his position as chief minister of Sarawak.

Friday, March 18, 2011


The Sarawak state election is expected to be held in April and I would like to URGE ALL ELIGIBLE VOTERS to come out and VOTE AGAINST BN and Taib Mahmud who is the RICHEST MAN in Malaysia.

After 30 years in power as the Chief Minister of Sarawak, it is TIME FOR TAIB TO GO as his family and cronies have benefited enormously since the day he became Chief Minister.

Today,Tranparency International have call the Useless MACC to start investigation of corruption by Taib and his family as Malaysia rating for fight against corruption is very BAD. This affect Malaysia image to attract foreign investors who do not invest in countries with bad transparency rating as issued by Transparecy International.

This coming election should be the BEGINNING OF THE END OF TAIB and it is time the people of Sarawak to GET BACK their state.

Therefore,I would urge the people of Sarawak to come out in full force on election day to VOTE AGAINST TAIB and to GET BACK THEIR STATE where billions HAVE BEEN STOLEN by PBB and BN.

Monday, March 7, 2011


I salute Minister in the PM Office Nazri Aziz for challenging malay rights group Perkasa to send its president "The Kaki Lompat" Ibrahim Ali to contest against Nazri for the parliament seat of Padang Rengas.

Nazri is spot on when he said that Perkasa should sent its leader to contest in the next GE and the group could do what they wanted if it managed to get the people mandate and win big in the next GE.

But the problem is that Perkasa is a RACIST group which some malays like Nazri does not support its stand. It does NOT command the support of most malays.

The second problem is that Perkasa is PLATFORM TO REJUVENATE the political career of its president Ibrahim who will likely lose his Pasir Mas Parliament seat as the malays in Pasir Mas Kelantan does not support him.

Therefore, the Perkasa President should contest against Nazri for the Padang Rengas parliament seat.


Saturday, February 12, 2011


A very BIG CONGRATULATIOS to the people of EGYPT for overthrowing Hosni Mubarak who have been the PRESIDENT of EGYPT for 30 long years.

During this 30 long years,Mubarak and his family have STOLEN BILLIONS from the poor people of EGYPT. Therefore,we must congratulate the people of Egypt for ousting Mubarak in a peaceful manner.

As for the people of Sarawak where the WHITE HAIR MAN have been the THIEF MINISTER FOR 33 long years, this old man and his family have STOLEN BILLIONS from the poor people of Sarawak.

Therefore, in the coming state election to be held by July 2011,the people of Sarawak must WAKE UP and all of Sarawak must go to the poll and VOTE AGAINST THE WHITE HAIR MAN in order to throw out all the corrupt including his deputy from the SUPP who together with the White Hair also got married to a very young girl. To all the VOTERS in Sarawak,please come out in force to VOTE AGAINST BN in order to throw out Taib and to get back your state AND THE FREEDOM THAT YOU DESERVED.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Malay Voters

For by-election, BN have won Galas,Batu Sapi and Tenang. It was reported that BN won because the Malays Voters who deserted Umno and BN in the 2008 general election have returned to support them.

In the 2008 GE, I know of a friend who is an Umno member,who together with his group of friends who are also Umno members did not vote and boycotted the GE. After Pak Lah was removed as PM by the Umno supreme council and appointed Najib as Umno president, this group of Umno Malays voters have returned and support the party.

As for malays who are not Umno members but who voted for the opposition in the last GE. Currently Umno have not reach out to them. I recently spoke to a Bumiputera businessman friend and he told me that Umno have not reach out to him and his friends. Under the circumstances,it will be difficult for him and his friends to vote for BN in the next GE.So far they have been in business,Umno did not offer any assisitance and have not reach out to them.

From the above,it can be confirmed that Umno have not recover the entire Malay ground it lost in the last GE. On the other hand,it have only recovered the votes of its members who did not come out to vote. A good indication of the level of support of the malays for UmnO and BN will be the by election for the state seat of PORT KELANG which will be held in March 2011.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Rabbit Year.

I would like to wish all my chinese friends A VERY GREAT AND PROSPEROUS NEW RABBIT YEAR .

May the year of the RABBIT bring peace,good luck and Success to Malaysia.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CUSTODIAL SENTENCE is the name of the game


1) Share Market Manipulation.

2) Insider Trading

3) Artificially inflating the Revenue and Profit of the company by issuing FALSE INVOICES.

4) Illegally Taking Deposits.

Previously,the Court only FINED the guilty party. After a lot of investors criticism of the recent case where Lybrand Ngu was fined RM 1.2 Million for issuing many miliions of FALSE INVOICES, the court have decided that CUSTODIAL SENTENCE MUST BE APPLIED in order to prevent the occurrence of all the offences listed above. This is because all the offenders are MILLIONAIRES who can easily pay off the fined and fining them is not a deterence.

The first person to face the new ruling is Raja Asma who was Jailed for 5 years for iLLEGALLY Taking Deposit.

The second case for this Custodial ruling is when Philip Wong was sentence to 2 years and Francis Bun 3 months in Jail for market manipulation.

The objective of custodial sentence is

A) to be a DETERENCE so that they is no REPEATATION of the offences listed above.


Therefore,we hope that with custodial sentence,the offences listed above will be reduce greatly and investos especially the small time retail investors will be protected from incurring big losses.