Friday, May 20, 2011

Congratulation to Bank Negara Governor Zeti.

I was watching the news just now and I was very happy when the news reader over at Astro Awani said that Bank Negara Governor DR Zeti was nominated for the post of Chief Executive officer of the Internationa Monetary Fund (IMF).

The CEO position in the IMF is vacant following the resignation of Strauss Kahn who is being charged for sexual assault on a young maid of the SOFITEL Hotel in New York.

Dr Zeti have done a fantastic job in the running of our central bank BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA.As such she deserve to be nominated to the top position of the IMF.

I sincerely hope that if they is a contest for the top IMF post,I hope that Dr Zeti will win and become the 1st asian to helm the IMF.

Congratulations to Dr Zeti and it is the 1st time that the IMF id not control by the West.

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Anonymous said...

IMF belongs to the West/ Jews most definitely and so are ALL the Central Banks IN THE WORLD. Does Our Lady Governor has bloodline links to them?