Thursday, November 6, 2008


Congratulations to the people of USA for being BRAVE TO MAKE CHANGES in voting OBAMA as the 1st BLACK PRESIDENT of the USA. In Malaysia, we must also BE BRAVE in changing the govt from UMNO and BN to the opposition.In this current Economic Turmoil,we need a clean and transparent govt who work for the people and the country .Because of this personal interest,the govt of Malaysia is in great financial difficulties. Remember that the Japanese have thrown out the Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) which is the longest ruling party in Japan. In Taiwan,the Taiwanese have thrown out the KUOMINTANG Party (KMT) when the KMT does not carry out its responsibilities to the Taiwanese.Hence,Malaysia should follow suit by throwing out UMNO and BN in the next election.Usually,political party that are thrown out tend to do better the next time around when they govern and hence Malaysian must change the govt instead of the other way round.Hopefully when UMNO and BN are sidelined,they will change to become better political party.Judging from the political structure of UMNO,I will bet to mt last dollar that UMNO will not change and we the voter have to do UMNO a big favour by changing the govt.By the way ,CONGRATULATION TO BARACK OBAMA.