Sunday, August 2, 2009

Congratulation Jimmy Choo as Tourism Ambassador

I would like to congratulate Jimmy Choo for being conferred as the tourism ambassador of Malaysia. Being a malaysian and a wealthy person, I hope that Jimmy will do Malaysia a favour by carrying out the duties of tourism ambassador for FREE. This is unlike a former manager of a F1 team who was paid RM 1 miilion BUTA GAJI for doing nothing as the tourism ambassador of Malaysia. This french man was appointed by a LESBIAN former Tourism Minister on the insistence of Pak Lah who is the worst PM in the history of Malaysia . This is due to the fact that the frenchman is one of Pak Lah best friend and in the end,Rm 1 million of taxpayers money was wasted by the tourism ministry. With his connections and reputation, I strongly belief that Jimmy will be able to promote our tourism to the world in an effective manner than what has been done previously.In fact,Jimmy would be a better tourism ambassador of Malaysia than "HONGKONG ACTRESS MICHELLE YEOH".