Monday, April 18, 2011


I do not know RPK well but I have only met him twice that is at the KL High Court and at a function at BLOG HOUSE.I went to the high court to show my support for him and I also made a small donation of RM100 to him to help to pay for his legal fees.

I must express my greatest appreciation to RPK for his great contribution in changing the political landscape in Malaysia by exposing the corruption of Umno and BN and raising the political awareness of the ordinary people as to their right in demanding a good and transparent government.

I must admit that BN lost its 2/3 majority in Parliament in March 2008 mainly because of bloggers like RPK who through his blog Malaysia Today have exposed the corruption of Umno and BN and made the RAKYAT to vote for PAKATAN RAKYAT.

I am a regular visitor to his blog Malaysia Today since the beginning of 2007 and My observation is that RPK is a SOLDIER OF FORTUNE or a " CARI MAKAN " blogger who will work and blog only to benefit his paymaster. I do not blame him for being a Soldier of fortune as every person have to make money to survive and it is his democratic right to do so.

After reading about what RPK had said in an interview with TV3, unlike many of my friends who were very sad and angry, I was not disappointed or surprise by the action of RPK as I expected something like this to come from him after observing his blog for so many years.

I also believed that RPK current new paymaster is the number 1 man in Malaysia.

I said that PRK is a soldier of fortune because of the following observations I have over the years I have been following his blog :-

Firstly, in 2007 and before March 2008, the agenda of Malaysia Today is to attack Pak Lah because at that time RPK was under the payroll of old man DR M. As we all know ,Pak Lah cancelled many Dr M projects like the crooked Bridge between Johor and Singapore. This incident make old man M very angry and old man decided to get rid of Pak Lah as PM. In order to do that,old man must attack Pak Lah and the best person to do this is RPK. So,old man hired RPK to do the job. It was confirmed by a few bloggers through their blog that PRK indeed work for old man M.

It is believed that PRK parted company with old man M in the second quarter of 2008 and subsequently he was hired by KJ to protect Pak Lah.Immediately, the agenda of Malaysia Today changes from attacking Pak Lah to attacking Najib by massive blogging of the ALTANTUYA case. In 2008 Pak Lah position was very shaky and the only person who can dislodge Pak Lah is Najib. When Pak Lah was the PM, the unofficial PM in the 4th floor is KJ. In order to protect their positions in Putrajaya, KJ and KALI of NST hired RPK to attack Najib. As we all know, their plan failed and RPK went into exile in London and his stay there is financed by KALI.

The latest news is that RPK is denying what he had said previously on the Altantuya case and my believed is that he is NOW being hired by the Top Man and his job is to attack Anwar as Anwar is the only person who can take over Najib place as PM of Malaysia. As the next GE is coming soon,the TOP MAN is politically right to hire RPK to attack Anwar.

I would not be surprised if PRK return to Malaysia before the next GE as a free man and driving his Roll Royce around Sugei Buloh.

I hope I have enlighten many of the readers of this blog on the character of RPK with the information above and hope that all of you do not be disappointed by him.