Saturday, September 10, 2011


In 2009,I wrote an article on this blog Entitled Newcastle - ANANDA KRISHNAN GREATEST MISTAKE in which Ananda Krishnan was supposed to takeover Newcastle and this deal was subsequently aborted.

I respect Tony for the way he run Air Asia(AA) and I congratulate him for the success of AA.In fact,I fully supported the way he run AA with its LOW FARES which enable everybody can fly.If I am in a position of power,I would merge AA with MAS and let Tony and his team run the airline company.

I hope Tony together with his AA director Kamaruddin Meranun and Westport Ruben Gnanalingam will succeed in this football venture of buying London football club Queen Park Rangers(QRP).

They further command my respect because immediately after taking over from F1 Bernie for Pound Sterling 35 million,they inject funds to QPR and bought Anton Ferdinand,Shaun Phllips,Armand Troare and Joey Barton to strengthen the team.

I have nothing against Tony and his team but I THINK THEY WILL FAIL in this venture because of the following reasons:-

1). Running a football club is different from running AA or Tune Hotel as the success of a football club depend on the performance of the 11 players in the field.If the 11 players play badly,QPR will be like Blackpool who was demoted after just one season in the premiership.

2). Even with the acquisition of the 4 players mentioned above,they is still insufficient quality and strength in depth in the team to sustain a full season in the premiership.It is likely that QRP will have to fight against RELEGATION towards the end of the season.

3).The wages of the players MAKE UP 70% of the total operation cost of the club. Thus,only Manchester United make profit from operation while the rest of the clubs MAKE LOSSES especially Chelsea and MAN CITY whose PLAYERS WAGES IS MORE THAN ITS ANNUAL REVENUE.Therefore,if this 2 clubs do not have RICH OWNERS,They would have BANKRUPT long ago.

4).No investors have make money from football except for Thailand Thaksin when he sold CITY to Abu Dhabi.Look at the amount of money Roman Abarmovich spend on Chelsea and the amount Al fayed invested and loss in Fulham.

The above is the reasons on why Tony and his team will make its GREATEST MISTAKE and FAIL in London.