Friday, May 28, 2010


Yesterday morning at 10.30 am,I took a train to the KLCC convention centre to attend the forum on SUBSIDY CUT organised by PEMANDU which is headed by Idris Jala. The moderator Gunasegaran from The Star was kind enough to allow to speak for 2 minutes. I told the forum that we must look the the big picture and what causes the govt to have a BIG HOLE in its Budget and Finances. I told the forum of over 2000 people that THE GOVT of MALAYSIA IS BANKRUPT because of corruption. I also told them that the govt have no reasons to reduce the subsidy for petrol because MALAYSIA (NOT PETRONAS) oil production is higher than its consumption.
According to PETRONAS financial report,the production and cosumption of oil is as follows:-BARRELS PER DAY (BPD)
As proven above,the govt have no reason to reduce the subsidy of petrol. According to IDRIS,the govt will save RM 103 BILLION from reduction in subsidy and my question to him is that HOW CAN WE TRUST THE GOVT THAT THE 103 BILLION WILL BE UTILISED PROPERLY AND NOT CORRUPTED. I was bitterly disappointed that DAP Tony Pua supported the reduction in subsidy and this shows that he is not experience and does not have the knowledged of being a RAKYAT MP. The way things are going, I am very worried that MALAYSIA is the NEXT GREECE,SIME DARBY the NEXT PKFZ and PETRONAS the NEXT PERTAMINA.