Sunday, May 20, 2012

Congratulation to Roman Abramovich

After 8 long years and spending more than 1 BILLION POUND on Chelsea, Roman Abramovich finally achieved his ambition of carrying aloft
the European Champion League Trophy at the Munich Allianz Arena after Chelsea beat Bayern Munchen on Penalties.

In June 2003, Abramovich bought Chelsea Village from Ken Bates and he pumped in more than 1 Billion Pound into Chelsea with the intention of making Chelsea the European Champion. Before Roman came in, Chelsea were in deep debt as the Cooperative Bank in London
have stopped overdraft facilities to Chelsea after the amount of overdraft reaches 94 Million Pound.But when Roman came in ,he settled all this overdraft debt.

Until today,the investment in Chelsea HAVE NOT BRING ANY RETURNS to Roman except the achievement of winning the Champion League Trophy.

In the history of Investment in the English Premier League, only ONE person have made money and that person is former
Thai PM THAKSIN who sold Man City to Oil and Cash Rich ABU DHABI and Thaksin made 100 Million pound from this deal.

Since Chelsea have won the Champion League, I hope that Roman will appoint Di Matteo as the permanent manager of Chelsea
and goal winner Drogba will be given a 2 year contract. I hope that Roman will not make the same mistake again when he SACKED Awrant Grant to make way for Brazil Scolari who lasted just 6 months. So, installing Di Matteo will send the right signal to the club
supporters that the club is looking forward.

Even though Chelsea have won ,I hope Roman will continue to invest in Chelsea and bring more glory to the club.


Thursday, May 17, 2012


Many of my friends have ask me this question ?

Will UMNO SMOOTHLY TRANSFER POWER to PAKATAN RAKYAT if UMNO and BN LOSE in the next general election ?

My friends ask me this question after reading the STAR newspaper which quoted former Perak MB Nizar as saying that PM Najib recently met up with the ARMY top brass to seek the army help should Umno lose in the coming election.

They are very worried that MALAYSIA will end up like SYRIA where the ARMY is MURDERING THE SYRIANS PEOPLE ON THE ORDER OF THE GOVT
in order to maintain power.

Initially,I was unable to give them an answer but I promised to give them an answer the next evening.

Early next morning, I went to see a friend of mine who is a retired LEFTENAN COLONEL of ANGKATAN TENTERA MALAYSIA (ATM) and after ordering our tea and coffee,I ask him the above question ?

Being a no nonsense ARMY MAN, he told me that the ARMY TOP BRASS support the GOVT but the lower ranking officers is WITH THE RAKYAT.His answer give me an uneasy feeling and kept me thinking the whole day on all the possible scenario if a RIOT occur on the street of KL.

As promised, I met up with my friends and I told them what my ARMY friend told me. I told them that it is very very difficult for a party that have ruled the country for more than 50 years to hand over power even if they LOST IN A DEMOCRATIC ELECTION.

So,I would not be surprised if there is RIOT in MALAYSIA SHOULD THE INEVITABLE HAPPEN.

Therefore, the ARMY IS THE KEY as they are the only people who will be able to maintain PEACE AND SECURITY in the country. I would not want what is currently happening in SYRIA to happen in our beautiful MALAYSIA and it is my fervent hope that the LOW RANKING ARMY OFFICERS WILL PROTECT THE RAKYAT AND MAINTAIN PEACE AND SECURITY SHOULD A RIOT CAUSE BY PEOPLE WHO WANT TO MAINTAIN POWER HAPPEN IN MALAYSIA.

Saturday, April 28, 2012



To get to Central Market is also an adventure. Initially, I intend to walk to Central Market from Brickfields
but near Scott Road,they was a Police Block and even those on foot is not allow to walk to Central Market.

At 11am ,I told my despatch boy to give me a lift in his motorcycle to take me to the old railway station
where a large group of people have already gathered outside Masjid Negara. From there, I wanted to walk on foot to
Central Market through Dayabumi.On the way, I met 2 Young Man in yellow who told me they is a police block at Dayabumi.
In the end, I troop back to the old railway station to go to Central Market.

Once I reached Central Market, I call my friend Tan but to my dismay, for my DIGI handphone,they is no line or coverage.
I ask a few protestors and only Maxis have coverage while all the other line is OUT. At this time, they was around 2000 protestors outside Central Market and the PAS volunteer unit AMAL did a great job in controlling the crowd. At this moment,more people are coming by using the LRT Kelana Jaya line by stopping at PASAR SENI STATION. By 1pm, the crowd have increase to around
10000 people.

Out of the blue,they is another group of protestors coming from Petaing Streets with half of them wearing green shirts protesting against the dumping of TOXIC WASTE IN LYNAS,PAHANG. This group was marching to Dataran Merdeka through Kotaraya but stop outside OCBC Bank Buliding because of police blockage.

At around 1.30pm, I was having a drink at my friend coffeeshop Lai Foong to quench my thirst and to relax after 2 hours of walk.

Suddenly, the group in Central Market starting marching to Dataran Merdeka through Jln Cheng Lock and walking pass the Old Maybank branch at Jln Bandar. I was marching in this group with former Perak MB Nizar who was carrying his little daughter in his shoulder surrounded by PAS volunteers from its AMAL unit. The procession came to a halt at Jln Tun Perak as the earlier group from Petaling Street have stop at Jln Tun Perak because of Police Blockage outside Masjid Jamek.

The crowd at this time is estimated to be around 30000 protestors and KL CITY have CAME TO A HALT.

I am a protestor because I want to protect and safeguard the future of our young generations of all races.

Today, I am very proud to be a ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA as I saw Malaysian of ALL RACES taking part in this BERSIH MARCH to protest against the corruption of Umno and BN.

If we continue like this, MALAYSIA WILL HAVE GREAT FUTURE as malaysian of all races is able to COME TOGETHER TO SOLVE OUR NATIONAL PROBLEM.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Recently, at 6 AM in the morning, I sent my nephew to Corus Hotel opposite KLCC to catch the morning bus to Singapore.

During the early morning journey from his house in Cheras to Corus hotel, the traffic on that wednesday morning was heavy and he told me that MALAYSIAN ARE A HARDWORKING LOT as many of them are already on the road to their office.

Based of this one factor, our country have a very good future as the people of Malaysia are not only hardworking but they are also clever people with great ideas and vision.

Unfortunately, we have a CORRUPT GOVT LED BY UMNO WHO HAVE BEEN STEALING THE COUNTRY MONEY and as a result the Govt is currently BANKRUPT.

Everytime when the govt is facing a financial crisis like in 1997, IT IS THE HARDWORKING PEOPLE or MALAYSIAN WHO PULL THE GOVT OUT OF THE FINANCIAL CRISIS.


To prevent MALAYSIA from being another GREECE and to protect our future generation of all races,I urge all HARDWORKING MALAYSIAN TO REJECT UMNO and BN in the coming election.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Malaysia Oil Production

Malaysia production of oil have improved tremendously.

In a recent report by Petronas, Malaysia daily oil production is 1.5 Million barrels per day (BPD).

The breakdown is as follows :-





PENINSULAR MALAYSIA---------520,000---------------580,000




Currently, the price of our oil TAPIS in the spot market is US $134 Per Barrel. The TAPIS is the most expensive oil in the world because it contain very little SULPHUR AND IT IS A VERY HIGH QUALITY OIL.

At a CONSERVATIVE price of US $100 per barrel,the daily income from the oil is US $150 MILLION which is equivalent to RM 450 MILLION.

Currently, Malaysia daily consumption of oil is 700,000 BPD and hence we have a daily surplus of 800,000 BPD.

Therefore, the INCOME amount from being a daily net exporter of oil of 800,000 barrels at a price of US $134 is US 107 MILLION daily.

If all this is taken into account,our petrol RON 95 should be RM 1 per liter.

Due to massive corruption by Umno and BN,the money from oil export have gone missing.

In order to protect our younger generation, in the coming election,we MUST VOTE AGAINST UMNO AND BN TO PREVENT THEM FROM DESTROYING MALAYSIA FURTHER.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The EMPLOYEES PROVIDENT FUNDS (EPF) currently manages RM 407 BILLION belonging to 12 millions members.

As a EPF member, I am very worried of my savings as the govt is the using my money in the EPF TO SOLVE ITS FINANCIAL PROBLEMS.

As every malaysian knows,currently the govt of Malaysia is BANKRUPT BECAUSE OF CORRUPTION BY UMNO and BN. It would not be long before our national oil company PETRONAS will be BANKRUPT like PERTAMINA.

Recently,the govt ordered EPF to finance RM 1.5 BILLION for a housing project by the Ministry of Federal Territory for malaysians who are not qualify for bank loans to buy houses. This was announced by the Raja Nong Chik.

This is a risky investment as the loan may go bad due to the poor financial background of the borrowers.

I want to ask Nong Chik,why should EPF finance this project when Dewan Bandaraya KL can finance this project.The annual turnover for DBKL is around RM 11 BILLION.Where have this money gone?

Therefore,it is time we amend the EPF ACT which will state clearly:-

a) The type of investment it should invest.

b) The type of project it should financed

c) No govt influence in its decision to invest or not.

Thus,we can ensure that all investment decisions made by EPF is tranparent and accountable to members like me.

I am very worried because the govt is influencing EPF in its investment decision to benefit Umno and BN like what is currently happening in PETRONAS.

The corrupt MOF II Yakob will able to influence EPF because his machai Shahril Reza is in EPF.

To get rid of all this nonsense and to safeguard our EPF savings,we should change the govt in the next election.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Great Year of the DRAGON 2012


Friday, January 13, 2012

Why Anwar should not be finance minister if pakatan win.

Anwar Ibrahim was the financed minister of Malaysia during the A,sia financial crisis in 1997.

The crisis erupted because George Soros with the financial backing of the US Federal Reserve start "SHORTING" the ringgit. At that time,Malaysia have only US$ 20 BILLION in foreign reserves and this amount is insufficient to defend the ringgit.

As a result,the economy of Malaysia collapsed and heading into depression.

Under the keynesian economics theory,when the country economy is heading towards depression and collapsing,it is the duty of the govt to PUMP PRIME the economy by spending money on project like infrastructure and other developments projects in order to create jobs and business growth and the economy will expand through the MULTIPLIER EFFECT.

This is due to the fact that foreign investment is non existent and Pump Priming is the only tool to get the economy going towards recovery.

Instead of doing the above move,Our Friend Anwar do the opposite and introduced the followings measure:-

1)Tightening and reduction in govt spending. THIS IS A STUPID MOVE as reduction of spending is a negative move that reduce economic activities which result in high unemployment with an increase in social problems.

2)Anwar like to listen to advice from the Americans and all this advice is DETRIMENTAL to the economy of Malaysia as the americans want to use Anwar to control Malaysia economically and politically.

3)Telling the Rakyat to tightened their belts by reducing personal spending and comsumption.This is a BODOH move by Anwar with the hope of KICKING OUT OLD MAN M as PM.

I am not a fan of Orang Tua but I respect him as he was right to implement Capital Control to save Malaysia and also in sacking Anwar.

I will be very worried if Anwar is the finance minister if Pakatan win the next election and I would prefer accountant Guan Eng to be the finance minister as he is known to be careful with the Rakyat money.