Saturday, March 10, 2012

Malaysia Oil Production

Malaysia production of oil have improved tremendously.

In a recent report by Petronas, Malaysia daily oil production is 1.5 Million barrels per day (BPD).

The breakdown is as follows :-





PENINSULAR MALAYSIA---------520,000---------------580,000




Currently, the price of our oil TAPIS in the spot market is US $134 Per Barrel. The TAPIS is the most expensive oil in the world because it contain very little SULPHUR AND IT IS A VERY HIGH QUALITY OIL.

At a CONSERVATIVE price of US $100 per barrel,the daily income from the oil is US $150 MILLION which is equivalent to RM 450 MILLION.

Currently, Malaysia daily consumption of oil is 700,000 BPD and hence we have a daily surplus of 800,000 BPD.

Therefore, the INCOME amount from being a daily net exporter of oil of 800,000 barrels at a price of US $134 is US 107 MILLION daily.

If all this is taken into account,our petrol RON 95 should be RM 1 per liter.

Due to massive corruption by Umno and BN,the money from oil export have gone missing.

In order to protect our younger generation, in the coming election,we MUST VOTE AGAINST UMNO AND BN TO PREVENT THEM FROM DESTROYING MALAYSIA FURTHER.

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