Thursday, December 30, 2010


May I take this opportunity to wish all my relatives,friends and readers of this blog a GREAT NEW YEAR 2011.

MAY THE YEAR 2011 will be a great year for MALAYSIA where all malaysians will enjoy a year of PROSPERITY.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Johor Corp - Mohd Ali Hashim

One of the best run state agency in Malaysia is Johor Corporation whose executive chairman is MOhd Ali Hashim.

Under Ali, Johor Corp have expanded well with the acquisition of KFC,PIZZA HUT, QSR and Damansara Realty. Beside this,he also bulid up oil palm giant Kulim Bhd and Kumpulan Perubatan Johor (KPJ) which have Ampang Puteri and Tawakal hospitals in its stable.

All the above companies are making good profits every year especially KFC which is a CASH RICH and PROFITABLE company.

In October 2010, during a board meeting,ALI resign immediately on a 24 hour notice because he does not see eye to eye with Johor MB Ghani Othman who is the chairman of Johor Corp. Ghani contention is that Johor Corp debts of RM 6 Billion is too much but Ali contention is that Johor Corp have good assets worth RM 12 Billion to cover the debts.

In my opinion, it is not an issue if a company take on debts to acquire cash rich profitable companies like KFC especially when KULIM BHD is able to service the loan due to good oil palm prices.


Since the days of DR M, UMNO DOES NOT LIKE GOOD,COMPETENT and NO NONSENSE professional managers like ALI and HASSAN MERICAN who does not allow politicians from UMNO in meddling with the business affairs of Johor Corp and PETRONAS.

Therefore, the only way for UMNO to TOUCH THE CASH of KFC and PETRONAS is to REMOVE ALI and HASSAN who does not get along with PM Najib.

If you compare Johor Corp and Petronas with Khazanah Nasional,ALI and HASSAN will beat AMOKH hands down.Just look at the debts of Khazanah which borrow money to buy unprofitable companies.

That is why the country is going downwards as GOOD people are REMOVE not for business but for political reasons. Hassan is currently working for SINGAPORE SEMBAWANG.

As for ALI,WELL DONE and have a deserving peaceful life.

Happy New year to ALI,HASSAN and all my relatives and friends and MAY 2011 WILL BE A GOOD YAER FOR MALAYSIA.

Friday, December 24, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all Christian friends

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011.

i HOPE THAT THE YEAR 2011 WILL BE A GREAT YEAR for Malaysia where Corruption is reduce and all malaysians enjoy a 2011 year of PROSPERITY.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Richest Man in Malaysia MARRIED at 74

The THIEF MINISTER of Sarawak THE WHITE HAIR MAN, MARRIED a young girl of 28 years old from Lebanon. Incidently, his deputy from the SUPP also married another young girl recently.

This events shows that both of this man is only interested in getting married to young girls instead of taking care of the welfare of the poor in Sarawak.

As the state election in Sarawak is going to be held in 2011, I hope that the people of Sarawak will wake up and vote to change the state govt and send this two old man into permanent retirement from politics. The SUPP is the same as MCA and both of this chinese parties have SOLD OUT THE CHINESE IN MALAYSIA.

In fact,this WHITE HAIR MAN is the RICHEST MAN IN MALAYSIA and it was rumours that he OWNED HALF of KUCHING. His deputy CHAN is his BUDAK SURUHAN just like Chay Kueh Teow Ling Liong Sik WHO IS THE budak suruhan to DR M.

The main reason why UMNO did not go into Sarawak is that it was rumour that this white hair man personally donated RM 400 million to UMNO under DR M. Thus,it keep UMNO out of Sarawak politics until today.

I hope that in the coming state election,the people of Sarawak will VOTE OUT the PEH MOH and CHANGE the state govt of BN and PBB who consists of KAKI RASUAH YANG BUAT KERJA TIPU.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The latest happy news in town is that Dr GIGI is charged with LAND FRAUD by the MACC in the Shah Alam Magistrate Court.

Please do not celebrate as this could be a WAYANG KULIT by the govt because THE GENERAL ELECTION is coming soon. As Parties in the Pakatan Rakyat Group is fighting among themselves, it is a good time for BN to call for a GE.

Unless Dr GIGI is proven guilty in court,we cannot celebrate like what happen to Eric Chia and Kasitah Gaddam where in the end both was set free by the court.It would not be a surprised to me if DR GIGI trial is for SHOW ONLY and in the end DR GIGI has NO CASE TO ANSWER.

As we all know .we cannot trust the MACC and the AG given their track record,but my trust in both this agencies will improve if they can CONVICT DR GIGI AND SENT HIM TO JAIL AND CREATE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF HIM.

I will also not surprise if Char Koay teow Ling Liong Sik is set free by the court.

In the meantime,we just wait for the BIG DECISION DAY.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Badminton Lee Chong Wei

In March 2009, i wrote a posting on Lee Chong Wei becoming the best badminton player in the world.

In my opinion, for Lee Chong Wei to become the best player in the world, he must beat China Lin Dan in Beijing or Shanghai or Guangzhou. So far, he have failed.

His performance in the final against Lin Dan is encouraging, considering that his wrist was injured. Even though he lost, his performance was better than the final of the olympic games in Beijing. In this asian games,he managed to take a set from Lin Dan even though he lost in the final.

Hopefully,this lost will spur him to train harder and beat Lin Dan to BECOME THE FIRST MALAYSIAN OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL WINNER AT THE 2012 London Olympic.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Amazing Race Asia 4

Today, I get away from politics and economy and turn to something light like The Amazing Race Asia 4 which is currently showing on AXN , Astro Channel 701.

I have just finished watching the Amazing Race Asia 4 and I am very sad that the Malaysian team of Ethan and Khairi is eliminated from the race. This pair of young man is a very good team with little weaknesses but made a BAD MISTAKE during a DETOUR in Bali when after choosing to carry a basket of vegetables on top of their head,they change their mind and carry out another task that is to find a chinese name written on a chinese tombstone in a cemetery. Finding the right tomdstone among the thousands in a cemetery is a very difficult task as what I have personally experience.Mant years ago during CHENG BENG or ALL SOULS DAY, I and my father was looking for the grave of a relative who passed away and buried at the Kwangtung Cemetery in Cheras.It was a difficult search and after a few hours,we gave up.I think Ethan do not have this experience or else he would not have choose this task.

After spending a lot of time and unable to find the name,they change their task to carry a baskets of vegetables.This caused them to lose a lot of precious time and in the end the phillipines duo was able to overtake them.

Over the years,Malaysian teams competing in the amazing race has performed very well especially Ter Joo Jer and Sabrina Fernandez who was the winner of the first amazing race.The Chong sisters came in second in the secong race with Ida and Tania came in third in the third race.

Hopefully,in the 5th race,a malaysian team will emerge as CHAMPION.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Recently,Bank Negara imposed the loan to value ratio in which those who purchase a THIRD PROPERTY will only be entitled to borrow 70% of the value of the property.

In my opinion,Bank Negara is wasting its time and effort in implementing this ruling as it does not help to COOL the local property market. In order to avoid a collapse of the property market, Bank Negara should imposed a loan to value ratio of 75% on the purchase of a SECOND property in which bank can only finance 75% OF THE VALUE OF THE PROPERTY FOR THOSE WHO BUY A second PROPERTY.

Thus,this ruling will not penalise the FIRST TIME BUYER and it will cool down the current hot property market to AVOID A SUB-PRIME in Malaysia.

I have a property developer friend who is selling 3 blocks of Studio Apartment totalling 1080 units of 650 sg ft for RM 360,000 each in Jln Kelang Lama.Even without Launching, SEMUA HABIS DI JUAL,all the 1080 units fully sold .

His marketing strategy is that the purchaser only pay RM 5000 on booking. On signing of the S & P agreement, the purchaser need not pay the 10% as required as he is given a 10% DISCOUNT and the balance 90% is finance by the bank and all the legal chargers,stamp duty and other expenses are covered by the developer. The purchaser will start paying the bank when he or she receive the keys to the apartment. The RM 5000 will be use to pay for utilities deposit like water and electricity.

All the purchaser needed is to come up with RM 5000 and this encourage a lot speculators for this property and when the apartment is completed,the value will go up and they will be a lot of speculators ready to SELL for a profit

They are a lot projects in the Klang Valley which is selling like hotcakes and this is due the speculators who are able to get cheap and easy financing from the banks.As the bank have a lot of liquidity,they just lend to cover their interest cost and if Bank Negara is not tough in using its monetary policy to control this HOT property market,Malaysia will face a sub prime mortgage problem like the US.

To all my loyal readers,if you want to purchase a property,make sure that you are investing or staying and NOT SPECULATING as I strongly belief that if things are to continue like this ,our property market will collapse in SEPTEMBER 2011.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The owner of Pavilion KL, Urusharta Cemerlang recently created a record by buying a 29,000 sq ft land for RM 210 MILLION for RM 7,200 per sq ft. This piece of land is located just beside the Pavilion shopping center and today it is the most expensive piece of land in Malaysia.

Urusharta Cemerlang bought this land from Singapore Billionaire Quek Leng Beng. A lot of my friends was asking why is Urusharta Cemerlang so brave in buying this land at such a high price and who is the person who is funding Urusharta Cemerlang. As we all know ,Urusharta Cemerlang is owned by Urusharta Cemerlang Development ( 51 percent) and Qatar Investment Authority (49 percent ). The directors of Urusharta Cemerlang are two unknown that is Zainol Mahmood and Shakni .

Beside Mid Valley, One Utama,Sunway Pyramid,Sungei Wang Plaza and KLCC, Pavilion KL is one of the most successful shopping center in KL. To all my readers and friends,the MAN BEHIND PAVILION KL is DAIM.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Selamat Hariraya

I would like to wish all my muslim friends SELAMAT HARIRAYA and hope that after this RAYA,Malaysia will be a better in terms of relation between all the races.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mokhtar Dahari.

I have just finished watching the documentary about SUPERMOKH Mokhtar Dahari who is the GREATEST AND BEST STRIKER MALAYSIA have ever produced. As a former official of Hong Chin FC,this documentary brought back a lot of memories .Mokhtar started his career with Darul Afiah,a division one team while we were playing in the Selangor Premier League (SPL). At that time ,we try to recruit him but he was employed by PKNS who was playing in the Selangor Govt Dept and Business House (GDBH) league. Subsequently,the management of PKNS decided to put a team in the SPL and they recruited Arumugam,Santokh and Reduan Abdullah from us. As Hong Chin is a private club with little financial resources,we have to let REDOO go to PKNS on a free transfer as he was given a job as a clerk by PKNS. Subsequently, after winning many trophies with PKNS,Mokhtar took up the position of sports coordinator with Kwong Yik Bank (KYB) and became the team football coach when the bank management decided to put a team in the Selangor Dunhill League. The saddest thing I have for Mokhtar is that He did not play in the then English First Division for teams like MU, Liverpool or Arsenal.I believed he would be more successful than Park Ji Sung if he play in England as he has the physique,toughness in taking knocks,the athletic ability to run and dribble plus the POWERFUL SHOT that score GOALS. Until today,I believed that it is a waste that he did not play in England. Together with Isa Bakar,Supermokh was the most fear strikers at that time in Asia. It is with great sadness that after so many years he had passed away,Malaysia have not produced another striker like him. That is why our ranking by FIFA is very low. I always believed that without PKNS and KYB,Supermokh would have play for Hong Chin.I would like to take this opportunity to wish all MALAYSIANS a HAPPY MERDEKA and to all my muslims friends SELAMAT BERPUASA and SELAMT HARIRAYA.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Ling Liong Sik charged for Cheating.

For the 1st time in the history of Malaysia that a TUN have been charged in court for cheating.The MACC and AG today charge Ling Liong Sik for cheating the cabinet on the purchase of the land where PKFZ was built. Please do not celebrate as it is a charged only and until it is proven and he is convicted,then we should celebrate as it is the 1st time a BIG SHOT is being convicted.

It would not surprise me if this charged is for SHOW ONLY AND HE IS SUBSEQUENTLY FOUND NOT GUILTY. Remember Eric Chia PERWAJA case where Eric was found to be INNOCENT despite billions missing from the bank account of Perwaja.

Mr Samy Corrupt is very happy now because he have prove a lot of people WRONG by hanging to the MIC top post which resulted in him not being charge of any wrongdoing despite rejecting the title TUN. Hopefully, the MACC will go after Samy and the DR GIGI TOYO after charging Ling.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chairwoman Under Pressure.

The latest phenomenon in corporate Malaysia is that the chairwoman of the nation 2 top institutions is under tremendous pressure over allegation of making mistake. The first is the chairwoman of the Securities Commisssion (SC) who was alleged to have make mistakes in many transactions handle by the SC. After tremendous pressure by Blogger A VOICE, I understand that this chairwoman would like to meet the bloggers to discuss all the issues raised by the bloggers. Just a few moments ago,Blogger Rocky BRu have confirmed that the bloggers have decided not to meet the SC Chairwoman as she should be answerable to the RAKYAT and not to the Bloggers. SYABAS ROCKY AND A VOICE. I predict that the next LADY to meet the bloggers will be the GOVERNOR of Bank Negara who was also allege to have make mistake over the awarding of a contract to an Australian company for the printing of the ringgit. I would like to thank Puan Zaharah of the IRB who confirmed my suspicion that the awarding of the DATA CAPTURE contract to a company link to Riong Kali came from the MOF during the time of Pak LAH and Nor Yakub.

Monday, May 31, 2010

ME and the ISA.

A lot of my friends called me up when they saw my picture published in THE CHINA PRESS and SIN CHEW JIT POH on friday 29th MAY. The picture of me was taken when I was speaking at the forum on Reduction of Subsidy organised by Pemandu at the KLCC Convention Center. I told them to read my blog to know what I have said at the forum and the first question they asked me is whether I am afraid of the Internal Security Act (ISA) ? In fact ,this is also the first question that was put to me when I started this blog. I want to stress that from the first day that I started this blog, I have never worry about the ISA and I will give my opinion on any subject base on FACTS AND FIGURES TOGETHER WITH SOUND REASONING even though this opinion will criticise the govt of BN and PAKATAN RAKYAT. We must make known our opinion to the govt BN and Pakatan Rakyat on any subject so that we will be able to keep them at their toes in carrying out their duties. I would suggest that a REFERENDUM be held to let the RAKYAT decide whether the govt should reduce the subsidies.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Yesterday morning at 10.30 am,I took a train to the KLCC convention centre to attend the forum on SUBSIDY CUT organised by PEMANDU which is headed by Idris Jala. The moderator Gunasegaran from The Star was kind enough to allow to speak for 2 minutes. I told the forum that we must look the the big picture and what causes the govt to have a BIG HOLE in its Budget and Finances. I told the forum of over 2000 people that THE GOVT of MALAYSIA IS BANKRUPT because of corruption. I also told them that the govt have no reasons to reduce the subsidy for petrol because MALAYSIA (NOT PETRONAS) oil production is higher than its consumption.
According to PETRONAS financial report,the production and cosumption of oil is as follows:-BARRELS PER DAY (BPD)
As proven above,the govt have no reason to reduce the subsidy of petrol. According to IDRIS,the govt will save RM 103 BILLION from reduction in subsidy and my question to him is that HOW CAN WE TRUST THE GOVT THAT THE 103 BILLION WILL BE UTILISED PROPERLY AND NOT CORRUPTED. I was bitterly disappointed that DAP Tony Pua supported the reduction in subsidy and this shows that he is not experience and does not have the knowledged of being a RAKYAT MP. The way things are going, I am very worried that MALAYSIA is the NEXT GREECE,SIME DARBY the NEXT PKFZ and PETRONAS the NEXT PERTAMINA.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Congratulations to the VOTERS of SIBU for electing DAP Wong Ho Leng as its MP. This shows that the voters in Sarawak especially SIBU is FED UP with the administration of the TAIB MAHMUD who is the RICHEST MAN in MALAYSIA. It is RUMOUR that the white hair chief minister owned half of the land in the state capital KUCHING.The result of the election shows that the voters especially the chinese is rejecting the leadership of this white hair old man whose administration is filled with massive corruption. He has interest in all kinds of business in Sarawak from logging to banking together with the Bakun Dam project. In the early nineties, to prevent UMNO from entering SARAWAK,it is rumour that he donated RM 400 million to UMNO so that his party PBB will remain the main controlling BN party in Sarawak. It is not surprising that the white hair man did not campaign for BN in SIBU as he is a liability to BN even though he is still the chief minister after 28 years. Last year Blogger Rocky Bru confirmed that his daughter bought a BUNGALOW in CANADA for RM 28 million. Najid try his best to woo the chinese voters in Sibu with money but the chinese is not interested in money but would like the govt to fight injustice, inequality and corruption. People like Ibrahim Ali should not be given assistance for their racist remarks.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Most of the politicians in the govt of UMNO and BN,for their own benefit is willing TO SELL MALAYSIA OUT. The latest news is that PAK LAH and his gang especially Former MOF II N.YAKOB have CUT A BIG CASH DEAL for themselves by giving away oil fields BLOCK L and M in the coast of SABAH to BRUNEI is not surprising. This is the tip of the iceberg of many of such deals and this deal was done without the knowledged of PETRONAS just before he retired as PM. In giving out the cash,BRUNEI also gave up its claim that LIMBANG is part of its territory. In all fairness,in the eighties, TUN M WANTED TO SELL LIMBANG TO BRUNEI but HE STOPPED after being EXPOSED by the Far Eastern Economic Review. The way things are going,I am very worried that PETRONAS will become the NEXT PERTAMINA. I must admit that PM Najib is working very hard to sell his 1 MALAYSIA concept and he is engaging the RAKYAT himself by going to the Rakyat.But the way things are going,he got his work cut out especially with news like Block L & M.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Congratulation to MELBOURNE Police for arresting Hamilton.

I would like to congratulate the Melbourne Police for arresting F1 driver Lewis Hamilton for speeding and dangerous driving in the street of Melbourne.Hamilton did a double spin in his silver mercedes and immediately speed the car on the street of Melbourne. This will endanger the life of Melbourne families as well as visitors and foreign students studying in Melbourne. The police van did a magnificient job in pulling Hamilton over to the side of the road and immediately impounded the Mercedes for 48 hours beside arresting him. It shows that in Australia,IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO YOU ARE or WHERE YOU COME FROM,when you break the law,you have to face the full force of the law just like anyone else. This is a lesson to all road user in Australia and I hope the Australian court will give Lewis Hamilton a tough sentence. Once again,CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MELBOURNE POLICE for a job WELL DONE.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Badminton - Lee Chong Wei

It was reported that Lee Chong Wei is fed up of listening to the name Lin Dan. As we all know it is Lin Dan who beat Chong Wei to win the olympics gold medal.It is also Lin Dan who beat Chong Wei in many other major tournaments. Therefore,in order for Chong Wei to be the best badmintonn player in the world, he must be Lin Dan in the following manner:- Firstly, he must beat Lin Dan in all major badminton tournaments like the All England and the Olympics. Secondly, he must beat Lin Dan in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou which is the 3 largest cities in China. If Chong Wei is able to achieve the above,he can retire being the best badminton player in the world.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Olympics - GOLD for Joannie Rochette

I am a fan and always enjoy watching figure skating especially in the winter olympics. Currently, the winter olympics is ongoing in Vancouver Canada.Tuesday will be the day the ladies perform their short program and thursday for their free program. My support goes to canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette who will take part in the olympic even though her mother has just passed away because of heart attack in Vancouver.Her family is from Montreal and her parents travel to Vancouver to support her to get the gold medal.Unfortunately, tragedy struck her mother but she will take part in the memory of her mother. I will take this opportunity to wish her Best of luck and I will be cheering for her to win the gold medal in the memory of her mother.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New year of the TIGER.

I would like to wish all my chinese visitors of this blog HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR OF THE TIGER. May 2010 be a very good year for all of us.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Terima Kasih Hassan Merican.

Yesterday was a sad in the KLCC area as it is the last day in office for Petronas CEO Hassan Merican. Mainstream media reported some of the Petronas staff cried. It is always my belief that CREDIT must be given when it is due especially when a person have done a great service to the country and his services is not appreciated by the PM. After completing my HSC in St.Johns Institution in 1980,I was offer a job as an audit clerk in June 1981 by the accounting firm of Hanafiah,Raslan and Mohamad (HRM). The person who offered me the job is none than Hassan Merican who at that time was the staff partner of the audit firm based at 7th Floor Bangkok Bank Buliding.

I will also express my greatest appreciation to the late Tan Sri Basil Ismail who is the person responsible for recruiting Hassan into Petronas.In 1984, Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad(BBMB)was badly hit by the Bumiputra Malaysia Finance (BMF) scandal due to corruption by its directors and certain of Malaysia top politicians at that time. In order to keep BBMB afloat,Petronas money was pumped in and Tan Sri Basil who was then the chairman of Petronas was installed as chairman of BBMB. As HRM was the external auditor for BBMB, the partner in charge was Hassan Merican.Both of them was instructed by the then PM Tun Dr Mahathir to clean up the mess in BBMB.After completing the job in BBMB, Hassan took up Basil offered to become Vice President Financial Services of Petronas and the rest as they said is history.

I would like to take this opportuinity to say " TERIMA KASIH " to Hassan Merican for the following reasons:-

Firstly, for giving me a job. I was young and inexperience then but I have learned and gain a lot of experience during my 5 years at HRM.

Secondly,For making Petronas the only FORTUNE 500 COMPANY in Malaysia.

Thirdly,for making Petronas as a company that break record profit year after year. Petronas currently sponsor 45% of Malaysia govt budget and The bonds issued by Petronas is currently rated higher than the bonds issued by the govt of Malaysia in the international financial market.

Lastly, for being a "NO MAN" unlike Amokh in Khazanah who is a "YES MAN" to the PM. Thanks for being brave to say NO to the UMNO politicians.Thus,it make Petronas a great company.

Currently,the only worry is whether Petronas will become another PERTAMINA especially when the new Chairman and CEO is known to BE A YES MAN.I hope that Hassan will DECLINE Najib offer to be the PM oil and gas adviser.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As it is widely known,PM Najib did not renewed the contract of Hassan Merican as CEO and Chairman of Petronas. They are 4 main reasons for it and it is as follows:-

Firstly, Hassan is NO "YES MAN". He is very independent in making decisions for the good of Petronas and he does not take any NONSENSE from politicians especially those from UMNO. For this he DOES NOT SEE EYE TO EYE with Najib and he has step on the toes of many Umno politicians. Because of his independence Petronas have become the only Fortune 500 company from Malaysia. The ONLY THING PAK LAH DID CORRECTLY during his time as PM is to leave Hassan and Petronas ALONE.

Secondly,Hassan objected Najib nomination of Omar Ong as a director of Petronas because Omar Ong defaulted on a study loan from Petronas. As Petronas come under the PM Dept,the PM have the final say and Omar Ong was appointed as a director.

Thirdly, Hassan made one of the best commercial decision for Petronas by sponsoring Mercedes F1 team instead of Tony Fernandes Lotus F1 team which have the backing of Najib. This sponsorship into a championship winning team was enhanced when Michael Shumacher signed for Mercedes.Furthermore,Mercedes will use Petronas Syntium lubricants for all mercedes cars in India,Turkey and China.It will not be surprising if Mercedes and Shumacher win the 2010 F1 championship with the racing package it has. It is also not surprising to see Lotus not winning and close shop after the 2010 F1 season due to financial difficulties as Lotus was expecting sponsorship from Petronas of US 85 Million to finance their F1 season.

Fourthly, as long as Hassan is in Petronas,he is an obstacles and a hindrance to Najib when Najib make decisions and policy in Petronas base on political consideration to consolidate his power.

Finally ,it is sad that a CEO who did a fantastic job is given the boot whereas a CEO who lost Billions of public money through Khazanah Nasional was given a new 3 year contract. Currently, the govt is on the verge of Bankrupt and Petronas being the richest malaysian company that contribute BILLIONS ANNUALLY (40 percent of govt revenue) to the govt cannot afford to lose this great CEO. In the end, IT IS MALAYSIA LOST BUT NAJIB GAIN.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Petronas Hassan Contract NOT RENEWED.

The latest new in the market is that Hassan Merican (who did a fantastic job) position as Chairman and CEO of Petronas which expire in February will NOT BE RENEWED. It is well known that Hassan does not see eye to eye with PM Najib who is trying to put his men into the board of directors of Petronas. When Najib nominate his crony Omar Ong as a director of Petronas,he received fierce resistant from Hassan who rejected Omar Ong nomination.This make Najib angry and he forced Hassan and the board of Petronas to accept Omar Ong as a director of Petronas. As Petronas is under the control of the PM dept,Hassan and the board have no choice but to agree to the PM order. As a chartered accountant, Hassan is known to be independent in making decision for the good of Petronas and thus,he have step on the toes of many BN politicians especially those from UMNO. Hassan made a good and brave decision in SPONSORING Mercedes in F1 instead of Lotus F1 and this make Najib good johannian friend Tony Fernandes very angry. As Hassan will be a HINDRANCE to Najib in Petronas,it is not surprising that his contract is not renewed. It is also rumoured that Hassan will join Anandan Krishnan as a director in Maxis and Binariang.