Monday, December 20, 2010

Richest Man in Malaysia MARRIED at 74

The THIEF MINISTER of Sarawak THE WHITE HAIR MAN, MARRIED a young girl of 28 years old from Lebanon. Incidently, his deputy from the SUPP also married another young girl recently.

This events shows that both of this man is only interested in getting married to young girls instead of taking care of the welfare of the poor in Sarawak.

As the state election in Sarawak is going to be held in 2011, I hope that the people of Sarawak will wake up and vote to change the state govt and send this two old man into permanent retirement from politics. The SUPP is the same as MCA and both of this chinese parties have SOLD OUT THE CHINESE IN MALAYSIA.

In fact,this WHITE HAIR MAN is the RICHEST MAN IN MALAYSIA and it was rumours that he OWNED HALF of KUCHING. His deputy CHAN is his BUDAK SURUHAN just like Chay Kueh Teow Ling Liong Sik WHO IS THE budak suruhan to DR M.

The main reason why UMNO did not go into Sarawak is that it was rumour that this white hair man personally donated RM 400 million to UMNO under DR M. Thus,it keep UMNO out of Sarawak politics until today.

I hope that in the coming state election,the people of Sarawak will VOTE OUT the PEH MOH and CHANGE the state govt of BN and PBB who consists of KAKI RASUAH YANG BUAT KERJA TIPU.

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