Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The latest happy news in town is that Dr GIGI is charged with LAND FRAUD by the MACC in the Shah Alam Magistrate Court.

Please do not celebrate as this could be a WAYANG KULIT by the govt because THE GENERAL ELECTION is coming soon. As Parties in the Pakatan Rakyat Group is fighting among themselves, it is a good time for BN to call for a GE.

Unless Dr GIGI is proven guilty in court,we cannot celebrate like what happen to Eric Chia and Kasitah Gaddam where in the end both was set free by the court.It would not be a surprised to me if DR GIGI trial is for SHOW ONLY and in the end DR GIGI has NO CASE TO ANSWER.

As we all know .we cannot trust the MACC and the AG given their track record,but my trust in both this agencies will improve if they can CONVICT DR GIGI AND SENT HIM TO JAIL AND CREATE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF HIM.

I will also not surprise if Char Koay teow Ling Liong Sik is set free by the court.

In the meantime,we just wait for the BIG DECISION DAY.


Anonymous said...

Mr George,

Dr GIGI being charged for the land fraud is a big shame especially for the people of Selangor.Khir Toyo appearing in the news these few days is also MALU for UMNO.Hopefully our Malaysians leaders practice a modest lifestyle,generosity of spirit,n love of knowledge.


Lotus is Proton! said...

The average Malay knows that it is not right that the LOTUS highly technical brand should be given to promote an Indian businessman whose greed knows now bound.

Proton is a national company so why should it allows only an Indian to benefit from its very valuable assets. All these while the Lotus ride has been Proton selling point suddenly it has been given away for free to that Indian guy. The one who Abdullah Badawi made an airport for. Why is UMNO promoting Indian businessmen? Ananda with satellite monopoly and cellular and Astro?

For all that Fernandz did it was for his own profit. We do not want Indians to profit from national assets as this is against the Federal Constitution and Malays themselves deserves the benefit.

Thus it is right that PROTON got itself involves with Lotus image as they are a car manufacturer and it is more logical to use their brand to promote Proton rather than than to allow Lotus to promote Airasia or an Indian ego.

The high profile Indian ego will only encourage Hindraf to ask for more from the Malays the latest being to be declared bumiputeras too!

So UMNO should be more competent and tactically aware of their kindness that will only destroy the nation order and Malayness of MAlaysia.