Thursday, November 25, 2010

Badminton Lee Chong Wei

In March 2009, i wrote a posting on Lee Chong Wei becoming the best badminton player in the world.

In my opinion, for Lee Chong Wei to become the best player in the world, he must beat China Lin Dan in Beijing or Shanghai or Guangzhou. So far, he have failed.

His performance in the final against Lin Dan is encouraging, considering that his wrist was injured. Even though he lost, his performance was better than the final of the olympic games in Beijing. In this asian games,he managed to take a set from Lin Dan even though he lost in the final.

Hopefully,this lost will spur him to train harder and beat Lin Dan to BECOME THE FIRST MALAYSIAN OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL WINNER AT THE 2012 London Olympic.

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Anonymous said...


Let's put it this way, Chong Wei is no Nicol David. I am not talking about the game/sports. I am talking about the drive to succeed and most importantly the discipline. Plus the dude lacks humility. Ever see him prancing around in night clubs during his days off? He had some success then he let it go to his head, then he loses. What is so great about that? He is not harnessing his talent right. Just saying.