Friday, November 19, 2010

Amazing Race Asia 4

Today, I get away from politics and economy and turn to something light like The Amazing Race Asia 4 which is currently showing on AXN , Astro Channel 701.

I have just finished watching the Amazing Race Asia 4 and I am very sad that the Malaysian team of Ethan and Khairi is eliminated from the race. This pair of young man is a very good team with little weaknesses but made a BAD MISTAKE during a DETOUR in Bali when after choosing to carry a basket of vegetables on top of their head,they change their mind and carry out another task that is to find a chinese name written on a chinese tombstone in a cemetery. Finding the right tomdstone among the thousands in a cemetery is a very difficult task as what I have personally experience.Mant years ago during CHENG BENG or ALL SOULS DAY, I and my father was looking for the grave of a relative who passed away and buried at the Kwangtung Cemetery in Cheras.It was a difficult search and after a few hours,we gave up.I think Ethan do not have this experience or else he would not have choose this task.

After spending a lot of time and unable to find the name,they change their task to carry a baskets of vegetables.This caused them to lose a lot of precious time and in the end the phillipines duo was able to overtake them.

Over the years,Malaysian teams competing in the amazing race has performed very well especially Ter Joo Jer and Sabrina Fernandez who was the winner of the first amazing race.The Chong sisters came in second in the secong race with Ida and Tania came in third in the third race.

Hopefully,in the 5th race,a malaysian team will emerge as CHAMPION.

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