Monday, May 11, 2009


I would like to urge the Sultan of Perak to do the rightful thing in dissolving the Perak State Assembly and let the RAKYAT decide ONCE AND FOR ALL who should rule the state of PERAK. Following this morning HIGH COURT decision and declaration that Zambery was not the legitimate Mentri Besar,Nizar is now the Mentri Besar.The latest news is that on Tuesday ,BN will be proposing a motion of NO CONFIDENT against Nizar as Mentri Besar of Perak.Hence ,this Perak political drama will not end soon as both side is taking court and other action against each other. At it is ,they are 2 govts in the state with no view to a conclusion. A lot of govt time and money was spend in this fight and with the current economic crisis,the Rakyat is tired and angry with the politicians for this long fight with no end. Therefore,it is the duty of HIS HIGHNESS THE SULTAN of PERAK to DISSOLVE the PERAK STATE ASSEMBLY and give the mandate back to the RAKYAT and let the RAKYAT decide ONCE AND FOR ALL who should RULE PERAK in order to stop the fighting between BN and PAKATAN RAKYAT. The SULTAN owed it to the people of PERAK to dissolve the state assembly.