Friday, October 7, 2011

Budget 2012 - An Election budget

Today,the PM Najib unveiled the budget for 2012.If you study the budget closely,it shows that a general election is coming soon in Malaysia where the PM is seeking a new mandate for his leadership in Malaysia.

In this budget,they will be a half month bonus for all civil servants together RM500 for all pensioners. In addition,all household with a monthly income below Rm3000 will also received a one off payment oF RM500.

All this goodies point to one thing.That thing is call GENERAL ELECTION. In all fairness,Najib is working hard to gain support for Umno but unfortunately he is the only one working very hard unlike the rest of Umno and BN who are BUSY making BIG money by "RASUAH" the Rakyat money.

Najib is alone working very hard to win back the Rakyat support by giving financial assistance to all races such as giving funding for the construction of Chinese and Tamil schools. He knows that Umno days are numbered and in order to survive,he is giving all this goodies to the rakyat.

Thus,he hope that all his hard work will be translated to votes for Umno and Bn in the coming electio which should be held during the year end school holidays. Unfortunately,his hard work is not supported by his cabinet ministers.

For the 1st time ,I agree with Najib that it is better to give the money to the Rakyat rather than it being "RASUAH" by A CANCER PARTY called UMNO.