Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sept 16 - my birthday and Anwar is still opposition leader

Sept 16 is a very good date for me as it is my birthday but it will not be a good day for Anwar as I belief he will still be the opposition leader.He has been telling malaysian that he will take over the govt on Sept 16 2008.In order to form the govt,30 MP from BN got to cross over to PAKATAN RAKYAT in order for Anwar to be PM. Everyday,he has been saying that come Sept 16,30 MP will cross over.To me,this is Anwar way of seeking publisity as he does not have the support to form the govt. If he has the support of the 30 BN MP,he would have kept quiet and wait for the right moment to announce the crossing over of the 30 MP and take over Putrajaya. Just like when poker,you will not tell your opponents that you are having an ace pair which will win the game for you.In this case Anwar do not have an ace pair but he only have a pair of 2 only.He is making so much noise on the hope of confusing Pak Lah and BN.For the time being,I hope Anwar will fulfill his resposibilities as an effective opposition leader.

Friday, August 29, 2008


The Malaysia communication and Multimedia Commission had made its biggest mistake by banning RPK MALAYSIA TODAY website which can be view thorugh HARAPAN MALAYSIA website. The MCMC NEXT TARGET is THE PEOPLE PARLIAMENT with it webmaster the long hair lawyer HARRIS IBRAHIM. The reasons the govt is targeting the bloggers is because the bloggers won the March 8 general election for PAKATAN RAKYAT. Website like Malaysia Today and The People Parliament have a large following and it report news that main stream newspaper are afraid to print.The ban by MCMC show that the govt is frightened of the bloggers as more and more people are visiting the bloggers website for news. As for my fellow bloggers RPK and Harris,I will be always with you and keep up the good work.