Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BIG TROUBLE at CALVARY - The RICHEST Church in Malaysia.

Readers of the blog know that I do not blog on matters relating to religion.But today I am going to blog about the GREAT FINANCIAL TROUBLE of CALVARY - The RICHEST Church in Malaysia.

I first came across about Calvary Church in 1985 when I read the financial accounts of the church for 1984. The first item that catches my eye was in the balance sheet and it shows that the church have RM 500K in FIXED DEPOSIT at that time. It does not surprise me in 2004 when a customer of mine who is the church member told me that CALVARY CHURCH bought a piece of land which is beside the Bukit Jalil Golf Club from Berjaya for RM 25 Million.It also does not surprise me that the church will bulit a RM 100 Million convention center as I always believe that the church will be able to honour its obligations. I am a golfer and I always go to Bukit Jalil driving range which is directly beside the land under construction of the Calvary Convention Center.Surprisingly, in April this year construction work at the site stop for the second time as a result of no payment to the main contractor Nam Fatt. I did some checking and found out that the first stoppage is due to technical matters but the second and current stoppage is due to the inability of the church to pay the main contractor Nam Fatt. The church is having financial problems due to mismanagement of funds by the top management of the church.A police report was lodged this year on the mismanagement of funds and the members are demanding for accountability and transparency over the use of church funds from the church Board of Deacons. Unless the church is able to raise funds,it will not be able to complete the construction of the convention center as the cost have escalate by RM 50 Million to RM 150 Million because of increase in material and other construction costs even though this project is schedule to complete in October 2009. Currently, the project is only 55% completed. In this difficult economic environment with a weak stock market and many members quitting the church,it will be a huge task for CALVARY to raise the necessary funds to complete the convention center.It was also alleged by the group of members calling themselves the Truth,Transparency and Good Governance Group that substantial church funds was transferred to the personal accounts of a top church official. A deacon of 11 years Dr Lum was sacked in Nov 2008 for speaking out against the Board of Deacons on how the church funds are managed.

The problems of the Church is small compared to the financial problems of the govt of Malaysia which is on the verge of BANKRUPT as result of massive corruption.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


If PM Najib is serious about the 1 Malaysia concept of "RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN,PENCAPAIAN DIUTAMAKAN, He should STOP the National Service (NS) and 1 MALAYSIA CAMP immediately. The main reasons he should stop this 2 programs is that this programs does not bring long term benefits to the youngsters of the country. Secondly, many of the participants of this program DIED during the national service and in Kuala Dipang 1 student was drown and 2 girls are still missing at the time of this posting. The main beneficiaries of this 2 program are the CRONIES of UMNO and BN who are contractors and suppliers of things to all the camps. The bridge at Kuala Dipang near Kampar was bulid with inferior materials which causes the bridge to collapse and resulted in a schoolgirl being drown and 2 of her friends missing. The DEAD of this youngsters is the result of the decision of UMNO,BN and Certain Govt SERVANTS who are "KAKI RASUAH YANG BUAT KERJA TIPU". To PM Najib,if you are for 1 MALAYSIA CONCEPT,STOP the NATIONAL SERVICE and 1 MALAYSIA CAMP NOW.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I would like to inform the readers of this blog that my birthday is on the 16th of September. Therefore, with great pleasure ,I DECLARE that SEPTEMBER 16 is a NATIONAL HOLIDAY for the whole of Malaysia . Just like 31st August, September 16 is an auspicious day and it deserve to be a national day. Folks, this is serious and it is not a joke. Come every September 16 ,you do not to go to work but you will enjoy a hoiliday.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Seperti yang diketahui, Isa Samad telah dipilih sebagai wakil rakyat atau ADUN untuk Bagan Pinang.Isa Samad telah digantung keahliannya selama 6 tahun oleh Lembaga Disiplin Umno atas kesalahan RASUAH POILITIK WANG. Walaubagaimana pun ,Pengundi BAGAN PINANG telah memilih ORANG YANG TERKAYA SEKALI DI NEGERI 9 sebagai ADUN mereka. Para pengundi Bagan Pinang PANDAI kerana jika mereka menghadapi masaalah kekurangan wang,SENANG SAJA,MINTAK DARI ADUN dan masaalah mereka akan selesai.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Berita terbaru ialah UMNO telah mencalonkan ISA SAMAD untuk DUN BAGAN PINANG. ISA adalah bekas Mentri Besar dan merupakan orang yang terkaya sekali di Negeri 9. Seperti yang kita sedia maklum, Isa telah digantungkan keahliannya oleh majils tatatertib Umno kerana dibuktikan telah terlibat dalam kegiatan RASUAH POLITIK WANG dalam permilihan Naib Presiden Umno. Di Permatang Pasir, UMNO telah menjaringkan " OWN GOAL" atau "GOL SENDIRI" apabila mereka memilih Rohaizat sebagai calon BN kerana Rohaizat adalah seorang yang telah digantung daripada menjalankan tugasnya sebagai seorang peguam oleh Majlis Peguam kerana dia didapati bersalah mengunakan wang pelanggannya. Di Bagan Pinang, Umno SEKALI LAGI MENJARINGKAN GOL SENDIRI kerana memilih seorang yang tidak jujur yang mengamalkan kegiatan RASUAH POLITIK WANG untuk kepentingan peribadi. Walaupun nama ISA SAMAD adalah BUSUK ,UMNO tetap mencalonkan beliau dan ini bertentangan dengan pendapat DR M yang mengatakan ISA adalah tidak sesuai sebagai calon. Kesimpulan yang didapati dari berita ini menujukkan UMNO adalah "DESPERATE" untuk memenangi BAGAN PINANG sehingga rela memperjudikan nama baik parti untuk memenangi satu kerusi DUN. Kedua, ini menunjukkan bahawa UMNO tidak mahu berubah dari cara politik lama dimana ahlinya yang sepatutnya bersara tidak mahu melepaskan kuasa yang ada pada mereka. Mereka ini lah yang menyebabkan Golongan profesional Muda tidak mahu menyertai Umno. Ketiga, ini menujukkan bahawa Umno tidak menpunyai calon muda yang berkaliber kerana mereka telah mencalonkan seorang tua untuk bertanding. Akhirnya, Umno akan KALAH kerana sebelum GAME bermula ia telah MENJARINGKAN OWN GOAL.

Monday, September 21, 2009


The cantonese have a saying "I CHAI TOH KAI" which literally means people who are short (SHORTIES or PENDEK) have a lot tricks in their bag. This is a story in the early eighties about 2 Rich and Powerful shorties who are "SIFU" or MASTERS in business and politics and ONE of them try to outsmart the OTHER. This story was told to me by an uncle who worked for one of them who we shall called K as he is from a Northern State and a former 2 time Finance Minister. At the time of happening he was a developer who is based at Taman Maluri,Cheras. The other we shall called N as he is from a Southern State and was a long time former Mentri Besar(MB) of that state.Currently, he is trying to make a political comeback. At that time,K was looking for a piece of land by the seaside in order to built a holiday resort.Upon hearing it,N contacted K to inform him of a piece of land in Port Dickson which is a fantastic place to bulit a resort. Unfortunately,this piece of beach front land have a lot of problems such as zoning issue,ancestrial and historical issues together with other residential and local authorities issues. As a developer, K knows that it is impossible to overcome all these problems and was not interested at all. However, N being a "SIFU" was able to convince K (another SIFU) that that being the MB, he will be able to overcome all these problems. Thus,K gave a sum of money to N to buy the piece of land and as we all know they is no documentation involved in this payment. After a few months, N was unable to solve the problems on the land and was unable to deliver the land title to K. K demand for a REFUND. Despite numerous reminder and personal visit, N was dragging his feet to repay the amount. This lasted a few years with K have already written off the amount. But,lucky stars smile on K when he was appointed as Finance Minister by Dr M. Immediately,N refund the money because the finance ministry control the allocation of funds to his state . Therefore,we must be very careful when we are in a business dealing with SHORTIES and the above story is a good example.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my muslim friends SELAMAT HARIRAYA AIDILFITRI.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hugh Money in Celebrity Body Parts Insurance.

I am no fan of Cristiano Ronaldo even though I support MU for many years. Recently,Real Madrid paid a world record transfer fee of 80 Million Pounds for him and immediately,they took out an insurance policy of 90 Million Pounds for his pair of legs. David Beckham is reportedly insured for 100 Million Pounds of which 70 Million Pounds is for his pair of legs.In the sixties,Singer Marlene Dietrich insured her voice for US 1 Million which is a lot of money during that period. It was reported that Dolly Parton took out an insurance policy of US 10 Million on her BREAST which is one of the largest boobs in the whole of United States. In the early nineties,famous actress Amy Yip Chi Mei wanted to insure HK 20 Million on her BUST which is the firmest and largest in the whole of Hongkong. A friend of mine who was the CEO of a big insurance firm in Hongkong was willing to risk his job by taking the policy with the condition that he personally inspect Amy Yip BREAST to ascertain the risk before deciding to take the policy or not.He told me that he want to ascertain whether her GIANT BREAST is NATURAL or cosmetically implant with SILICON or SALT WATER.His request was rejected and in the end no policy was issued. This shows that they are hugh money involved in celebrity body parts insurance.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

UMNO SCORE "OWN GOAL" in Permatang Pasir.

Our national football team is very lucky that Muhiyuddin and Zahid Hamidi is not part of the team. This is because both of them is good at only one thing that is to score " OWN GOAL". The decision by both of them to select Rohaizat Othman as the BN candidate for the state seat of Permatang Pasir is akin to scoring an OWN GOAL by UMNO. This is due to the fact that Rohaizat was disbarred as an advocate and solicitors by the Bar Council for not returning Rm 161,000 belonging to Koperasi Pekebun Kecil Getah Pulau Pinang. He was struck off from the Roll of Advocate and Solicitors by the Bar Council on 7th March 2008 after the Disciplinary Board found him guilty of using his client money. He appeal against the decision of the DB to the High Court but his appeal was dismissed on 12th August 2009.This shows he is not a trustworthy person and NOT FIT to be a WAKIL RAKYAT who must be a man of integrity. Immediately after the nomination closed,Umno have score an OWN GOAL as their candidate is not a man of good integrity with good trustworthy values. As for Muhiyuddin and Zahid,I hope both of you will not score OWN GOAL for Malaysia.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Malaysian Parents Against Phonography Agency.

To educate the Netizens about the danger of child phonography, I suggest that the govt set up an agency call the Malaysian Parents Against Phonography Agency. This agency will be under the communication ministry which will provide a budget for this agency which will be headed by a senior civil servant. The objective of this agency is to create awareness on the danger of child phonography on the Net. This is where the agency carry out promotion to inform the Rakyat on the danger of child phonography.The agency will also make available software and programs to help parents to create a firewall in their home computer against child phonography. It will also encourage employers to create the firewall in the office computer against child phonography. The best civil servant to head this agency will be current MACC chief Ahmad Said. Since he has failed in his duties as MACC chief and to protect himself and his family from death threats,I would suggest to the govt to transfer Ahmad Said from MACC to this agency.He will be good in this new role as his son was a victim of child phonography. Last year,his son was caught and convicted in Adelaide,Australia of child phonography when the Australian authorities found child phonography photo in his laptop that he was carrying.His son work for MAS and is marreid with a young family. With Ahmad Said heading this agency,I am very confident that the incident of child phonography in Malaysia will be reduced drastically.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Congratulation Jimmy Choo as Tourism Ambassador

I would like to congratulate Jimmy Choo for being conferred as the tourism ambassador of Malaysia. Being a malaysian and a wealthy person, I hope that Jimmy will do Malaysia a favour by carrying out the duties of tourism ambassador for FREE. This is unlike a former manager of a F1 team who was paid RM 1 miilion BUTA GAJI for doing nothing as the tourism ambassador of Malaysia. This french man was appointed by a LESBIAN former Tourism Minister on the insistence of Pak Lah who is the worst PM in the history of Malaysia . This is due to the fact that the frenchman is one of Pak Lah best friend and in the end,Rm 1 million of taxpayers money was wasted by the tourism ministry. With his connections and reputation, I strongly belief that Jimmy will be able to promote our tourism to the world in an effective manner than what has been done previously.In fact,Jimmy would be a better tourism ambassador of Malaysia than "HONGKONG ACTRESS MICHELLE YEOH".

Saturday, August 1, 2009


When Al Qaida malaysian bomber Nordin Mohd Top sent his man to bomb the JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton in Jakarta, his TARGET was the WHOLE TEAM of MANCHESTER UNITED. Fortunately,when the suicide bomb went off on friday morning 17 th July, Alex Ferguson and MU was on the way to KL from Hongkong. Luckily, the promoter arranged United to begin Malaysia first instead of Indonesia. If the arrangement of playing is to begin in Indonesia,the MU team was supposed to stay at the Ritz Carlton which was targeted by Nordin Top who learn his trade from Master Degree holder Dr Azahari Hussin of the University of Reading in the UK. United was supposed to play in Indonesia on Monday 20th July but the bomb went off 2 days earlier. Thus,it is a blessing for United to begin their Far East tour in KL and therefore,MALAYSIA SAVE MANCHESTER UNITED.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


The latest news from the UK is that ANANDA KRISHNAN will takeover Newcastle United from Mike Ashley for 80 Million Pounds. In addition, he will take responsible for the club bank overdraft of 40 Million Pounds. Beside paying for the shares and taking over the liabilities of the club, Ananda have to pump in funds for the club to buy players to strengthen the team in order to help Newcastle to promote to the Premier League. I have a lot of respect for Ananda for the successes that he have achieved in Malaysia but I strongly belief that he will FAIL in this venture of returning GLORY to St James Park because of the following reasons:- Firstly, running a football club is different from running businesses like Maxis, Astro or Pan Malaysian Pool as the success of the club depended mainly on the 11 players in the football field. Even the Billions he has will not be sufficient if the 11 players on the field perform badly which will result in Newcastle not gaining promotion to the premiership.Remember Sir Jack Hayward ,despite investing millions in WOLVES,Wolverhampton Wanderers did not gain promotion during his time which is the same as Nigel Pickering who spend millions in Derby County without success in the English Championship which equivalent to division 2 under the old system.Just look at Harrods Al - Fayed,who have invested a least 1 Billion Pounds in Fulham and after so many years, Fulham have not won the premiership but every year have been fighting against relegation except for 2008/09 season. Secondly,if you look at the Newcastle squad,they is no quality in the team except for Damien Duff.The rest of the team memebers are just ordinary players and this bunch will not be able to carry the team to the premiership. Thirdly, most the teams members are not committed players except for Butt,Martins,Bassong,Duff,Harper,Beye and the 2 Taylors.With the majority of the team members are not committed,this spell disaster. Fourthly,all the players are on High Premiership Wages. With Newcastle in the Championship,the revenue from TV ,Sponsorship and tickets collection will be reduced and this will not be able to cover the wage bill of the players.This is financially disturbing. Fifthly,the timing of the takeover is late as the league championship is starting soon and this do not provide Newcastle enough time to recruit good quality players as many good players are sign by other clubs. In addition,they is no due diligent being carry out as the takeover is late as the season is starting soon and it would not be surprised if they are a lot of unrecorded and contingent liabilities together with huge capital commitments which are not included in the accounts of Newcastle. Finally, I hope that what I explained above is wrong but I am very confident that I am RIGHT. I certainly hope that Ananda Krishnan will proof me wrong and I wish him good luck.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


The latest news is that Petronas Chairman and CEO Hassan will be replaced by the CEO of FELDA. This is due to the fact that he does not see eye to eye with PM Najib on the rejection of Omar Ong to become a director of Petronas. As Petronas is directly under the PM dept, Najib can decide who should be Chairman and CEO of Petronas. It is rumour that Hassan contract with Petronas which expire in February 2010 will not be renewed and this pave the way for Syed Hamid to become Chairman and the Felda CEO to be CEO of Petronas. Hassan joined Petronas in the eighties as Vice President Finance on the insistence of Tan Sri Basir who was Chairman of Petronas and Bank Bumiputra. From there,he rose to his current position and he collaborated well with late Tan Sri Azizan and together they bulit up Petronas to become a Fortune 500 company. The only thing PAK LAH, THE WORST PM of Malaysia DID CORRECTLY during his time as PM was to leave Petronas alone and with the fantastic result Petronas is producing,it would be advisable for Najib to do the same thing. Given the politics in Malaysia, it would not be a surprise if Najib give Hassan a RED CARD before February 2010.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Yesterday,I went to Bukit Bintang to celebrate the birthday of my sister Choo Sooi Har. It has been a few months since my last visit there. At 7 in the evening, I went to LOT 10, to my surprise,they were very few shoppers out there especially during this supposedly peak hours. Next ,I visited Starhill, as usual there is very few shoppers which is of no surprise as this dept store sell very expensive items. From there, I went to Pavilion,the crowd was moderate but my observation at 7.30 p.m. shows that most people are window shopping. At Bintang Walk,3 or 4 food and beverages outlet have been closed for sometime. Even the restaurant which we celebrate my sis birthday party at Level 6 of the Pavilion is having a tough time because our party was the only customer of the food outlet on a Sunday Evening. After dinner at 10p.m. I walk to Bukit Bintang Plaza,the food outlet outside BB plaza was crowded and business there was good. So,there is the two side of Bukit Bintang that I found out and I can safely conclude that Lot 10, Starhill and Pavilion is having a tough time during this RECESSION which I confirmed to all the readers of this blog on my posting on 13th November 2008.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


It was sad to know of the demise of KING of POP Micheal Jackson. I was fortunate to catch his concert in Merdeka Stadium in 1999 and the concert that night was unforgettable. Thank Micheal for the great songs and dances you have given to us and may you rest in peace.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jean Todt- RM 1 M as Tourism Ambassador

I thought Jean Todt volunteer himself for FREE as tourism ambassador of Malaysia but I was DEAD WRONG. I was thinking that for all the kind hospitalities Malaysia have given to him, in return he help to promote Malaysia overseas for free. According to PKR Azmin Ali, tourism Malaysia paid RM 981,400 on expenses incurred by Jean Todt as tourism ambassador. As far as I know,I have not seen any kind of tourism promotion carry out by Todt to promote the country in Malaysia.If his terms of engagement is to carry out promotion in Malaysia to help the tourism industry,he did not carry out his duties and this is tantamount to BUTA GAJI as a result of being paid for doing nothing. I urge our PM Najib to investigate the claim made by Azmin and to carry out the necessary remedial action. All this happened when a LESBIAN was the tourism Minister. I also urge Najib to investigate the sponsorship by the Ministry of Sports for the ASTRO Sports Center Program which started during the time when the above lesbian was the sports minister. I also urge Najib to investigate whether Jean Todt receive FREE LAND in Pulau Besar from Trengganu when Pak Lah was PM. I am very disappointed as I belief Jean Todt is a very ungrateful to all malaysian who have given him the hospitalities that we are known for.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Thank You Blogger A Voice for highlighting my comment of the setting up of PETRONAS WATCH and GLC WATCH together with the call for IZZUDDIN to revive his blog SIME DARBY WATCH. I encourage the formation of all this blogs especially after reading the comments made by staffs of UEM GROUP and personally I am very encourage by all these comments. In order for MALAYSIA to move forward, I am sure one of the readers out there can set up GLC WATCH to inform the RAKYAT of the happenings in the GLC like UEM. I would strongly encourage the reader LITTLE BIRDS to set up a blog call UEM WATCH as he or she has in depth knowledge of the happenings in the UEM GROUP . The setting up of this blog is critical as UEM is being sue for RM 1 BILLION by the QATAR GOVT for breach of contract. I would also like to congratulate the blogger who will set up the blog call MAS LIBERATORS to monitor the activities of MALAYSIA AIRLINES. With all these blogs in place,I strongly belief that the GLCs will buck up and stop corrupting the RAKYAT MONEY.This will ensure that people like Azman Mokhtar & CHE KHALID perform their duties efficiently.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sime Darby Watch & Petronas and GLC Watch.

I hope that Izzuddin will revive his blog SIME DARBY WATCH which have done a tremendous job in providing numerous information of happening in Sime Darby especially the takeover of IJN in which Sime sacking Fox Communication. Also, any blogger out there who are expert in the affairs of Petronas & GLC should set up blogs like PETRONAS WATCH & GLC WATCH. In this way, we have a blogger covering these 2 institutions and these blogs will keep up with the happening in these institutions like what IZZUDDIN has done on Sime Darby Watch. This is to ensure that the RAKYAT know what is happening in Petronas and the GLCs. Therefore,I would encourage any blogger who are well verse in the oil and energy business to start a blog covering only Petronas and it is called PETRONAS WATCH.Similarly,any former staff of Petronas are encourage to start this blog. Also ,I would encourage former staff of Khazanah and its group of companies to start a blog called GLC WATCH. Currently,blogger A VOICE is doing a tremendous job in exposing the losses of UEM in QATAR in which the QATARI GOVT is suing UEM for breach of contract for RM 1BILLION. So, to all the bloggers out there,I strongly encourage all of you to start PERTONAS & GLC WATCH.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Petronas reject Omar Ong directorship

The latest news from Rocky is that Petronas has rejected Omar Ong to be a director in defiant to the directive from PM Najib. This shows that the board of directors of Petronas which is made up of professionals does not want any politicians or their crony to interfere in the day to day running of the national oil company.SYABAS to the directors of Petronas for taking this stand as it is under the control of the PM dept and defying the directive of the PM shows the independent stand of the board. To the board,keep up the good work as you all have make Petronas a company that malaysians are proud of. Thus, Petronas will be able to keep out vultures like Rembau or other politicians who has been eyeing our national oil company. Recently,Bank Negara reported that our GDP decrease by 6% for the 1st quarter of this year.Together with the announcements that the govt will withdraw the subsidy for flour,sugar & bread,this shows that the govt is unable to revive our recession hit economy as the govt is on the verge of being BANKRUPT. With our exports decreased tremendously,the only way to overcome this recession is by PUMP PRIMING but unfortunately our govt do not have the finanacial resources to do it.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Directorship at PETRONAS.

I read BIG DOG article on Omar Ong being a director of Petronas.In fact,a lot of people especially politicians from UMNO has been eyeing for a seat in the board of directors of Petronas. During the time Pak Lah was PM, Rembau has been eyeing to kick out CEO Hassan Merican so that he can put his own people up there in order to control Petronas.Remember the CEO of Malaysia Che Khaleb who lost RM 900M for TNB also want to be the CEO of Petronas. The problem is that a lot of malaysians think that a degree from Oxford or Cambridge will automatically qualify them to be a director of Petronas.You need more than a degree from Oxford and Cambridge in order to be a director of the richest company in Malaysia.I have been involved in the local corporate scene since 1981 when I started work with the accounting firm of Hanafiah ,Raslan & Mohamad (HRM) and i have never come across Omar or Rembau achieving great things by themselves such as bringing up a small company to become a giant or turnaround a bad listed company. Until both of you fulfill the above two achievement,you will not get my respect and certainly you are not Petronas director material.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I would like to urge the Sultan of Perak to do the rightful thing in dissolving the Perak State Assembly and let the RAKYAT decide ONCE AND FOR ALL who should rule the state of PERAK. Following this morning HIGH COURT decision and declaration that Zambery was not the legitimate Mentri Besar,Nizar is now the Mentri Besar.The latest news is that on Tuesday ,BN will be proposing a motion of NO CONFIDENT against Nizar as Mentri Besar of Perak.Hence ,this Perak political drama will not end soon as both side is taking court and other action against each other. At it is ,they are 2 govts in the state with no view to a conclusion. A lot of govt time and money was spend in this fight and with the current economic crisis,the Rakyat is tired and angry with the politicians for this long fight with no end. Therefore,it is the duty of HIS HIGHNESS THE SULTAN of PERAK to DISSOLVE the PERAK STATE ASSEMBLY and give the mandate back to the RAKYAT and let the RAKYAT decide ONCE AND FOR ALL who should RULE PERAK in order to stop the fighting between BN and PAKATAN RAKYAT. The SULTAN owed it to the people of PERAK to dissolve the state assembly.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Champion league - Halftime for Chelsea and Barca.

Early this morning I watched Barcelona and Chelsea played a goalless draw at the Nou Camp. The way Guus Hinddink put his line up shows that he is playing for a Draw so that Chelsea will have home ground advantage in the 2nd leg at Stamford Bridge next wednesday. After today goalless draw,it is only halftime for both teams. When Hinddink put Mikel and Esceinn ,it shows that he is playing a defensive system with the intention of shutting out his opponents especially when Chelsea played with 10 defenders with only Drogba upfront.Thus,they play according to instruction and effectively shut out Barcelona. In the 2nd leg,it will be a different story as Chelsea will attacking minded to win the game.In this way,their defence will be loose and this is where Barcelona can take advantage and score an away goal just like what Liverpool did two weeks ago. I do not agree to the view that Chelsea is having an advantage as they did not score an away goal. I strongly belief Chelsea will attack in the 2nd leg and thus they will leave gaps at the back which the strike force of Barca should take advantage. The final score is Chelsea 0 Barcelona 1 .

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


As predicted Pakatan Rakyat won 2 - 1 in tuesday 3 by election in which Pas Nizar won in Bukit Gantang and PKR won in Bukit Selambau but BN won in Batang Ai in Sarawak. The win by Nizar shows that the people is behind the former Mentri Besar and the voters inPerak is not supporting The Sultan of Perak. Therefore,the Sultan should do the rightful thing in dissolving the Perak State Assembly and call for a new state by election in Perak. Thus,the mandate should be handed back to the rakyat who will determine who would be the next State Govt of Perak. The results also shows that the Rakyat is still distrust of the govt even though Pak Lah has left and Najib became the new prime minister of Malaysia. Tomorrow,Najib will name his cabinet and in order to win back the support of the people for BN ,He should not appoint people who are known to be corrupted in his cabinet.Therefore,it is hope that Najib will name many new faces to this cabinet and govt the country in the correct manner.

Monday, April 6, 2009


My friend who is a reporter from a foreign news organisation call me this morning from Taiping where he is covering the by election of the parliament seat of Bukit Gantang. According to him, the most likely results of the 3 elections tomorrow will be Pakatan Rakyat 2 BN 1. This is where PR will win BUKIT GANATANG and BUKIT SELAMBAU but will lose in Batang Ai Sarawak. PR will lose in Sarawak because they have less money than BN who is finance by the RICHEST MAN in Malaysia. This man nickname is BEH MOH which means WHITE HAIR and he is the longest serving chief minister in the country. His personal wealth is HUGE and with this WAR CHEST he will be able to buy over all the voters in Batang Ai. Therefore,for BN to win Batang Ai is not a problem. If no money politics is involved it will be PAKATAN 3 BN 0.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Economic crisis caused by white blu eyes people.

Sorry for not blogging for 3 weeks as I am busy with many things. Today, we talk about the current economic crisis. I totally agreed with Brazilian President Da Silva who said that the world economic crisis is caused by the irrational behaviour of white people with blue eyes who before the crisis appeared to know everything but unfortunately they demonstrate that they know nothing during the crisis. Just look at Uncle Sam under OBAMA, all they know is to print money and pump it into the Banks and auto companies. After pumping so much money into these companies,it did not solve the problems of the current economic crisis. Instead of just pumping money,the Treasury should ask all the banks and auto maker to carry out a capital reduction scheme,remove the directors and top management and carry out a restructuring scheme.Thus,all the bad people is remove and all the bad assets are taken over by the govt and the companies will start again in a clean slate.In the asian financial crisis,Malaysia formed DANAHARTA to take over the toxic bad loans of the banks and help the banks to carry on their business.The US should formed a company like Danaharta in order to get its financial system running.

Friday, March 20, 2009


I read ROCKY BRU posting in which he stated that he is potentially will be appointed NST editor in chief when Najib takes over. Early last year Rocky wrote an article where he said that he has to reduce his blogging to look for a JOB as they is little or no income through blogging. I met him in BUM 2008 at Lake View Club Subang Jaya where out of my concern for him and appreciation for the information on his blog,I gave him a cheque for a small amount of Rm150 to cover his expenses. Being a gentlemen he is despite being big in stature and tall,he took my cheque but he did not bank it into his account. Subsequently,I met him at a party at BLOG house in Damansara and I ask him why he did not bank in the cheque. He told me that he want to keep my cheque as a remembrance. Therefore,I sincerely hope that Najib will appoint my friend Rocky as the new Editor in chief of NST which is currently going downhill. As for Rocky ,it is time you deserved to have a permanent job such as taking over the seat of Kamiullah Hassan.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RM 12.5Billion EACH for 2009 and 2010.

The 2nd stimulus package announced by Najib is only RM 12.5Billion for each year of 2009 and 2010 making a total for 2 years of RM 25 Billion. It is make up of RM 7.5Billion direct fiscal injection and RM 5 Billion (from EPF) for share investment. The announcement did not indicate where the govt is going to obtain the funds to finance the stimulus package and the amount of direct fiscal injection for 1 year for 7.5 Billion is grossly insufficient.The govt also announced that they is a GUARANTEE funds of RM 25Billion to be spend. I am having doubt of this amount as they is no details to it. The important thing is that the govt should ensure the stimulus package is spent in the right and correct manner where the MULTIPLIER EFFECT of it is at the greatest to the man in the street and not to the cronies of UMNO and BN.This is where the govt create economic activities that create and save jobs and putting food on the table together with preventing the economy from going south into a recession and the MAIN STREET is taking care of by the stimulus package rather benefitting the cronies of the govt. The amount allocated should be spend immediately doing infrastructure projects to benefit the RAKYAT and at the same time giving them a JOB. I hope the stimulus package will help Malaysia to overcome this crisis and the politicians will stop politiking by concentrating on their job. Let hope the amount is sufficient even though my personal opinion is that it is insufficient to restore Investors and consumers confidence. I am very surprise that the govt is able to table a RM 60 Billion package as my take is that the govt of Malaysia is on the VERGE OF BANKRUPT. After an analysis,it is only RM 12.5 Billion.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


For the first time in this blog my headline is in Bahasa. The direct translation of Sediakan payung sebelum hujan means "get ready the umbrella before it rain".It can also mean that we should be "safe rather than sorry".This malay proverb was used by the defunct Bank Bumiputra in its advertisement during the early nineties to advise malaysian to save for the rainy days where the RAKYAT are encourage to put their savings in Bank Bumi. It can literally mean that during the time of crisis,the Bank will help the victim by giving them loans to overcome their financial problems. But in reality,the Banks always take away the Payung when the rain comes because the banks is worried that the borrowers will default. During this tough economics times,we must Sediakan Payung Sebelum Hujan by being SAFE Rather THAN SORRY by saving more money in order to overcome the economic problems as we do not know whether tomorrow we have a job or not.Especially now,when the 2nd stimulus package to be announced is only RM 10 Billion which is grossly insufficient to stimulate the economy when the actual amount needed is RM 30 Billion.This again prove that the govt is on the verge of BANKRUPT and this move does not give confidence to the rakyat to overcome this crisis. To all my readers ,be careful in your spending and save more as the corrupted politicians will not cry with you when you are in financial difficulties and always SEDIAKAN UMBRELLA SEBELUM HUJAN.

Monday, March 2, 2009


During this tough economic time, the govt in PERAK is unstable with both BN and PAKATAN RAKYAT going to court to decide who is the letigimate govt for the state of Perak. As we all know BN and PAKATAN have 28 seats each and they are 3 corrupt independent ADUN who supported BN. Because of a narrow majority of 3 seats ,it is not good for BN as a slim majority can be easily overcome when 2 ADUN are bought over as can be seen recently. The SULTAN of Perak made a mistake in this and he should call for a by election for the whole state of PERAK in order to settle this issue once and for all. He should hand the mandate back to the RAKYAT in order to let the RAKYAT decide once and for all who should rule PERAK. Once the by election decide is over ,Perak would have a stable govt irrespective of which party won the election. Therefore,a by election is the answer.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Toll Hike because GOVT IS BANKRUPT

I would like to congratulate Saudara ANAS who took up a full page advertisement in the Star to tell the politicians to stop politiking and carry out their work to help Malaysia to overcome the current economic crisis. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posting,as far as this blog is concerned NAJIB and ANWAR is USELESS as they are more interested in POWER GRABBING than helping the RAKYAT solve the current economic porblems of the country. Today annoucement that the govt will increase the TOLL price for 7 Highways in Malaysia confirmed this blog suspicion that the govt is on the verge of BANKRUPT as a result of MASSIVE CORRUPTION by UMNO and BN. During this tough time,any increase in toll is a BIG BURDEN to the RAKYAT who is having tough time making ends meet. This show that the govt is not interested in the welfare of the people but are taking care of all the TOLL concessionaires because this people who approved the toll receive MONTHLY COMMISSION from the toll companies. This TOll companies are making BIG BUCKS as PLUS announced that for the 4th quarter of 2008 ,its net profit is RM 296 MILLION. In Malaysia today,we need more caring people like ANAS to run the country.If not we will end up like ROBERT MUGABE ZIZBABWE.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Audio recording of CJ Zaki admission of bribery.

Remember Umno lawyer Zaki Azmi who was caught "CURI CURI KAHWIN " in Thailand and was appointed Chief Justice of Malaysia. The latest news is that Karpal Singh is having possession of a audio recording of CJ Zaki admission of bribing court staffs. As we all know Zaki was appointed CJ as a reward for his outstanding contribution to Umno and his position as CJ is useful to Umno in the future. If the audio recording is TRUE in which CJ Zaki admitted bribing court staff ,then Zaki should RESIGN as CJ just like the way he resign as a member of the Umno disciplinary board for being caught marrying a young malay girl illegally in Thailand. This latest episode again prove that Zaki is a indiscipline person who should not be sitting on the chair as the CJ of Malaysia. Do not be surprise that he may play out and sell Malaysia for personal benefit in his position as CJ. I hope Zaki do the right thing by RESIGNING.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


As Malaysia is facing tremendous economic problems ,the political leaders in the country,instead of finding ways to solve the economics problem are busy fighting for political power in Perak.THIS SHOW THAT THE POLITICAL LEADERS IN MALAYSIA like ANWAR and NAJIB is USELESS or "TIDAK BOLEH DIPAKAI" AS THEY THINK OF THEMSELVES INSTEAD OF HELPING THE RAKYAT. As for the 4 ADUN in Perak who have jump ship,it is your responsibilities to vacate your seat and hand back the mandate to the Rakyat as it is the rakyat who voted you in. All the 4 ADUN who jump better than the FROG are "KAKI RASUAH YANG BUAT KERJA TIPU" AS THEY ARE ALL CORRUPTED. In the coming election the RAKYAT must REJECT this tainted politicians. As for Najib and Anwar,both of you should start thinking of helping Malaysia to solve all this economic problems before the RAKYAT throw both of you out.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Nasarudin Hashim,please relinquish your seat

As we all know,Bota state assemblyman Nasarudin Hashim have jump ship from Umno to PKR.Therefore,it is fair that Nasarudin relinquish his Bota state seat so that a by election could be held.Nasarudin should respect the democratic process in Malaysia because he was elected by the RAKYAT on an Umno and BN ticket.Thus ,he should return the mandate to the RAKYAT to decide who should be the ADUN for Bota.Irrespective of which party a candidate is from,as long as he or she jump ship to another party the elcted representatives should quit his seat and return the mandate to the RAKYAT so that the RAKYAT can decide who should be their representatives through a by election. The govt should create an ANTI HOPPING LAW which states that a MP or ADUN who jump ship MUST QUIT his seat immediately. Therefore,I demand that Nasarudin Hashim to relinquish his BOTA state seat.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year of the OXEN to all

I would like to wish a Happy Chinese New Year to all my relatives and friends all over the world. May the year of the OXEN (which is my zodiac year of birth) brings all of you happiness and smooth sailing in your economic activities. Special wishes and greetings to my niece Mun Ling who is studying in UK and wish her every success in her architecture examinations. Also a big thank you to all the readers of this blog for you support.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

UMNO nad BN,the MALAYS in KT rejected you.

After analising ther result of the KT by election,it is CONFIRMED that the MALAYS in KT in particular and in the whole of MALAYSIA in general no longer TRUST UMNO and BN.This is because most of the UMNO and BN leaders are corrupt.The smart people of KT have sent the message to the BN leadership that UMNO is no longer in the heart of the Malays.If this situation carry on until the next election,NAJIB will be the 1st UMNO opposition leader.Kepada KAKI RASUAH YANG BUAT KERJA TIPU didalam kerajaan UMNO dan BN.,YOUR TIME IS UP.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


As we all know,UNCLE SAM is in deep deep recession.500K jobs was loss in December 2008 and the total US job loss is 2.6 million. Because of all this,SEX MAGAZINE HUSTLE and PLAYBOY are in deep financial trouble. Hence,both this company is asking the US govt for a 5B bailout.At the same time less people is visiting the massage parlour.The next company predicted to ask for a bailout in Australia is the massage sex group DAILY PLANET which is listed in the Australian stock exchange.In Malaysia,the massage parlour is also having a tough time and they experience a slowdown and many of them is carrying out promotion to attract more customers.Just as HUSTLE is asking for a bailout,ZHANG ZIYI is asking the China govt for a bailout by BANNING those website that show an ISRAELIS licking her backside on a beach in the Caribbean.Do not be surprise if the SEX INDUSTRY in Malaysia is asking for a bailout especially those owned by CRONIES.

Monday, January 5, 2009


I was watching AL Jazeera and CNN on the war in Gaza.The Israelis said that the main goal is to stop the rockets attacked by Hamas and hence the attacked by air ,sea and land.After 10 days of one sided attacked,the main casualties of all this is the civilians especially the childrens.In AL SHIFA hospital in Gaza,many childrens have died as a result of this attacked.I am against what Hamas have done but I do not agree with the massive assault and massacre of the Palestinian people.I still do not understand how a military power like Israel (with the backing of USA)with its modern technology are unable to crack down on the Hamas rockets launching site.What Israel is doing now is to inflict massive collateral damage on the people of Gaza in order to teach Hamas a lesson.IT is using the excuse of cracking down the rockets as a disguise.ISRAEL STOP THE MASSACRE IN GAZA. After all this is happening,WHO PLAY OUT THE PALESTINIAN ? According to the late YASSIR ARAFAT ,the people who always play out the Palestinian is the palestinian ARAB BROTHERS.According to his autobigofry,during the war between palestine and israel,a few head of state of a few arab countries was bribed by USA and UK.After receiving the bribe,the head of state call for a ceasefire during which USA and UK sent extra modern weapons to Israel while the Palestinian was left alone to fight for themselves.Similarly and currently,no ARAB COUNTRIES have come out to condemn and help the palestinian people in GAZA.Stop the Massacre.