Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jean Todt- RM 1 M as Tourism Ambassador

I thought Jean Todt volunteer himself for FREE as tourism ambassador of Malaysia but I was DEAD WRONG. I was thinking that for all the kind hospitalities Malaysia have given to him, in return he help to promote Malaysia overseas for free. According to PKR Azmin Ali, tourism Malaysia paid RM 981,400 on expenses incurred by Jean Todt as tourism ambassador. As far as I know,I have not seen any kind of tourism promotion carry out by Todt to promote the country in Malaysia.If his terms of engagement is to carry out promotion in Malaysia to help the tourism industry,he did not carry out his duties and this is tantamount to BUTA GAJI as a result of being paid for doing nothing. I urge our PM Najib to investigate the claim made by Azmin and to carry out the necessary remedial action. All this happened when a LESBIAN was the tourism Minister. I also urge Najib to investigate the sponsorship by the Ministry of Sports for the ASTRO Sports Center Program which started during the time when the above lesbian was the sports minister. I also urge Najib to investigate whether Jean Todt receive FREE LAND in Pulau Besar from Trengganu when Pak Lah was PM. I am very disappointed as I belief Jean Todt is a very ungrateful to all malaysian who have given him the hospitalities that we are known for.

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