Friday, June 19, 2009


Thank You Blogger A Voice for highlighting my comment of the setting up of PETRONAS WATCH and GLC WATCH together with the call for IZZUDDIN to revive his blog SIME DARBY WATCH. I encourage the formation of all this blogs especially after reading the comments made by staffs of UEM GROUP and personally I am very encourage by all these comments. In order for MALAYSIA to move forward, I am sure one of the readers out there can set up GLC WATCH to inform the RAKYAT of the happenings in the GLC like UEM. I would strongly encourage the reader LITTLE BIRDS to set up a blog call UEM WATCH as he or she has in depth knowledge of the happenings in the UEM GROUP . The setting up of this blog is critical as UEM is being sue for RM 1 BILLION by the QATAR GOVT for breach of contract. I would also like to congratulate the blogger who will set up the blog call MAS LIBERATORS to monitor the activities of MALAYSIA AIRLINES. With all these blogs in place,I strongly belief that the GLCs will buck up and stop corrupting the RAKYAT MONEY.This will ensure that people like Azman Mokhtar & CHE KHALID perform their duties efficiently.

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