Tuesday, August 12, 2008

RM 3500 for Senior citizens from Selangor Govt.

SYABAS to the pakatan rakyat govt of Selangor for implementing the "CARUMAN TAKAFUL WARGA EMAS" where senior citizens of 60 years or above and who have stay in Selangor for one year or above are entitled for a gift of RM 3500 from the state govt. The objective of this scheme is to help the elderly to reduce their burden in facing the increase in the cost of living where prices of everything increase tremendously.The govt of Umno and BN should follow this move by Khalid Ibrahim which is welcome by all. If U have any relatives who satisfy the criteria mentioned,take them to the "Pusat Khidmat Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor" at Bangunan SSAAS at Shah Alam as their presence are mandatory.The Phone Number is 03-55447450. U can also get the appilcation form from the website MES Selangor. So folks ,do not be shy and take your parents,uncles and aunties who qualify to Bangunan SSAAS to claim the amount of RM 3500 per person.After all the money given out belong to the Rakyat. For all the "KAKI RASUAH YANG BUAT KERJA TIPU" TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR U as the majority of malaysian is very angry with u.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Maybank Board be Sacked if no refund of deposit.

Minority Shareholders Watching Organisation CEO Wahab is spot on when he suggested that the board of directors of Maybank be sacked if the bank did not get a refund for the RM 480 million they paid Fullerton for the acquisition of Bank Internasional Indonesia where the approval given by Bank Negara was revoked.The main reason Bank Negara Governor Zeti resign from the board of Khazanah Nasional is her objection of this deal in which it is commonly known that Maybank overpaid the acquisition of BII which was value 4.6 times of its assets at 510 rupiah when the market is only around 300 rupiah.This deal was supported by Khazanah with the approval of Nor Mohd Yaakob even though Maybank is disadvantage by the deal.As expected Zeti objection to the deal was overrule by Khazanah board with the agreement of Nor Yaakob who does not see eye to eye with Zeti.We must respect Zeti as what she is doing is for the good of Malaysia whereas Nor Yaakob job is to please his master Pak Lah instead of helping Malaysia.Remember how he loss billions of ringgit of our money when he speculate our money in the London currency exchange in 1990. Therefore,if Maybank is unable to receive a refund of the RM 480 million, I hope that Nor Mohd Yaakob and the board of directors of Maybank be SACKED.