Monday, August 30, 2010

Mokhtar Dahari.

I have just finished watching the documentary about SUPERMOKH Mokhtar Dahari who is the GREATEST AND BEST STRIKER MALAYSIA have ever produced. As a former official of Hong Chin FC,this documentary brought back a lot of memories .Mokhtar started his career with Darul Afiah,a division one team while we were playing in the Selangor Premier League (SPL). At that time ,we try to recruit him but he was employed by PKNS who was playing in the Selangor Govt Dept and Business House (GDBH) league. Subsequently,the management of PKNS decided to put a team in the SPL and they recruited Arumugam,Santokh and Reduan Abdullah from us. As Hong Chin is a private club with little financial resources,we have to let REDOO go to PKNS on a free transfer as he was given a job as a clerk by PKNS. Subsequently, after winning many trophies with PKNS,Mokhtar took up the position of sports coordinator with Kwong Yik Bank (KYB) and became the team football coach when the bank management decided to put a team in the Selangor Dunhill League. The saddest thing I have for Mokhtar is that He did not play in the then English First Division for teams like MU, Liverpool or Arsenal.I believed he would be more successful than Park Ji Sung if he play in England as he has the physique,toughness in taking knocks,the athletic ability to run and dribble plus the POWERFUL SHOT that score GOALS. Until today,I believed that it is a waste that he did not play in England. Together with Isa Bakar,Supermokh was the most fear strikers at that time in Asia. It is with great sadness that after so many years he had passed away,Malaysia have not produced another striker like him. That is why our ranking by FIFA is very low. I always believed that without PKNS and KYB,Supermokh would have play for Hong Chin.I would like to take this opportunity to wish all MALAYSIANS a HAPPY MERDEKA and to all my muslims friends SELAMAT BERPUASA and SELAMT HARIRAYA.