Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Champion league - Halftime for Chelsea and Barca.

Early this morning I watched Barcelona and Chelsea played a goalless draw at the Nou Camp. The way Guus Hinddink put his line up shows that he is playing for a Draw so that Chelsea will have home ground advantage in the 2nd leg at Stamford Bridge next wednesday. After today goalless draw,it is only halftime for both teams. When Hinddink put Mikel and Esceinn ,it shows that he is playing a defensive system with the intention of shutting out his opponents especially when Chelsea played with 10 defenders with only Drogba upfront.Thus,they play according to instruction and effectively shut out Barcelona. In the 2nd leg,it will be a different story as Chelsea will attacking minded to win the game.In this way,their defence will be loose and this is where Barcelona can take advantage and score an away goal just like what Liverpool did two weeks ago. I do not agree to the view that Chelsea is having an advantage as they did not score an away goal. I strongly belief Chelsea will attack in the 2nd leg and thus they will leave gaps at the back which the strike force of Barca should take advantage. The final score is Chelsea 0 Barcelona 1 .

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