Friday, March 20, 2009


I read ROCKY BRU posting in which he stated that he is potentially will be appointed NST editor in chief when Najib takes over. Early last year Rocky wrote an article where he said that he has to reduce his blogging to look for a JOB as they is little or no income through blogging. I met him in BUM 2008 at Lake View Club Subang Jaya where out of my concern for him and appreciation for the information on his blog,I gave him a cheque for a small amount of Rm150 to cover his expenses. Being a gentlemen he is despite being big in stature and tall,he took my cheque but he did not bank it into his account. Subsequently,I met him at a party at BLOG house in Damansara and I ask him why he did not bank in the cheque. He told me that he want to keep my cheque as a remembrance. Therefore,I sincerely hope that Najib will appoint my friend Rocky as the new Editor in chief of NST which is currently going downhill. As for Rocky ,it is time you deserved to have a permanent job such as taking over the seat of Kamiullah Hassan.

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