Sunday, April 5, 2009

Economic crisis caused by white blu eyes people.

Sorry for not blogging for 3 weeks as I am busy with many things. Today, we talk about the current economic crisis. I totally agreed with Brazilian President Da Silva who said that the world economic crisis is caused by the irrational behaviour of white people with blue eyes who before the crisis appeared to know everything but unfortunately they demonstrate that they know nothing during the crisis. Just look at Uncle Sam under OBAMA, all they know is to print money and pump it into the Banks and auto companies. After pumping so much money into these companies,it did not solve the problems of the current economic crisis. Instead of just pumping money,the Treasury should ask all the banks and auto maker to carry out a capital reduction scheme,remove the directors and top management and carry out a restructuring scheme.Thus,all the bad people is remove and all the bad assets are taken over by the govt and the companies will start again in a clean slate.In the asian financial crisis,Malaysia formed DANAHARTA to take over the toxic bad loans of the banks and help the banks to carry on their business.The US should formed a company like Danaharta in order to get its financial system running.

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