Monday, April 6, 2009


My friend who is a reporter from a foreign news organisation call me this morning from Taiping where he is covering the by election of the parliament seat of Bukit Gantang. According to him, the most likely results of the 3 elections tomorrow will be Pakatan Rakyat 2 BN 1. This is where PR will win BUKIT GANATANG and BUKIT SELAMBAU but will lose in Batang Ai Sarawak. PR will lose in Sarawak because they have less money than BN who is finance by the RICHEST MAN in Malaysia. This man nickname is BEH MOH which means WHITE HAIR and he is the longest serving chief minister in the country. His personal wealth is HUGE and with this WAR CHEST he will be able to buy over all the voters in Batang Ai. Therefore,for BN to win Batang Ai is not a problem. If no money politics is involved it will be PAKATAN 3 BN 0.

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