Monday, March 2, 2009


During this tough economic time, the govt in PERAK is unstable with both BN and PAKATAN RAKYAT going to court to decide who is the letigimate govt for the state of Perak. As we all know BN and PAKATAN have 28 seats each and they are 3 corrupt independent ADUN who supported BN. Because of a narrow majority of 3 seats ,it is not good for BN as a slim majority can be easily overcome when 2 ADUN are bought over as can be seen recently. The SULTAN of Perak made a mistake in this and he should call for a by election for the whole state of PERAK in order to settle this issue once and for all. He should hand the mandate back to the RAKYAT in order to let the RAKYAT decide once and for all who should rule PERAK. Once the by election decide is over ,Perak would have a stable govt irrespective of which party won the election. Therefore,a by election is the answer.

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