Thursday, July 2, 2009


The latest news is that Petronas Chairman and CEO Hassan will be replaced by the CEO of FELDA. This is due to the fact that he does not see eye to eye with PM Najib on the rejection of Omar Ong to become a director of Petronas. As Petronas is directly under the PM dept, Najib can decide who should be Chairman and CEO of Petronas. It is rumour that Hassan contract with Petronas which expire in February 2010 will not be renewed and this pave the way for Syed Hamid to become Chairman and the Felda CEO to be CEO of Petronas. Hassan joined Petronas in the eighties as Vice President Finance on the insistence of Tan Sri Basir who was Chairman of Petronas and Bank Bumiputra. From there,he rose to his current position and he collaborated well with late Tan Sri Azizan and together they bulit up Petronas to become a Fortune 500 company. The only thing PAK LAH, THE WORST PM of Malaysia DID CORRECTLY during his time as PM was to leave Petronas alone and with the fantastic result Petronas is producing,it would be advisable for Najib to do the same thing. Given the politics in Malaysia, it would not be a surprise if Najib give Hassan a RED CARD before February 2010.

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