Monday, September 21, 2009


The cantonese have a saying "I CHAI TOH KAI" which literally means people who are short (SHORTIES or PENDEK) have a lot tricks in their bag. This is a story in the early eighties about 2 Rich and Powerful shorties who are "SIFU" or MASTERS in business and politics and ONE of them try to outsmart the OTHER. This story was told to me by an uncle who worked for one of them who we shall called K as he is from a Northern State and a former 2 time Finance Minister. At the time of happening he was a developer who is based at Taman Maluri,Cheras. The other we shall called N as he is from a Southern State and was a long time former Mentri Besar(MB) of that state.Currently, he is trying to make a political comeback. At that time,K was looking for a piece of land by the seaside in order to built a holiday resort.Upon hearing it,N contacted K to inform him of a piece of land in Port Dickson which is a fantastic place to bulit a resort. Unfortunately,this piece of beach front land have a lot of problems such as zoning issue,ancestrial and historical issues together with other residential and local authorities issues. As a developer, K knows that it is impossible to overcome all these problems and was not interested at all. However, N being a "SIFU" was able to convince K (another SIFU) that that being the MB, he will be able to overcome all these problems. Thus,K gave a sum of money to N to buy the piece of land and as we all know they is no documentation involved in this payment. After a few months, N was unable to solve the problems on the land and was unable to deliver the land title to K. K demand for a REFUND. Despite numerous reminder and personal visit, N was dragging his feet to repay the amount. This lasted a few years with K have already written off the amount. But,lucky stars smile on K when he was appointed as Finance Minister by Dr M. Immediately,N refund the money because the finance ministry control the allocation of funds to his state . Therefore,we must be very careful when we are in a business dealing with SHORTIES and the above story is a good example.

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