Monday, August 10, 2009

Malaysian Parents Against Phonography Agency.

To educate the Netizens about the danger of child phonography, I suggest that the govt set up an agency call the Malaysian Parents Against Phonography Agency. This agency will be under the communication ministry which will provide a budget for this agency which will be headed by a senior civil servant. The objective of this agency is to create awareness on the danger of child phonography on the Net. This is where the agency carry out promotion to inform the Rakyat on the danger of child phonography.The agency will also make available software and programs to help parents to create a firewall in their home computer against child phonography. It will also encourage employers to create the firewall in the office computer against child phonography. The best civil servant to head this agency will be current MACC chief Ahmad Said. Since he has failed in his duties as MACC chief and to protect himself and his family from death threats,I would suggest to the govt to transfer Ahmad Said from MACC to this agency.He will be good in this new role as his son was a victim of child phonography. Last year,his son was caught and convicted in Adelaide,Australia of child phonography when the Australian authorities found child phonography photo in his laptop that he was carrying.His son work for MAS and is marreid with a young family. With Ahmad Said heading this agency,I am very confident that the incident of child phonography in Malaysia will be reduced drastically.

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