Monday, January 5, 2009


I was watching AL Jazeera and CNN on the war in Gaza.The Israelis said that the main goal is to stop the rockets attacked by Hamas and hence the attacked by air ,sea and land.After 10 days of one sided attacked,the main casualties of all this is the civilians especially the childrens.In AL SHIFA hospital in Gaza,many childrens have died as a result of this attacked.I am against what Hamas have done but I do not agree with the massive assault and massacre of the Palestinian people.I still do not understand how a military power like Israel (with the backing of USA)with its modern technology are unable to crack down on the Hamas rockets launching site.What Israel is doing now is to inflict massive collateral damage on the people of Gaza in order to teach Hamas a lesson.IT is using the excuse of cracking down the rockets as a disguise.ISRAEL STOP THE MASSACRE IN GAZA. After all this is happening,WHO PLAY OUT THE PALESTINIAN ? According to the late YASSIR ARAFAT ,the people who always play out the Palestinian is the palestinian ARAB BROTHERS.According to his autobigofry,during the war between palestine and israel,a few head of state of a few arab countries was bribed by USA and UK.After receiving the bribe,the head of state call for a ceasefire during which USA and UK sent extra modern weapons to Israel while the Palestinian was left alone to fight for themselves.Similarly and currently,no ARAB COUNTRIES have come out to condemn and help the palestinian people in GAZA.Stop the Massacre.

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