Saturday, January 10, 2009


As we all know,UNCLE SAM is in deep deep recession.500K jobs was loss in December 2008 and the total US job loss is 2.6 million. Because of all this,SEX MAGAZINE HUSTLE and PLAYBOY are in deep financial trouble. Hence,both this company is asking the US govt for a 5B bailout.At the same time less people is visiting the massage parlour.The next company predicted to ask for a bailout in Australia is the massage sex group DAILY PLANET which is listed in the Australian stock exchange.In Malaysia,the massage parlour is also having a tough time and they experience a slowdown and many of them is carrying out promotion to attract more customers.Just as HUSTLE is asking for a bailout,ZHANG ZIYI is asking the China govt for a bailout by BANNING those website that show an ISRAELIS licking her backside on a beach in the Caribbean.Do not be surprise if the SEX INDUSTRY in Malaysia is asking for a bailout especially those owned by CRONIES.

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