Friday, January 30, 2009

Nasarudin Hashim,please relinquish your seat

As we all know,Bota state assemblyman Nasarudin Hashim have jump ship from Umno to PKR.Therefore,it is fair that Nasarudin relinquish his Bota state seat so that a by election could be held.Nasarudin should respect the democratic process in Malaysia because he was elected by the RAKYAT on an Umno and BN ticket.Thus ,he should return the mandate to the RAKYAT to decide who should be the ADUN for Bota.Irrespective of which party a candidate is from,as long as he or she jump ship to another party the elcted representatives should quit his seat and return the mandate to the RAKYAT so that the RAKYAT can decide who should be their representatives through a by election. The govt should create an ANTI HOPPING LAW which states that a MP or ADUN who jump ship MUST QUIT his seat immediately. Therefore,I demand that Nasarudin Hashim to relinquish his BOTA state seat.

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