Monday, August 24, 2009

Hugh Money in Celebrity Body Parts Insurance.

I am no fan of Cristiano Ronaldo even though I support MU for many years. Recently,Real Madrid paid a world record transfer fee of 80 Million Pounds for him and immediately,they took out an insurance policy of 90 Million Pounds for his pair of legs. David Beckham is reportedly insured for 100 Million Pounds of which 70 Million Pounds is for his pair of legs.In the sixties,Singer Marlene Dietrich insured her voice for US 1 Million which is a lot of money during that period. It was reported that Dolly Parton took out an insurance policy of US 10 Million on her BREAST which is one of the largest boobs in the whole of United States. In the early nineties,famous actress Amy Yip Chi Mei wanted to insure HK 20 Million on her BUST which is the firmest and largest in the whole of Hongkong. A friend of mine who was the CEO of a big insurance firm in Hongkong was willing to risk his job by taking the policy with the condition that he personally inspect Amy Yip BREAST to ascertain the risk before deciding to take the policy or not.He told me that he want to ascertain whether her GIANT BREAST is NATURAL or cosmetically implant with SILICON or SALT WATER.His request was rejected and in the end no policy was issued. This shows that they are hugh money involved in celebrity body parts insurance.

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