Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Audio recording of CJ Zaki admission of bribery.

Remember Umno lawyer Zaki Azmi who was caught "CURI CURI KAHWIN " in Thailand and was appointed Chief Justice of Malaysia. The latest news is that Karpal Singh is having possession of a audio recording of CJ Zaki admission of bribing court staffs. As we all know Zaki was appointed CJ as a reward for his outstanding contribution to Umno and his position as CJ is useful to Umno in the future. If the audio recording is TRUE in which CJ Zaki admitted bribing court staff ,then Zaki should RESIGN as CJ just like the way he resign as a member of the Umno disciplinary board for being caught marrying a young malay girl illegally in Thailand. This latest episode again prove that Zaki is a indiscipline person who should not be sitting on the chair as the CJ of Malaysia. Do not be surprise that he may play out and sell Malaysia for personal benefit in his position as CJ. I hope Zaki do the right thing by RESIGNING.

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