Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Recently,Bank Negara imposed the loan to value ratio in which those who purchase a THIRD PROPERTY will only be entitled to borrow 70% of the value of the property.

In my opinion,Bank Negara is wasting its time and effort in implementing this ruling as it does not help to COOL the local property market. In order to avoid a collapse of the property market, Bank Negara should imposed a loan to value ratio of 75% on the purchase of a SECOND property in which bank can only finance 75% OF THE VALUE OF THE PROPERTY FOR THOSE WHO BUY A second PROPERTY.

Thus,this ruling will not penalise the FIRST TIME BUYER and it will cool down the current hot property market to AVOID A SUB-PRIME in Malaysia.

I have a property developer friend who is selling 3 blocks of Studio Apartment totalling 1080 units of 650 sg ft for RM 360,000 each in Jln Kelang Lama.Even without Launching, SEMUA HABIS DI JUAL,all the 1080 units fully sold .

His marketing strategy is that the purchaser only pay RM 5000 on booking. On signing of the S & P agreement, the purchaser need not pay the 10% as required as he is given a 10% DISCOUNT and the balance 90% is finance by the bank and all the legal chargers,stamp duty and other expenses are covered by the developer. The purchaser will start paying the bank when he or she receive the keys to the apartment. The RM 5000 will be use to pay for utilities deposit like water and electricity.

All the purchaser needed is to come up with RM 5000 and this encourage a lot speculators for this property and when the apartment is completed,the value will go up and they will be a lot of speculators ready to SELL for a profit

They are a lot projects in the Klang Valley which is selling like hotcakes and this is due the speculators who are able to get cheap and easy financing from the banks.As the bank have a lot of liquidity,they just lend to cover their interest cost and if Bank Negara is not tough in using its monetary policy to control this HOT property market,Malaysia will face a sub prime mortgage problem like the US.

To all my loyal readers,if you want to purchase a property,make sure that you are investing or staying and NOT SPECULATING as I strongly belief that if things are to continue like this ,our property market will collapse in SEPTEMBER 2011.


Anonymous said...

Your comments is read with fascination and however, your solution is full of holes. Probably is over simplistic.
I subscribe to the fact that Buyers are intelligent and also a free market.
Your friend, the developer, is being innovative to provide easy financing and the Buyers are thinking that is is an opportunity to make money. Unless, the developer is going to run away after collecting the deposit, the authorities should step in. Regulating the market is not a total solution.
Being like US's financial melt down.... the Malaysian authorities are very experience in that area and they have facts and figures to justify their action.
Your recommendation is just a modification of their proposal and it is without numbers to justify. Perhaps the solution could over cook the property sector.
I have no interest in that property project but, wanted to comment on your strong statement.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous @ 11Nov2010, 10:33am:
- Everybody also believed that the US buyers were "intelligent" before the crash. Are you implying that Malaysian citizens are more intelligent than US citizens? Why are we 3rd world then?
- The problem is not developers "lari", but buyers who actually cannot pay monthly installment but buy with almost no money down in the hope of selling at a higher price later. When they finally cannot sell at a higher price (the time WILL come), they will "lari" because they only paid RM5000.
- Malaysian authorities are very experienced??? More than the 200-years old US authorities? Are you a 12-year old boy?

Anonymous said...

i really hope this property price bubble in malaysia is burst soon

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