Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The owner of Pavilion KL, Urusharta Cemerlang recently created a record by buying a 29,000 sq ft land for RM 210 MILLION for RM 7,200 per sq ft. This piece of land is located just beside the Pavilion shopping center and today it is the most expensive piece of land in Malaysia.

Urusharta Cemerlang bought this land from Singapore Billionaire Quek Leng Beng. A lot of my friends was asking why is Urusharta Cemerlang so brave in buying this land at such a high price and who is the person who is funding Urusharta Cemerlang. As we all know ,Urusharta Cemerlang is owned by Urusharta Cemerlang Development ( 51 percent) and Qatar Investment Authority (49 percent ). The directors of Urusharta Cemerlang are two unknown that is Zainol Mahmood and Shakni .

Beside Mid Valley, One Utama,Sunway Pyramid,Sungei Wang Plaza and KLCC, Pavilion KL is one of the most successful shopping center in KL. To all my readers and friends,the MAN BEHIND PAVILION KL is DAIM.


leong said...

who is daim??

leong said...

who is daim?

Anonymous said...

Tun Daim