Monday, May 3, 2010


Most of the politicians in the govt of UMNO and BN,for their own benefit is willing TO SELL MALAYSIA OUT. The latest news is that PAK LAH and his gang especially Former MOF II N.YAKOB have CUT A BIG CASH DEAL for themselves by giving away oil fields BLOCK L and M in the coast of SABAH to BRUNEI is not surprising. This is the tip of the iceberg of many of such deals and this deal was done without the knowledged of PETRONAS just before he retired as PM. In giving out the cash,BRUNEI also gave up its claim that LIMBANG is part of its territory. In all fairness,in the eighties, TUN M WANTED TO SELL LIMBANG TO BRUNEI but HE STOPPED after being EXPOSED by the Far Eastern Economic Review. The way things are going,I am very worried that PETRONAS will become the NEXT PERTAMINA. I must admit that PM Najib is working very hard to sell his 1 MALAYSIA concept and he is engaging the RAKYAT himself by going to the Rakyat.But the way things are going,he got his work cut out especially with news like Block L & M.

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