Saturday, March 27, 2010

Congratulation to MELBOURNE Police for arresting Hamilton.

I would like to congratulate the Melbourne Police for arresting F1 driver Lewis Hamilton for speeding and dangerous driving in the street of Melbourne.Hamilton did a double spin in his silver mercedes and immediately speed the car on the street of Melbourne. This will endanger the life of Melbourne families as well as visitors and foreign students studying in Melbourne. The police van did a magnificient job in pulling Hamilton over to the side of the road and immediately impounded the Mercedes for 48 hours beside arresting him. It shows that in Australia,IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO YOU ARE or WHERE YOU COME FROM,when you break the law,you have to face the full force of the law just like anyone else. This is a lesson to all road user in Australia and I hope the Australian court will give Lewis Hamilton a tough sentence. Once again,CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MELBOURNE POLICE for a job WELL DONE.

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