Monday, May 17, 2010


Congratulations to the VOTERS of SIBU for electing DAP Wong Ho Leng as its MP. This shows that the voters in Sarawak especially SIBU is FED UP with the administration of the TAIB MAHMUD who is the RICHEST MAN in MALAYSIA. It is RUMOUR that the white hair chief minister owned half of the land in the state capital KUCHING.The result of the election shows that the voters especially the chinese is rejecting the leadership of this white hair old man whose administration is filled with massive corruption. He has interest in all kinds of business in Sarawak from logging to banking together with the Bakun Dam project. In the early nineties, to prevent UMNO from entering SARAWAK,it is rumour that he donated RM 400 million to UMNO so that his party PBB will remain the main controlling BN party in Sarawak. It is not surprising that the white hair man did not campaign for BN in SIBU as he is a liability to BN even though he is still the chief minister after 28 years. Last year Blogger Rocky Bru confirmed that his daughter bought a BUNGALOW in CANADA for RM 28 million. Najid try his best to woo the chinese voters in Sibu with money but the chinese is not interested in money but would like the govt to fight injustice, inequality and corruption. People like Ibrahim Ali should not be given assistance for their racist remarks.

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