Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chairwoman Under Pressure.

The latest phenomenon in corporate Malaysia is that the chairwoman of the nation 2 top institutions is under tremendous pressure over allegation of making mistake. The first is the chairwoman of the Securities Commisssion (SC) who was alleged to have make mistakes in many transactions handle by the SC. After tremendous pressure by Blogger A VOICE, I understand that this chairwoman would like to meet the bloggers to discuss all the issues raised by the bloggers. Just a few moments ago,Blogger Rocky BRu have confirmed that the bloggers have decided not to meet the SC Chairwoman as she should be answerable to the RAKYAT and not to the Bloggers. SYABAS ROCKY AND A VOICE. I predict that the next LADY to meet the bloggers will be the GOVERNOR of Bank Negara who was also allege to have make mistake over the awarding of a contract to an Australian company for the printing of the ringgit. I would like to thank Puan Zaharah of the IRB who confirmed my suspicion that the awarding of the DATA CAPTURE contract to a company link to Riong Kali came from the MOF during the time of Pak LAH and Nor Yakub.

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