Monday, May 31, 2010

ME and the ISA.

A lot of my friends called me up when they saw my picture published in THE CHINA PRESS and SIN CHEW JIT POH on friday 29th MAY. The picture of me was taken when I was speaking at the forum on Reduction of Subsidy organised by Pemandu at the KLCC Convention Center. I told them to read my blog to know what I have said at the forum and the first question they asked me is whether I am afraid of the Internal Security Act (ISA) ? In fact ,this is also the first question that was put to me when I started this blog. I want to stress that from the first day that I started this blog, I have never worry about the ISA and I will give my opinion on any subject base on FACTS AND FIGURES TOGETHER WITH SOUND REASONING even though this opinion will criticise the govt of BN and PAKATAN RAKYAT. We must make known our opinion to the govt BN and Pakatan Rakyat on any subject so that we will be able to keep them at their toes in carrying out their duties. I would suggest that a REFERENDUM be held to let the RAKYAT decide whether the govt should reduce the subsidies.

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