Sunday, May 20, 2012

Congratulation to Roman Abramovich

After 8 long years and spending more than 1 BILLION POUND on Chelsea, Roman Abramovich finally achieved his ambition of carrying aloft
the European Champion League Trophy at the Munich Allianz Arena after Chelsea beat Bayern Munchen on Penalties.

In June 2003, Abramovich bought Chelsea Village from Ken Bates and he pumped in more than 1 Billion Pound into Chelsea with the intention of making Chelsea the European Champion. Before Roman came in, Chelsea were in deep debt as the Cooperative Bank in London
have stopped overdraft facilities to Chelsea after the amount of overdraft reaches 94 Million Pound.But when Roman came in ,he settled all this overdraft debt.

Until today,the investment in Chelsea HAVE NOT BRING ANY RETURNS to Roman except the achievement of winning the Champion League Trophy.

In the history of Investment in the English Premier League, only ONE person have made money and that person is former
Thai PM THAKSIN who sold Man City to Oil and Cash Rich ABU DHABI and Thaksin made 100 Million pound from this deal.

Since Chelsea have won the Champion League, I hope that Roman will appoint Di Matteo as the permanent manager of Chelsea
and goal winner Drogba will be given a 2 year contract. I hope that Roman will not make the same mistake again when he SACKED Awrant Grant to make way for Brazil Scolari who lasted just 6 months. So, installing Di Matteo will send the right signal to the club
supporters that the club is looking forward.

Even though Chelsea have won ,I hope Roman will continue to invest in Chelsea and bring more glory to the club.


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