Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Despite without any evidence,a lot of people is blaming Captain Zaharie for the crashing of

MH370 in the indian ocean.

I want to make it clear that I do not know Captain Zaharie or any member of his family. Ever

since MH 370 WENT MISSING ON 8TH March 2014,the foreign press especially the UK Daily Mail in

in order to increase its readership have been reporting stories which painted Captain Zaharie

in a bad light.

I am also dissappointed with the family of the Captain as they have not come out and defend him

despite the bad report about him.

The Captain have been with MAS since 1981 and and they is no reason for him to attack MH 370 as

he have given 32 years of excellent service to MAS.

The foreign press also speculated that the Captain commit suicide but they is no reason for him

to do that as he have a great family and financially sound.Furthermore,if he want to commit

suicide,he does not need to go so far to the indian ocean to do it.

In fact the Captain is trying to save the plane by making a turn back to Langkawi because they

is depressurization in the aircraft which made breathing difficulties. That is why the Captain

brought the plane down from 35000ft to 12000ft.Due to unforeseen circumstances,the crew

and passengers of the aircraft become unconcious and the plane was flying under auto pilot.

The story of MH 370 remind me of the death of golfer Payne Stewart who died because the plane

he was travelling from Florida to Texas have depressurization and everybody in the private jet

unconcious but the plane continue to fly under auto pilot and crash into a corn field farm.

I have been watching the news since MH 370 gone missing and i know the Captain is a good

person and i am commited to defend him.

Finally,I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the family of the crew and

passengers of mh 370.

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